July 12, 2020

Crime News Data - Analysis of the Odd Crimes Database.

The best statistics are those based on data collected in a scientific fashion. What is inferred from the analysis must be applied in such a way to reflect the reality of the subject being studied. The statistics derived from the OddCrimes database not only reflect on crime, but may help in understanding our modern culture.

OddCrimes would like to look at how crime news is reported and the impact of the methodology's impact on our society. Does the method of news reporting influence current events? Recent research concluded that mass-shootings are contagious up to 13 days after the initial event, so it is possible that other crimes have a contagious quality exacerbated by the method of media coverage as well. Understanding this subject is very important, and research must be done. If this is something you think is worth examining, please

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to help make it happen. OddCrimes is not only concerned with research, but also the development of tools to collect, manipulate and analyze crime data in real-time.

So, how should we interpret OddCrimes' data? It should only be used as an indication of trends at this point in time, because without funding, the database is not as clean as it needs to be due to two problems. The first problem is because a small percentage of database records are not applicable to the subject of crime.

Unfortunately, language used to describe sports results are similar in structure to the reporting of crime news. And the occasional movie and book review about violent crimes got sucked up by the OddCrimes bot. The last code update eliminated this problem, however the database needs to be scrubbed of older, inappropriate records. The processing power required to do this is significant, and it reflects in energy cost. At the moment, there is no budget for this expenditure... have I asked for a donation yet?

The second problem is being able to capture the frequency that a singular crime event is reported. The frequency has to be incorporated into OddCrimes code in order to generate statistical data with an acceptable error rate. Both of these problems can be solved with funding.

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