February 24, 2020
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30 Apr 2019
  • Mueller complained that Barrs memo to Congress did not capture context of Trump probe
    10:17 PM
  • Robert Mueller reportedly said AG William Barrs summary of Trump investigation didnt capture the context, nature, and substance of findings
    9:06 PM
  • Schiff says House will make a criminal referral of Trump ally Erik Prince for possible perjury
    8:21 PM
  • Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen spotted in New York enjoying his last days of freedom
    7:55 PM
  • Speak Out: No new ideas means no change in Elgin, death penalty needed to deter murders, the cult of Ocasio-Cortez
    6:33 PM
  • Student says Trump backers recruited him for Buttigieg smear
    5:44 PM
  • Trump sues banks to try to block House subpoenas for records
    5:40 PM
  • Schumer says Trump not doing enough to protect 2020 election
    12:29 PM
  • Trump wants to charge asylum seekers to apply, cites 'abuse'
    11:22 AM
  • Dem chairman plans criminal referral for Trump backer Prince
    11:16 AM
  • Trump, children file lawsuit to block bank subpoenas
    9:49 AM
  • Trump's sister quit as federal judge after probe of her possible role in family tax scam opened
    9:23 AM
  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein submits letter of resignation to Trump
    7:55 AM
  • Majority of Americans refuse to vote for Trump in 2020, poll suggests
    7:14 AM
  • Trump trashes New York state's investigation into NRA
    6:09 AM
  • The Spin: Lightfoot meeting on Chicago crime Pritzker, legislatures deadlines Trumps pick for Fed is from Chicago area
    3:32 AM
  • Trump files lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One to prevent records release
    1:31 AM
  • Kankakee man gets 18 years in prison for drug offenses following Aurora traffic stop
    1:00 AM
  • 29 Apr 2019
  • Trump wants to charge asylum-seekers to apply
    11:39 PM
  • Cesar Sayoc, Florida Man Who Mailed Pipe Bombs To Trump Critics Tells Judge In Handwritten Letter He Meant No Harm
    10:39 PM
  • Impeach or investigate Democrats see no reason to choose
    9:21 PM
  • Portman on Trump: 'Conspiracy or collusion did not occur'
    8:27 PM
  • Trump claims NRA 'under siege' by New York investigation
    8:21 PM
  • Michael Cohen unloads on Trump days before reporting to prison
    7:40 PM
  • Rod Rosenstein submits letter of resignation to Trump
    6:46 PM
  • Nixon got pushed out by Republicans. Trump might, too
    5:22 PM
  • Trump says NRA 'under siege' by New York investigation
    1:56 PM
  • Man arrested after breaking into DeFuniak home, shooting female
    9:51 AM
  • South Sudan paying US lobbyists $3.7M for better Trump ties
    9:00 AM
  • Trump praises 'great guy' rabbi who lost a finger in California synagogue shooting
    8:46 AM
  • Michael Avenatti To Be Arraigned In California On Monday
    5:35 AM
  • Thiessen column: Impeaching Trump will only help him
    4:59 AM
  • Analyst: US enemies adapt while Trump stays the same
    4:54 AM
  • Bill Maher grills Adam Schiff for 'stalking' Trump after Mueller cleared him of Russia collusion
    3:50 AM
  • Others say - The problem is real
    3:18 AM
  • Kellyanne Conway: Rudest TV guest flunks Mueller Report
    1:20 AM
  • 27 Apr 2019
  • The Latest: Chernow: All presidents have rough media times
    11:27 PM
  • Shooting at California synagogue kills 1, wounds 3. Police have the suspect, 19, in custody.
