February 17, 2020
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21 Aug 2019
  • Feds indict KU faculty member for secretly working at Chinese university
    10:53 PM
  • A former Mass. State Police union president and a lobbyist were charged with fraud. Here's what we know.
    9:24 PM
  • Farmer Behind the U.S.'s Largest Organic Food Fraud Scheme Dies by Suicide
    9:02 PM
  • Michigan woman pleads guilty in adoption scheme to collect money from unaware couples
    9:00 PM
  • UMass Amherst officials accused of taking thousands of dollars in illegal kickbacks
    8:38 PM
  • Nurse practitioner charged with prescription drug fraud
    8:29 PM
  • DeSantis seeks money to join program to improve election security, reduce fraud
    5:37 PM
  • Connecticut woman pleads guilty to arranging 28 sham marriages
    5:22 PM
  • Former UNM athletics director Paul Krebs indicted on fraud, embezzlement charges
    5:15 PM
  • Ex-VA doctor who was fired for being drunk on job charged with manslaughter in 3 veterans' deaths
    4:39 PM
  • Police: Woman snatches wallet, spends thousands at Walgreens
    4:30 PM
  • Nassau lawmaker wants to study senior scams
    3:40 PM
  • Grandparents scammer gets 4 years in prison
    2:53 PM
  • Cops: Man used victims credit card, racks up $74,000 in purchases
    11:25 AM
  • Michigan woman pleads guilty in adoption scheme
    9:55 AM
  • Here is the latest Iowa news from The Associated Press at 3:40 a.m. CDT
    5:54 AM
  • VA charges: Doctor's ruse risked his life
    5:10 AM
  • Mother, 26, caught shoplifting is accused of breaking and entering and credit card fraud
    3:54 AM
  • Businessman, 34, is charged with holiday insurance fraud after MoS investigation
    3:09 AM
  • Wednesday's Briefing: Oakland businessman indicted in $110 million fraud scheme; Half of guns used in Alameda County crimes were not registered in the state
    3:01 AM
  • Former Brownsville ambulance service treasurer charged with theft, mail fraud
    2:13 AM
  • ABC7 News Wrap-Up: Immigration fraud, stabbing manhunt, plastic bottles at SFO
    1:44 AM
  • 20 Aug 2019
  • Honduras ex-first lady convicted of fraud, embezzlement
    11:35 PM
  • Former Lawrence banker convicted of fraud in $15 million loan scheme
    11:20 PM
  • Attorney: Women exposed on porn website suffered living hell
    10:36 PM
  • Head of Huge Organic Food Scheme Dies by Suicide
    10:33 PM
  • Honduras' ex-first lady convicted of fraud, embezzlement
    9:57 PM
  • Didn't order that DNA test kit that showed up at your door It's probably a scam
    9:50 PM
  • Leader of large organic food scheme dies by suicide
    9:20 PM
  • Oakland businessman Tom Henderson charged in $110 million immigration fraud scheme
    9:16 PM
  • Former Treasurer Of Ambulance Service Accused Of Stealing $136,140
    8:50 PM
  • BBB: College students beware of scammers
    8:36 PM
  • Voter fraud: Pacific Grove man convicted after trying to register his dead grandfather
    7:32 PM
  • San Jose Police Dispatcher Accused Of $84K Disability Insurance Fraud
    7:07 PM
  • Former Minnesota coin dealer signs plea agreement in federal fraud case
    7:01 PM
  • Former VA pathologist in Arkansas charged in deaths of 3 patients
    6:31 PM
  • New Jersey woman gets 2 years in compound drug fraud scheme
    5:30 PM
  • Fort Lauderdale Police see increase in phone scams
    5:07 PM
  • Mayor of upstate New York city pleads guilty to wire fraud
    4:19 PM
  • Macomb County mom at center of adoption probe pleads guilty to wire fraud charges
    2:43 PM
  • Coroner: Mastermind of largest organic food fraud scheme in U.S. history dies by suicide, days after
    2:34 PM
  • Man, woman wanted for questioning in fraud case, officials say
    2:28 PM
  • Former Lawrence banker convicted in $15.2 million fraud
    2:18 PM
  • Fort Lauderdale PD sees increase in phone scams
    2:18 PM
  • Coroner: Leader of large organic food scheme dies by suicide
    1:45 PM
  • Scam alert: Scammers are charging for social security forms that are free
    9:33 AM
  • General Electric issues response about fraud claims
    2:01 AM
  • Orthodontist charged in former Arkansas senator's bribery scheme
    1:41 AM
  • Oklahoma County files petition against opioid manufacturers
    1:02 AM
  • Villa Park woman, who authorities say stole more than $200,000 from uncle, pleads guilty to fraud
    12:37 AM
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