June 2, 2020
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27 May 2019
  • TSA now permits FDA-approved epilepsy drug containing cannabis on flights
    10:14 PM
  • Long-awaited opioid trial to begin Tuesday in Norman
    10:01 PM
  • Marijuana left in washing machine causes fight in Navarre
    9:44 PM
  • Man arrested on possession of Spice, crack pipe, other charges
    7:53 PM
  • Israeli drugmaker Teva to pay Oklahoma $85 mn in opioid suit
    5:46 PM
  • Woman Accused Of Beating Wife With Bedpost Over Lost Weed In Washing Machine
    5:40 PM
  • As marijuana debate rages, New York's medical program poised for growth
    5:33 PM
  • Woman is arrested after 'beating her wife with a bedpost' over missing marijuana
    4:33 PM
  • Johnson & Johnson in opioid trial crosshairs
    4:13 PM
  • Jeremy Kyle researchers 'smoked cannabis with guests'
    12:34 PM
  • Durkin: State budget should take priority in discussions
    10:38 AM
  • Spotlight on Oklahoma for start of trial for opioid makers
    10:29 AM
  • Veteran suicides darken Memorial Day
    9:28 AM
  • Golden vessel used by ancient Siberian tribes to get high on cannabis and opium for sale for 45,000
    9:15 AM
  • The casualties of war we often forget: Veteran victims of overdose and suicide deserve special attention on Memorial Day and year-round
    8:22 AM
  • Marijuana left in washing machine causes fight in Florida
    8:15 AM
  • Ohio medical marijuana industry slow to grow under state regs
    7:11 AM
  • New laws targeting a variety of crimes
    6:36 AM
  • Police: Seatbelt violation leads to seizure of 94 pounds of marijuana, set of nunchucks
    4:04 AM
  • Legalizing pot up in smoke, CTs landmark birth control case top weekend news
    3:16 AM
  • Long-awaited opioid trial to begin Tuesday in Norman: More than 140 journalists have requested credentials
    1:55 AM
  • UPDATE 2-Teva Pharm to pay Oklahoma $85 mln to settle opioid claims
    1:34 AM
  • 24 May 2019
  • Man claims he's living in fear of MS-13 after lying about stealing a brick of heroin on Twitter
    10:35 PM
  • Connecticut man faces gun, drug charges after overdose at Twin River
    9:16 PM
  • Lawmakers tweak recreational marijuana proposal
    8:18 PM
  • Programs to connect opioid abusers with treatment set to expand
    7:55 PM
  • Minnesota man found guilty of 3rd-degree murder in overdose death of teen
    6:06 PM
  • Ohio Coroners Warn Public About Spikes In Drug Overdose Deaths
    5:49 PM
  • Authorities raid 247 Colorado homes growing black market pot
    4:39 PM
  • Henning man found guilty of 3rd-degree murder in overdose death of Barnesville teen
    2:12 PM
  • Marijuana Raid: 'Asian Pride Drug Trafficking Organization' Busted
    2:07 PM
  • Police: Wanted man parked car with marijuana in it, outside of RPD K-9 training facility
    1:05 PM
  • New Colorado marijuana law addresses future of drug-sniffing dogs
    11:08 AM
  • Gov. Mills to hold summit on opioid epidemic
    9:11 AM
  • Cannabis Ordinance Proposed In Louisville
    8:49 AM
  • Suns'Richaun Holmes arrested in Florida for marijuana possession
    7:35 AM
  • Penn Hills man found guilty in drug bust could face 15 years to life in prison
    7:27 AM
  • Burlington man faces felony drug charge after traffic stop
    4:26 AM
  • 'No Regard For Human Life': Delaware County Man Charged With Selling Deadly Dose Of Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine
    12:54 AM
  • 23 May 2019
  • Sycamore man who fled country sentenced to prison on felony marijuana charge
    9:35 PM
  • Two New Orleans men arrested in McComb for drugs
    9:24 PM
  • Guns, ammo, pot seized in arrest of Bridgeport man
    7:32 PM
  • Arkansas court dismisses case over marijuana initiative
    6:04 PM
  • Lower Burrell man, son of district judge, pleads guilty to marijuana distribution charges
    5:44 PM
