February 17, 2020

Crime News Data - Analysis of the Odd Crimes Database.

The VPC calculated that in the first half of 2011, there were, on average, 12 murder-suicide events per week. OddCrimes calculated the first half of 2011 murder-suicide event rate to be 11.

The VPC was able to delineate that 69% of the murder-suicide events in 2011 were committed by men resulting in the death of women 70% of the time. Looking at OddCrimes familial breakdown, we see that women are mentioned more often in the collected news stories, however, OddCrimes cannot calculate who is the aggressor or victim by gender without better tools. Within the context of VPC stats, this chart can be interpreted to show women are most often involved in the murder-suicide event as the victim:

OddCrimes Database Murder-Suicide Familial Comparison

The VPC calculated that 89% of the 313 suicide events in 2011 used a firearm. OddCrimes cannot accurately determine how often a firearm was used in each individual event at the moment. Even so, the above graph shows that when the murder-suicide event is reported on in terms of the gender and relationship of the involved parties, that the use of a firearm is likely.

For an in-depth look at murder suicide events between 2011 and 2015, check out the OddCrimes Murder-Suicide Crime News interactive chart .

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