    10:20 PM
  • Trump cheers economy, criticizes Democrats at Wis. rally
    10:05 PM
  • The Latest: Trump gives shout-out to Sanders at rally
    10:03 PM
  • Latest: Trump praises guard for actions during attack
    9:47 PM
  • White House approves official's testimony after contempt threat
    7:40 PM
  • 1 dead, 3 wounded in shooting at California synagogue on last day of Passover; man detained
    7:35 PM
  • Synagogue shooting kills 1, wounds 3 during Jewish holiday
    7:07 PM
  • Trump responds to Poway synagogue shooting
    6:34 PM
  • Churchill: With Mueller investigation, Trump walks Cuomo's path
    5:40 PM
  • Trump caves on security clearances testimony only day after vowing to fight all the subpoenas
    2:04 PM
  • Trump's executive privilege strategy could mean messy fight
    11:13 AM
  • AP FACT CHECK: Trump's torrent of twisted claims on Russia
    8:53 AM
  • Trump ready to star in impeachment show
    8:36 AM
  • Burlington man charged in assault
    5:15 AM
  • Stefanik: Trump showed bad judgment
    4:56 AM
  • Trump tells NRA hes withdrawing from arms trade treaty
    2:16 AM
  • Kim vents to Putin about Trump at Vladivostok summit
    1:22 AM
  • Trump tells NRA hell fight for gun rights: You better get out there and vote
    12:48 AM
  • 26 Apr 2019
  • Trump confident US-Japan trade deal can be reached quickly
    11:09 PM
  • Trump confident US-Japan trade deal can be reached 'quickly'
    10:45 PM
  • Trump tells NRA he's withdrawing from arms trade treaty
    10:24 PM
  • Trump blasts Mueller in NRA speech overshadowed by sentencing of Russian agent who spied on the gun group
    9:29 PM
  • Trump tells NRA he'll fight for gun rights
    8:23 PM
  • Secret Service investigating after cell phone lands on stage near President Trump
    8:06 PM
  • Trump: 'Weirdo Tom Steyer' is trying to stay relevant with his continued calls for impeachment
    7:41 PM
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan accuses Trump of sociopathic ramblings
    7:13 PM
  • Report: Jack Dorsey Told Ilhan Omar In Phone Call That Trump's 9/11 Tweet Didn't Violate Twitter's Rules
    4:58 PM
  • Man who threatened Boston Globe workers to plead guilty
    4:39 PM
  • Arson suspect starts talking Trump and fake police during Jacksonville arrest
    4:17 PM
  • President Trump's prison-bound former lawyer Michael Cohen says he pleaded guilty to crimes he didn't commit
    1:19 PM
  • Man accused of child rape arrested after standoff in Spokane Valley
    1:09 PM
  • Views from the Right column: High crimes, misdemeanors and obsessions
    12:56 PM
  • The Latest: Trump tells NRA grievances about Mueller probe
    12:53 PM
  • Trump distills his take on Mueller report to 'No C or O!'
    12:26 PM
  • Trump rallies NRA as trigger-happy Russian Maria Butina gets 18 months in prison
    11:46 AM
  • Trump defends his 2017 remarks on Charlottesville violence
    11:15 AM
  • Honor among thieves: North Koreas Kim demands payment for torture; Trump, sort of, agrees
    10:34 AM
  • Trump denies paying $2 M ransom to North Korea for tortured Otto Warmbier boasts hes greatest hostage negotiator
    10:28 AM
  • Will Trump, Supreme Court tear apart our democracy
    8:15 AM
  • Trump claims texts between FBI officials are evidence of a 'coup'
    7:54 AM
  • Reagan column: President Trumps obstruction of injustice
    7:33 AM
  • Trump: Didn't try to fire Mueller
    6:47 AM
  • RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Trump protests, cream ads banned, racist chocolate ducks and all that jazz!