  • Chris Long admits to smoking marijuana, calls NFL drug-testing plan kind of silly
    5:42 PM
  • Ganim, Bridgeport grapple with recreational marijuana
    5:29 PM
  • Wadena Crime Report
    5:24 PM
  • Slipknot Clown's daughter, 22, 'died of drug overdose' after celebrating 5 months of sobriety
    4:44 PM
  • Woman Pleads Guilty To Filling 92 Fake Opioid Prescriptions
    4:12 PM
  • Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner reports 7 overdose deaths in 2 days
    3:46 PM
  • Cops must not let the rule of law go up in smoke
    3:20 PM
  • Glenolden man allegedly linked to drug overdose death arrested
    3:02 PM
  • Colorado Governor Signing Bills To Fight Opioid Epidemic
    2:12 PM
  • 2 charged in Hanover Twp. bank heist
    1:24 PM
  • North Macedonia lawmaker resigns over taped conversation
    1:00 PM
  • Walz signs plan to make drug companies pay for fallout of opioid epidemic into law
    11:11 AM
  • Pot backers ask Maine to put locals, small businesses first
    11:07 AM
  • What to know before visiting Newton's first recreational marijuana shop
    9:12 AM
  • Rockford man charged with selling heroin
    5:41 AM
  • St. Paul Felon Charged With Heroin Distribution, Illegal Firearms Possession
    3:36 AM
  • Pot charges dismissed against Columbia man
    3:32 AM
  • Local Company's Implant Drug Could Treat Opioid Addiction
    1:33 AM
  • Slipknot Founding Member Shawn Crahan's Daughter Died From Apparent Overdose
    12:13 AM
  • 21 May 2019
  • Murder charges filed after pregnant woman, unborn baby die from suspected drug overdose, deputies say
    10:52 PM
  • Scientists are recruiting women for marijuana in pregnancy study
    8:01 PM
  • Drugmakers ask court to dismiss Arkansas opioid lawsuit
    7:01 PM
  • Vermont attorney general sues owners of opioid manufacturer
    5:39 PM
  • Colorado's High Court Rules Police Need Cause Before Marijuana-Detecting K9s
    3:31 PM
  • Northern California man who kept a girl locked in a metal box on Lake County pot farm headed to federal prison
    2:36 PM
  • Ask the Lawyer: What amount of marijuana is legal to have in California
    12:26 PM
  • Death penalty possible in Myanmar cannabis farm case
    11:25 AM
  • CBD effective in treating heroin addiction, study finds
    11:20 AM
  • Family files lawsuit in 2018 death of Bucks County inmate
    11:04 AM
  • Drug-induced homicide charges in death of St. Charles-area man
    10:18 AM
  • Life After Addiction: TIDES program aims to help women overcome opioid addiction
    8:15 AM
  • Lawyer is first known British victim of 'Mexico suicide tourism'
    7:57 AM
  • Advocates push to lower fine, lessen jail time for marijuana in Wyandotte County
    7:14 AM
  • Prosecutors to seek death penalty in marijuana oil killing
    7:04 AM
  • Former Anne Arundel drug rehab employee sentenced in Baltimore to 10 years in prison for selling heroin
    3:01 AM
  • Champaign man gets 3 years for having pot for sale
    2:39 AM
  • Port Vue man pleads guilty to federal drug charges
    1:07 AM
  • Medical marijuana clinic opening in Clayton next month
    1:01 AM
  • 17 May 2019
  • If the state cant control prisons, how can it control us
    11:26 PM
  • Two arrested after police find suspected heroin, cash in Scranton hotel room
    11:00 PM
  • KosciuskoCounty Jail inmate charged in fellow inmate's death
    10:28 PM
  • Washington men get jail, probation in Lyman County marijuana case
    7:17 PM
  • Woman Facing Child Endangerment Charges After 2-Year-Old Drops Marijuana Pipe
    7:01 PM
  • NYC nurse admits stealing fentanyl from Montefiore Medical Center
    6:48 PM
  • Wilmerding man pleads guilty to having fentanyl from New York
    6:30 PM
  • Solon police chase man high on heroin, save his life
    4:25 PM
  • Blacksburg woman charged as Cherokee County bust nets 1.5 pounds of meth, other drugs
    4:03 PM
