January 17, 2020

Why Donating to OddCrimes is a GOOD THING!

Donate to help fund the creation of programmatic tools for nonprofit statistical correlations of criminal behaviour. How many times have your read a crime news article and wonder about the details that were not mentioned? We hope to bring clarity in the reading experience by providing relative associated data to the criminal event while at the same time, using the acquired data to point to what can possibly be done to reduce crime.

Read OddCrime's Mission statement. OddCrimes, formerly PulpNews.Com, has collected over 2.6 million sets of metadata for crime news articles since 2009. We would like to expand the amount of information collected per event, including historical and regional information, and analyze the data from a social psychological perspective.

Take a look at our currently offered data sets delivered in a format that allows you to drill down to the crime news stories which can possibly enhance your viewing experience. Even though the layout is very simplistic, the important thing is being to access the crime news stories of your choice while offering the ability to see, at glance, the type of crime news articles published that day. Future versions of this very simplistic program will include statistics on the social mood of that day. The algorithm used to deduce the "Internet's mood" of any particular day over the last 7 years is currently being developed.

Read how the current data should be interpreted. Here is a list of what your donations will specifically fund. Please click on the donation button below and help!

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