    3:23 AM
  • Despite Trump's resistance, Portman wants to hear from ex-White House lawyer
    1:58 AM
  • 25 Apr 2019
  • Trump disputes finding that he directed McGahn to seek Mueller's ouster
    4:44 PM
  • Mexico is now the largest US trading partner - despite Trump's tariff and border threats
    3:18 PM
  • Trump's Defiance of Congress on Subpoenas Escalates
    2:38 PM
  • Speak Out: Trump should release tax documents, S. Elgin apartments a blight on river, ex-Elgin cop should be in jail
    1:10 PM
  • Trump: White House 'Fighting All The Subpoenas'
    10:14 AM
  • Trump Campaign Hasn't Committed to Staying Away From Hacked Material
    9:48 AM
  • Trump threatens more troops to border after Mexico incident
    7:24 AM
  • Former Homeland secretary took up cyber security despite White House aversion
    7:17 AM
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin says he's ready to tell Donald Trump about results of his talks with Kim Jong Un
    6:52 AM
  • Putin says he is ready to tell Trump about his talks with Kim, says 'there are no secrets'
    6:50 AM
  • Trumps highlight effort on opioid abuse
    6:12 AM
  • Anderson Cooper trolls Trump by talking in third person
    4:22 AM
  • E.J. Dionne: Will Trump and the Supreme Court tear our democracy apart
    1:49 AM
  • President Trump talks about the opioid crisis at summit in Atlanta
    12:57 AM
  • Psychological report among dozens of long-sealed documents in Jason Van Dyke case made public
    12:27 AM
  • 24 Apr 2019
  • Trump encourages Tennessee to pass school voucher plan
    8:10 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says he won't stop fighting opioid crisis
    7:00 PM
  • Maryland Gov. Hogan says hes seriously mulling presidential run, criticizes Trumps very disturbing behavior
    6:44 PM
  • Trump says he will fight all the subpoenas and head to the Supreme Court if Democrats try to impeach him
    6:33 PM
  • Trump to keep fighting opioids 'until our job is done'
    6:29 PM
  • Suddenly, Trump's team hearts the Mueller report
    6:27 PM
  • Cohen says he pleaded guilty to crimes he didn't commit
    6:25 PM
  • Donald Trumps Walk of Fame star has been vandalized again, this time with a vulgar reference to Vladimir Putin
    4:44 PM
  • Trump supporter who mailed pipe bombs to Democrats blames steroids
    3:53 PM
  • Kim meets Putin: challenge to Trump
    2:50 PM
  • Secretly recorded audio surfaces of Cohen walking back plea
    2:44 PM
  • Medical examiner IDs man killed by light rail train
    2:40 PM
  • Libya PM Says Foreigners Are Arming Strongmans Tripoli Push
    1:40 PM
  • House panel chair subpoenas ex-White House counsel McGahn on Mueller inquiry
    1:38 PM
  • Trump makes new threat to send soldiers to US-Mexico border
    1:09 PM
  • Parson seeks disaster declaration following March floods
    12:29 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says White House to fight House subpoenas
    12:13 PM
  • Top Trump Aide Said Russian Meddling Concerns Shouldn't Reach President, NYT Reports
    11:51 AM
  • Florida Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Blames Steroid Abuse
    11:06 AM
  • Trump Says He Would Challenge Impeachment Proceedings In Supreme Court
    10:35 AM
  • Eye Opener: Trump opposes W.H. aides testifying to Congress
    8:26 AM
  • Kushner downplays Russia election interference
    8:25 AM
  • Ex-Trump official defies subpoena; Democrats weigh contempt vote
    7:33 AM
  • Theresa May approves Huawei 5G deal despite security warnings
    6:52 AM
  • Letter: Mountain of evidence calls for impeachment
    6:44 AM
  • Democrats clash with Trump officials on subpoenas, tax returns
    6:13 AM
  • Clinton cautions Democrats against impeachment despite belief Trump would have been indicted
    5:28 AM
  • Antoine McDonald, Florida Easter Bunny vigilante, is WANTED in New Jersey
    5:27 AM
  • Kim looks to Russia as sanctions bite North Korea's economy
    3:35 AM
  • Democrat says he'll take Trump-like path to presidency
    12:54 AM
  • Trump Administration Tightens Sanctions To Bring Irans Oil Exports to Zero
    12:28 AM
  • 23 Apr 2019
  • High court appears likely to let Trump add citizenship question to 2020 census
    6:26 PM
  • Former Trump advisor Manafort transferred to federal prison in Wayne County
    5:20 PM
  • Manafort Transferred to Federal Prison in Wayne County
    5:14 PM
  • Planned Parenthood: States should oppose Trump 'gag rule'
    4:57 PM
  • Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, transferred to federal penitentiary
    4:52 PM
  • Why this father forgave his daughter's killer
    3:54 PM
  • IRS Faces Tuesday Deadline To Hand Over Trump's Tax Returns