  • Police investigating Harrison home invasion charge occupant with drug offenses
    2:40 PM
  • Jury clears LAPD officers in $12.5-million lawsuit over man who swallowed heroin
    1:42 PM
  • Prosecution proceeds against multi-county heroin and meth ring
    1:37 PM
  • A look inside Greater Cincinnati's first medical marijuana dispensary
    10:37 AM
  • Carpentersville man sentenced to 16 years in prison for intent to deliver, possession of heroin
    10:10 AM
  • Medical examiner: Jail inmate died from drug overdose
    7:33 AM
  • Activists want pot revenue for communities hit by drug crime
    7:02 AM
  • Men charged with murder after allegedly supplying drugs to Va. overdose victim
    6:05 AM
  • Florida sheriff seizes $33,600 in edible marijuana candies
    5:04 AM
  • March against drugs is June 8
    3:31 AM
  • Medical Examiner: Allegheny Co. Jail Inmate Died Of Drug Overdose
    3:13 AM
  • Champaign man accused of having about 3 pounds of pot for sale
    3:06 AM
  • Maryland, four other states charge drug makers owners and directors for role in opioid epidemic
    2:28 AM
  • Hundreds rally in Springfield to demand pot tax revenue go to communities hard hit by low-level drug crime
    1:25 AM
  • OxyContin Maker Denies 'Stunningly Overbroad' Claims From States
    12:55 AM
  • Minnesota Medical Marijuana Patient Fights To Restore Gun Rights
    12:49 AM
  • Carpentersville man sentenced to prison for heroin possession
    12:07 AM
  • 15 May 2019
  • Traffic stop nets more than 65 pounds marijuana products, criminal charges
    10:27 PM
  • Marijuana industry could boost CT poor areas
    10:10 PM
  • 2 men accused of supplying heroin to Latrobe man in fatal drug overdose
    9:43 PM
  • 6-year term for Edinburg man's machine gun, pot farm
    7:45 PM
  • Arkansas vendors sell over 26 pounds of medical marijuana
    4:38 PM
  • Pennsylvania attorney general sues Purdue Pharma over opioid epidemic
    4:12 PM
  • 2 arrested after cocaine, guns seized in Petersburg drug raid
    2:29 PM
  • Police: Teacher brought drugs to daycare, left them near toddlers
    12:57 PM
  • Cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana seized in raid, Howard County police say.
    10:44 AM
  • Federal officials give Indiana $1.2 million to help fight opioids
    6:45 AM
  • Vermont retail marijuana market goes up in smoke
    4:57 AM
  • Tiger Wood's employee had high levels of THC in his blood on night of crash
    4:36 AM
  • Alki David posts $300,000 bail and flees St Kitts following arrest for $1.3m cannabis plant haul
    4:35 AM
  • Police marijuana training reveals 'huge disconnect'
    3:48 AM
  • Gibsonville man faces drug, gun charges
    2:45 AM
  • 'Marijuana Doctor' Caught Prescribing Over Internet
    2:29 AM
  • Hayward Rescinds Cannabis Permit, Investigates Two Others
    1:27 AM
  • 10 May 2019
  • Sixth defendant sentenced in Holland-area heroin conspiracy
    11:19 PM
  • Legalize pot No way, says leader of state police chief association
    9:31 PM
  • Price Hill bust nets 8 pounds of heroin, $75,000 cash
    8:57 PM
  • Denver Police: Growing Marijuana in Your Back Yard Still Illegal
    8:49 PM
  • Death of woman found in Minneapolis snow pile ruled accidental overdose
    7:10 PM
  • Carfentanil killing suspect receives reduction in bond
    5:37 PM
  • Warren's opioids message applauded in hard-hit West Virginia
    4:50 PM
  • Denver Officials Say Many Home Marijuana Growers Still Not Following The Laws
    4:02 PM
  • Pot bust: California dramatically cuts marijuana tax revenue projections
    3:00 PM
  • Jacksonville City Councilman calls for decriminalizing marijuana
    2:46 PM
  • Alleged drug smuggling mother, daughter indicted
    2:15 PM
  • Summit aims at opioid abuse
    10:44 AM
  • Drug overdose is the leading killer by far of Utahs pregnant women and new moms, a study says. Opioids are the main culprit.
