October 16, 2021

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Too Much News Sucks

Are You a Crime Victim?
Help for Crime Victims - the National Center for Victims of Crime
Help for Crime Victims | OVC - Office for Victims of Crime

How to Report a Crime.
Often times, your local police department will post crime reporting procedures to their website, so the responsible jurisdiction of where the crime took place should be searched for first.

How to Report Different Types of Crimes.

Is Crime News Depressing you?
If the news is depressing you, try to take a few days off from reading or viewing it. Constant bad news can be very depressing for anyone. Take control by choosing when to indulge your crime news desires, and when to take a break.

Depressed by the News? Here Are 7 Strategies for Self-Care.
How to Follow Negative News Without Getting Depressed
How to Stay Informed With the News Without Getting Depressed

Need Help with Something Else?
Do you have a crime related dilemma or question and need help on what to do next? Use the contact form to tell us all about it, or leave a comment.