    3:29 PM
  • Hero Easter Bunny in Viral Bar Brawl Is Wanted in New Jersey
    12:11 PM
  • Trial Set For Yujing Zhang, Accused Of Lying To Get Into Trump's Mar-A-Lago
    10:21 AM
  • Trial set for woman accused of lying to get into Trump club
    9:32 AM
  • Warren on impeaching Trump: If anyone else did what he did, 'they would be arrested and put in jail'
    8:38 AM
  • Trump v. America: Keep mischievous citizenship question out of the Census
    6:38 AM
  • Editorial: Mueller report reveals Trump's fake news, Burr's toothless watchdog bite
    6:27 AM
  • House chairman issues subpoena to former White House lawyer
    5:47 AM
  • Herman Cain withdraws from consideration for Fed, Trump says
    4:13 AM
  • Lankford says House can fight it out over Trump statements, impeachment
    3:37 AM
  • Democrats subpoena former White House Counsel Don McGahn, but downplay Trump impeachment talk
    1:04 AM
  • Intel chief's public testimony that he felt no 'pressure' from Trump contradicted in Mueller report
    12:38 AM
  • First poll after Mueller report shows majority of voters say results show Trump DID obstruct justice
    12:05 AM
  • 22 Apr 2019
  • Dem leaders stress more Trump probes, downplay impeachment
    11:24 PM
  • Suspect arrested in unprovoked attack on monk at Burien gas station
    11:16 PM
  • 1 juvenile arrested, another sought after stolen vehicle stuck New Orleans East McDonald's, sheriff says
    9:30 PM
  • House Judiciary Committee subpoenas Don McGahn, former White House counsel
    8:34 PM
  • South Florida prosecutors investigate after deputies are seen pepper-spraying and punching teens
    8:33 PM
  • Judiciary Committee Subpoenas McGahn, Ex-White House Counsel Who Defied Trump
    8:21 PM
  • Tapper shows how Trump team's contact with Russia evolved
    7:53 PM
  • Trump team on help from Russia: From 'it didn't happen' to 'it's not wrong to accept'
    7:51 PM
  • Prosecutors investigate after deputies are seen pepper-spraying and punching teens
    6:36 PM
  • The Latest: House chair subpoenas former White House lawyer
    5:40 PM
  • Trump HUGGED Mike Flynn after forcing him to resign for lying about his Russia contacts
    4:20 PM
  • 'Nothing wrong' with help from Russians, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says
    3:37 PM
  • How Ed Oliver may factor into the Jets' plans for the NFL Draft
    3:28 PM
  • School marks Confederate Memorial Day with lynching teach-in
    2:10 PM
  • The Latest: Trump pledges support for Sri Lanka
    12:32 PM
  • Trump, AG continue to spread untruths on Mueller report. Here's a look at the facts
    12:18 PM
  • Trump vents anger over impeachment as congressional leaders deliberate removing him as president
    11:31 AM
  • Trump sues top Democrat in latest twist of tax return fight
    11:00 AM
  • Trump, business organization sue Democratic House chairman
    9:58 AM
  • Letter: Democrats try to tarnish AG Barrs reputation
    7:58 AM
  • Hungry 5-year-old places McDonald's order with 911 - and cops deliver it
    7:27 AM
  • Nothing wrong with help from Russians, Trump lawyer says
    4:14 AM
  • Trumps aides were eager to take Russian dirt on Clinton. But it wasnt a conspiracy, Mueller report said
    3:37 AM
  • Trump attends Easter service after slew of tweets
    2:50 AM
  • Giuliani: Nothing wrong with Russian help
    2:48 AM
  • Giuliani says not wrong to take information from Russians
    2:29 AM
  • New York woman, 21, dies after being dragged by Manhattan subway train
    12:31 AM
  • AP FACT CHECK: Trump, AG spread untruths on Mueller report
    12:22 AM
  • Inside Muellers long hunt to uncover whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia
    12:10 AM
  • 21 Apr 2019
  • Giuliani: There's nothing wrong with using Russia-hacked info
    10:57 PM
  • As Mueller probe began, Trump asked spy chiefs to publicly counter news stories alleging his campaign had ties to Russia
    9:49 PM
  • Trump lawyer attacks Mueller report, sees nothing wrong in taking Russian info
    9:19 PM
  • Report: Trump called on spy chiefs for help as Russia probe began
    8:36 PM
  • How Michael Cohen's plea for attention from Trump was snubbed by the president
    8:30 PM
  • A hungry 5-year-old placed his McDonalds order with 911 - and cops delivered it
    7:46 PM
  • Trump called on spy chiefs for help as Mueller probe began
    6:36 PM
  • Rudy Giuliani believes Donald Trump is truthful as he can be in todays world and that using stolen information is sometimes OK
    6:24 PM
  • Report: Trump called on spy chiefs for help as probe began
    4:48 PM
  • President attends Easter service before returning to D.C.