    9:20 AM
  • Nassau officials announce anti-opioids abuse task force
    8:49 AM
  • Rockford man charged in cocaine bust
    6:59 AM
  • Overdose kills patient at states premier mental health hospital
    5:18 AM
  • Michigan Marijuana: Legalization solves some issues, but what are the repercussions
    5:09 AM
  • Silver Springs Shores woman faces slew of charges
    5:03 AM
  • Miami Doctor Charged In Overdose Death, Drug Trafficking Appears Before Judge
    1:13 AM
  • 09 May 2019
  • Social Worker Accused of Giving Marijuana, Vape Pods to Juvenile
    11:17 PM
  • Carfentanil killing suspect gets bond reduction
    9:42 PM
  • CIA-trained Cuban ex-pilot released after record US marijuana sentence of 39 years
    8:41 PM
  • Fentanyl deaths drive Marylands overdose fatalities to 2,385 in 2018; second year in a row number topped 2,000
    5:47 PM
  • Pyles to speak at Frankfort about drug epidemic
    5:18 PM
  • Denver becomes the first US city to decriminalize 'magic mushrooms'
    5:01 PM
  • Against parents' wishes, judge orders Tampa boy with leukemia to resume chemotherapy
    3:54 PM
  • The Latest: Wisconsin Republicans reject Medicaid expansion
    2:39 PM
  • Hempfield man sentenced to state prison in marijuana operation
    2:08 PM
  • Attorney for Turtle Creek man seeks to try 2 overdose death cases separately
    2:07 PM
  • Cops: Man who fought North Huntingdon police had empty stamp bags of heroin, suboxone
    2:05 PM
  • Miami Doctor Charged In The Overdose Death Of Keys Woman
    1:47 PM
  • Two arrested after search results in methamphetamine, black tar heroin
    11:08 AM
  • Judge rules 3-year-old must receive chemotherapy against parents' wishes
    10:53 AM
  • Judge rules 3-year-old must resume chemotherapy
    10:36 AM
  • East Coast Crime Crew Pleads Guilty To Targeting Bay Area Homes For Pot Robberies
    8:46 AM
  • Marijuana taxes revenue welcome, but don't make huge dent
    5:43 AM
  • Coalition warns of of marijuana
    5:42 AM
  • South Florida Doctor Arrested for Manslaughter in Overdose Death
    4:29 AM
  • Police oppose marijuana legalization in Illinois, but want a bigger cut of the proceeds if law passes
    3:49 AM
  • Experimental brain implants studied as opioid deaths rise
    3:09 AM
  • The wrong house, twice: Richmonders plead guilty to botched scheme to steal marijuana in California
    3:01 AM
  • Brockton man wearing GPS bracelet charged in drug raid
    2:41 AM
  • 5 lbs. cocaine, 90 lbs. pot, THC candy seized on I-20
    2:32 AM
  • SEE IT: Wild ride in Queens Midtown Tunnel leads to crash caught on dash cam
    1:23 AM
  • Wisconsin Republicans to vote on killing Medicaid expansion
    12:26 AM
  • 08 May 2019
  • Attorneys general from 33 states urge pot banking reform
    10:24 PM
  • Recreational marijuana 10 votes from approval
    9:11 PM
  • Dark web marketplace shut down after federal investigation in Pittsburgh; 2 charged in grand jury indictment
    8:36 PM
  • Leader of gang that brought heroin to Columbus from Mexico headed to prison
    6:33 PM
  • Experimental surgery gains support as opioid deaths rise
    5:08 PM
  • Miami-Dade doctor arrested months after patient dies of overdose in Key Largo home
    4:42 PM
  • Photo project shines light on addiction
    3:05 PM
  • Warren releases $100 billion plan to combat opioid epidemic
    1:57 PM
  • The NCGA Wants to Charge Drugs Dealers Whose Buyers Overdose and Die
    9:52 AM
  • Warren releases $100 billion plan to combat opioids epidemic
    8:58 AM
  • 2 Ohio men charged after 19 pounds of pot found in trunk during stop on I-72
    8:19 AM
  • Pike County Man Arrested in Texas for Hauling Drugs from California
    7:51 AM
  • Louisiana tests unapproved anti-addiction implant on inmates
    4:19 AM
  • Report: More Doctors Are Stealing Prescription Drugs
    3:44 AM
  • Four arrested on drug charges after house search
    3:14 AM
  • Casual Meth Use Spiraled Out of Control for Recovering Addict
    2:12 AM
  • Man, 33, arrested after calls from neighbors unearthed a 'long-opioid trafficking operation'
    12:59 AM
  • Woman, 69, jailed for 12 hours after Disney World security guards found her medical marijuana
    12:10 AM
  • 07 May 2019
  • Still a Cash Economy
    11:55 PM
  • Nevada County supervisors tweak cannabis ordinance, set for May 14 vote on new rules
    11:21 PM
  • Nevada City Planning Commission gives go-ahead to cannabis business expansions
    11:18 PM
  • Saratoga County family pushing for arrest and prosecution of dealer who sold their daughter the lethal dose
    9:18 PM
  • Proposed program would mean frequent follow-ups for Berkshire County opioid overdose victims
    9:16 PM
  • Cuomo asks DFS to investigate nurse complaints of life insurance denials
    9:10 PM
  • Cannabis equity group proposes changes to Illinois legalization bill
    8:44 PM
  • Former drug czar says marijuana leads to other drug abuse
    8:09 PM
  • Former drug czar speaks out against marijuana legalization in NH
    8:08 PM
  • Herring Hails Drop in Opioid Fatalities
    7:07 PM
  • Purdue CEO cast blame on opioid victims in old emails
    6:51 PM
  • Emails: Purdue executive cast blame on opioid victims
    5:31 PM
  • Providence police: Teen feuding with East Side gang member caught with shotgun
    5:16 PM
  • 2 Officers, Dog Given Narcan After Possible Drug Exposure
    4:43 PM
  • Funeral is held for longtime NYC prosecutor Richard A. Brown
    4:37 PM
  • 'Thank you for pot smoking' t-shirt worn during North Carolina drug arrest mugshot
    1:53 PM
  • Kensington and Chelsea among UKs drug hotspots
    12:30 PM
  • Take a look inside a suburban marijuana farm
    11:48 AM
  • Medical marijuana firms challenge Trulieve ruling, want more storefronts
    11:30 AM
  • Health care professionals misusing opioids
    9:18 AM
  • Judge gives Orange Park drug dealer life sentence in woman's overdose death
    8:46 AM
  • Madigan: Legal marijuana passage not guaranteed today
    8:30 AM
  • Pot firms seek to open more storefronts
    4:57 AM
  • Deputies: Marijuana, open alcohol containers found in former Ormond Beach officer's car
    3:43 AM
  • EDITORIAL: Before the Good Ship Cannabis sets sail, stop up every possible leak
    3:26 AM
  • Man who stole cruiser after OD sent to prison
    2:12 AM
  • Denver voters decide on 'magic mushroom' decriminalization
    1:41 AM
  • Will You Sleep Better With CBD
    1:15 AM
  • Three charged with possessing 7 pounds of fentanyl in Boston
    12:57 AM
  • 06 May 2019
  • 130 pounds of marijuana found in duffel bags, coolers during bust at metro home
    11:19 PM
  • Legal pot opponents reject Pritzkers social equity arguments
    10:41 PM
  • Cannabis Bill Expected to Be Introduced in Illinois Senate
    10:07 PM
  • Utah man sentenced for role in Idaho triple murder
    10:02 PM
  • Investigation: Chronic pain patients denied life-saving medicine because of opioid crackdown
    9:55 PM
  • Three CT men plead guilty in cross-country pot trafficking operation
    8:53 PM
  • Illinois considers legalizing recreational marijuana, with a focus on social justice
    8:25 PM
  • Greenville pediatric dentist accused of illegally dispensing opiate, other drugs
    8:17 PM
  • Opioid deaths fell by a third after states starting selling naloxone over the counter, study finds
    7:24 PM
  • A look inside a cannabis cultivation center as lawmakers debate legalizing recreational marijuana
    7:21 PM
  • Man charged with peddling heroin and fentanyl on Staten Island that killed at least two people
    6:09 PM
  • Revived from overdose, man gets prison for stealing cruiser
    4:38 PM
  • As legal marijuana booms, Denver votes on decriminalizing hallucinogenic mushrooms
    2:22 PM
  • Police arrests 3, seize 3 kilos of fentanyl
    11:35 AM
  • Baltimore County doctor faces off against Big Cannabis to recoup stake in Maryland medical marijuana firm
    8:35 AM
  • Fetterman hears overwhelming support for legalizing recreational marijuana
    4:26 AM
  • Sacramento Police Warn: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving
    4:16 AM
  • 'PowerPlant Park' Could Make Richmond The Cannabis Capital Of Contra Costa County
    12:13 AM
  • 04 May 2019
  • San Diego Cannabis Industry Aims to be a Job Machine
    9:58 PM
  • Pritzker announces plan to legalize cannabis by Jan. 1, 2020
    9:18 PM
  • Final defendant sentenced in Albany overdose death case
    8:54 PM
  • Illinois governor proposes legalizing marijuana
    8:42 PM
  • Domestic violence leads to marijuana operation arrest
    8:30 PM
  • Portland DEA sponsorsCommunity Opioid Awareness Day at Sea Dogs game
    7:56 PM
  • Number of milligrams of THC, expungement of which crimes Read the fine print of Pritzkers proposed legal marijuana bill.