    3:55 PM
  • 5-year-old Michigan boy calls 911 to ask for food from McDonald's
    3:19 PM
  • President Trump said millions died in Sri Lanka terror attack in botched tweet
    2:45 PM
  • President Trump attends Easter service following slew of tweets
    2:16 PM
  • Trump attends Easter service following slew of tweets
    2:11 PM
  • Giuliani: Trump camp did no wrong by taking Russian help
    1:38 PM
  • Trump tweets, then deletes, grossly overstated death toll in Sri Lanka church explosions
    12:31 PM
  • Nadler: Evidence against Trump impeachable if proven
    12:15 PM
  • Adam Schiff: Trumps possible obstruction of justice far worse than anything Nixon did, including Watergate
    12:07 PM
  • President attends Easter service following slew of tweets
    11:28 AM
  • '911, What's Your Emergency' 'Can You Bring Me McDonald's'
    11:19 AM
  • Trump administration says immigrants working in legal marijuana industry lack moral character for citizenship
    11:00 AM
  • Trump attacks Democrats for wanting to investigate and warns it will cost them in 2020
    9:28 AM
  • Trump repeatedly tried to impede the Russia probe, Mueller report said. Was it obstruction
    7:55 AM
  • The Latest: Trump offers condolences after Sri Lanka attack
    7:43 AM
  • As Russia probe began, Trump called on spy chiefs for help
    7:41 AM
  • Ilhan Omar: Somali Americans vow to stand up to Trump attacks
    6:49 AM
  • Trump continues assault on Mueller, media in pre-Easter tweet storm before round of golf at his Florida course
    5:42 AM
  • 5-year-old Michigan boy calls 911 to ask for McDonald's
    3:30 AM
  • Trump was fighting for his political life, his former lawyer says, explaining attacks on Mueller
    1:57 AM
  • 20 Apr 2019
  • Woman, 21, dead in Union Square subway accident
    10:54 PM
  • Missing from Mueller report: A one-on-one interview with Trump, George Ryan prosecutor says
    10:38 PM
  • Mueller report: Elizabeth Warren becomes first 2020 candidate to call for Trumps impeachment
    10:05 PM
  • How Putin marshaled his oligarchs to find back channels to Trump
    9:58 PM
  • Tickled officer delivers after boy dials 911 with McDonald's request
    8:53 PM
  • 'Can you bring me McDonald's': 5-year-old calls 911 for help with fast food craving
    7:46 PM
  • Trump brushes off Romney's criticism, points to loss in 2012
    7:34 PM
  • Letter: Trumps collusion with Russia
    7:25 PM
  • Kim Kardashian on working with Trump on prison reform: 'People sitting behind bars do not care who the president is'
    7:19 PM
  • Massachusetts man gets probation for sending white powder to Trumps sons, others
    5:40 PM
  • Trump continues to sour on unflattering Mueller report after saying it fully exonerates him total bulls---
    5:36 PM
  • Trump administration says immigrants working in legal marijuana industry lack 'moral character' for citizenship
    4:42 PM
  • Pompeo says US will take 'tough action' on Russian meddling
    4:18 PM
  • 5-year-old Michigan boy calls 911 to ask for McDonalds
    3:44 PM
  • Donald Trump Trumps legal team breathes a sigh, takes a victory lap
    3:29 PM
  • Comment: Trump was never at risk of criminal conduct finding
    3:00 PM
  • President Trump, politicians react to Mueller report after initial upbeat view
    12:40 PM
  • Trump Sours On Mueller Report After Initial Upbeat View
    12:18 PM
  • Democrats Subpoena Full Mueller Report
    11:23 AM
  • Trump's legal team breathes a sigh, takes a victory lap
    9:58 AM
  • Report: Trump tried to thwart Mueller probe, but aides - and law - saved him
    9:38 AM
  • Portman says some of Trump's actions were 'inappropriate'
    9:37 AM