    5:03 PM
  • Illinois marijuana legalization bill would allow possession up to 30 grams, 5 plants grown at home
    5:00 PM
  • Pritzker announces plan to legalize marijuana in Illinois
    4:42 PM
  • 1st pot dispensary in Arkansas OK'd for business
    4:32 PM
  • Newport man sentenced in aunt's heroin death
    2:49 PM
  • Plymouth traffic stop leads to drug arrest
    1:20 PM
  • Illinois governor announces plan to legalize marijuana
    1:16 PM
  • Man calls police after his CANNABIS plants are stolen - and is charged when officers find more'
    5:26 AM
  • Meth, suspected heroin among drugs found during multi-agency operation in Ashtabula
    2:35 AM
  • 2 Santa Fe medical cannabis dispensaries burglarized
    2:20 AM
  • Opioid executive John Kapoor found guilty in racketeering scam
    1:32 AM
  • Audit: Portland's pot taxes go to police and transportation
    12:48 AM
  • 03 May 2019
  • Sisters petition for law to help overdose victims get help
    11:28 PM
  • Police dog, GPS trackers help FBI nab trio accused in heroin ring
    11:10 PM
  • Hamden police seize 9.15 pounds of pot after extensive drug investigation
    8:36 PM
  • Give African Americans equal chance to prosper in marijuana industry
    6:45 PM
  • Rotterdam family using loved one's death to raise heroin danger awareness
    6:37 PM
  • Albany woman sentenced in connection with deadly drug overdose
    6:35 PM
  • Opioid company founder, executives found guilty of bribing doctors to push drug
    5:51 PM
  • State Police Seize $2M Worth Of Suspected Heroin In Turnpike Drug Bust
    5:37 PM
  • 'You Gotta Smoke A Bowl With Me Please': Florida Man Invites Police To Smoke Pot While Showing Off His Marijuana Plant
    3:24 PM
  • Police: Schaghticoke man had over 2 pounds of pot in car
    2:32 PM
  • Fatal overdoses in Westmoreland continue to plunge in 2019
    1:52 PM
  • Former sheriff to discuss marijuana industry in Brockton
    12:02 PM
  • Mom who lost two sons to overdoses warns St. Charles students ahead of prom night
    9:47 AM
  • Beloit man charged with homicide in overdose death
    7:01 AM
  • Fla. man arrested after showing off marijuana plant to cops
    6:34 AM
  • Billionaire drug executive with Chicago-area ties convicted in opioid bribery scheme
    5:01 AM
  • Burr Ridge man held on drug induced homicide charges after Hinsdale death
    5:00 AM
  • Amid America's opioid crisis, deaths from stimulants are steadily rising
    3:57 AM
  • Drug firm founder John Kapoor guilty of bribing doctors to push opioid
    3:29 AM
  • West Virginia reaches $37 million opioid settlement with drug shipper McKesson
    3:24 AM
  • Rhea County deputies bust indoor marijuana growing
    2:54 AM
  • Former Ohio State basketball star Russell cited for marijuana at LaGuardia Airport
    1:06 AM
  • 02 May 2019
  • Police seize estimated $2M in heroin from SUV on turnpike in Somerset County
    11:33 PM
  • Former billionaire, pharmaceutical exec accused of bribing doctors to push addictive opioid found guilty
    9:27 PM
  • Charges dropped against second man arrested at motel by Venice police
    9:14 PM
  • DAngelo Russell cited for being at LaGuardia (with marijuana in his bag)
    8:57 PM
  • A drug company founder was found guilty in scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe a powerful opioid
    8:28 PM
  • Lewiston officer found dead in home in February died of accidental overdose, officials say
    8:15 PM
  • Drug firm founder guilty of bribing doctors to push opioid
    7:17 PM
  • Pharma Exec Convicted in Sensational Opioid Case
    7:09 PM
  • Curaleaf in record $1 billion deal for cannabis oil company
    6:44 PM
  • Pharmaceutical exec guilty of bribing doctors to push opioid
    5:51 PM
  • I dont know anything, suspect says as search turns up heroin, cocaine, pot, pills, guns and $168,000
    5:15 PM
  • Drug company founder convicted in opioid bribery scheme
    4:04 PM
  • D'Angelo Russell cited for marijuana possession
    4:02 PM
  • The Latest: Drug company founder disappointed in conviction
    3:35 PM
  • Florida high-schoolers find 22 pounds of pot while picking up trash
    3:31 PM
  • Placer Sheriff: Concentrated Cannabis Lab Raided In Colfax Had High Chance Of Exploding
    2:51 PM
  • Cocaine Deaths Up In U.S., And Opioids Are A Big Part Of It
    2:47 PM
  • Lewiston police officer died from a fentanyl overdose
    2:21 PM
  • Cocaine deaths up in US, and opioids are a big part of it
    2:01 PM
  • News attorneys: Opioid distribution data should be public
    1:58 PM
  • 104 mph traffic stop reveals drugs, large sum of cash
    1:22 PM
  • Defendants to face trial on drug charges following Warminster raid
    1:08 PM
  • Pot Poisonings Up, Colorado Health Department Urges Responsibility
    11:22 AM
  • Teacher Accused of Sex With Student, Giving Her Edibles
    9:29 AM
  • Vikings running back Roc Thomas admits felony pot possession
    7:46 AM
  • Federal court to consider news outlet access to opioid data
    5:15 AM
  • Addison car salesmen charged in drug bust
    5:03 AM
  • Oakland baggage handler gets 2 years for smuggling marijuana
    12:26 AM
  • 01 May 2019
  • Alaska marijuana regulators vent over investigative help
    11:09 PM
  • Vegas city officials approve marijuana consumption lounges
    10:32 PM
  • 84-year-old Bay of Pigs vet released from prison after serving longest non-violent marijuana offense term
    9:27 PM
  • Union County Sheriff's Office seizes $55K worth of meth
    9:14 PM
  • Police Say Pair Busted In U-Haul Carrying 200 Pounds Of Marijuana
    8:54 PM
  • Champaign pair face charges after 2 pounds of pot found at home
    8:32 PM
  • Holyoke man facing drug charges after police seize 5,000 bags of heroin during search
    6:47 PM
  • Why Kendra Black Spent So Much Time Fighting For Social Marijuana Use
    6:01 PM
  • Court rules in favor of woman seeking opioid meds in jail
    4:57 PM
  • County lines gang who waved cash and zombie knives selling more than 400,000 of drugs are jailed
    4:22 PM
  • Police Find Hundreds of Pounds of Marijuana Between U-Haul, Enfield Storage Unit: Police
    3:36 PM
  • 'You Know, They Just Left on Saturday,' Governor Says When Questioned About Decisions Regarding Lawmakers' Actions
    2:28 PM
  • Fatal drug overdoses increased in Hampton and Newport News, bucking a statewide trend
    1:26 PM
  • State of Weed: Secrecy surrounds pre-application fees
    11:18 AM
  • Lamar Odom says he 'can't remember st' now after his 2015 overdose at a Nevada brothel
    10:29 AM
  • California's Massive Pot Bust
    8:31 AM
  • Pennsylvania women left friend to die in driveway after she overdosed on heroin, police say
    6:51 AM
  • Police: Crack Cocaine, Marijuana And Guns Seized In Ambridge Drug Bust
    3:01 AM
  • Police: 5-Year-Old Hands Over Dozens Of Bags Of Heroin During Dad's Drug Bust
    2:51 AM
  • Crime Report: Woodchuck Scams, Break-Ins & Marijuana Possession
    12:28 AM
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