  • What We Learnedand the Mueller Report
    9:29 AM
  • President Trump Told Mueller He Was Just Joking When He Asked Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton
    9:28 AM
  • AP FACT CHECK: Trump team's distortions on Mueller report
    9:06 AM
  • Mueller report: Trump said 'this is the end of my presidency', and other key findings from special counsel's investigation
    8:39 AM
  • Trump claims game over on Mueller report as Democrats say game on
    8:30 AM
  • Man, 25, gets probation for threatening letters
    8:06 AM
  • Putin's use of oligarchs unveiled
    8:03 AM
  • Drug firms open price sites to keep regulators at bay
    8:01 AM
  • House panel chief escalates Trump probe
    7:58 AM
  • Letter: Time to impeach Trump, the sooner the better
    7:55 AM
  • The Blanche DuBois fantasy over the Mueller report
    7:36 AM
  • The Latest: Democrats increase pressure for Mueller report
    6:59 AM
  • Romney: 'Sickened' by Trump lies, 'appalled' by Trump team dealings with Russia
    3:18 AM
  • Fmr CIA Moscow Chief believes U.S. Intel agencies still conducting counterintelligence investigations of Trump
    3:17 AM
  • Mueller report reveals more Trump/Wikileaks dealings than previously known
    3:16 AM
  • Mueller lays numerous contacts between Trump associates & Russia
    3:15 AM
  • Northern Indiana man accused of posting Trump threats on Facebook
    2:18 AM
  • Trump expresses anger at Mueller report
    12:00 AM
  • 19 Apr 2019
  • Japan courts Trump using emperor, first lady's birthday
    11:55 PM
  • LATEST: Trump says statements in Mueller report 'untrue'
    11:47 PM
  • Sarah Sanders claims she didn't lie, despite Mueller finding
    11:18 PM
  • Warren calls for House to begin impeachment proceedings
    11:11 PM
  • Trump laces into ex-advisers who spoke with Mueller
    11:02 PM
  • Fake news Mueller isn't buying it
    11:01 PM
  • After Mueller report, Democrats divided over end game - investigate Trump or impeach
    10:16 PM
  • A few things you might have missed from the Mueller report
    8:54 PM
  • Warren becomes first 2020 Democrat to call for impeachment
    8:21 PM
  • Family detention space goes unused as Trump warns of crisis
    8:20 PM
  • North Korea urges Trump to drop Pompeo from talks; U.S. plays down weapons test
    7:56 PM
  • Democrats subpoena Mueller report amid calls for impeachment
    7:54 PM
  • Mueller report highlights Trump's relationship with Wikileaks
    7:47 PM
  • Well be taken care of: Manaforts promise and other things you may have missed in the Mueller report
    7:18 PM
  • Fake news No, Mueller report shows journalists mostly got it right on Trump, Russia
    7:15 PM
  • Sarah Sanders says Trump never asked her to lie
    6:21 PM
  • Probation for man who sent powder to Trump sons, others
    5:21 PM
  • House subpoena for full Mueller report escalates investigation of Trump
    4:58 PM
  • House subpoena for Mueller report escalates Trump investigation
    4:03 PM
  • Man who sent white powder to Trump's sons gets probation
    1:38 PM
  • Administration cuts space for detaining migrant families
    12:49 PM
  • Delegation reacts to Mueller report
    12:35 PM
  • Mueller report reactions vary widely
    12:32 PM
  • Mueller Report Reveals Russians Hacked 'At Least One' Florida County's Election Network
    11:34 AM
  • House subpoena for Mueller report escalates investigation
    10:41 AM
  • The Latest: Trump says statements in Mueller report 'untrue'
    10:29 AM
  • Indiana man accused of posting Trump threats on Facebook
    10:28 AM
  • Sleazy Paul Manafort joined Trump's campaign to make money
    10:25 AM
  • Beverly man who sent white powder to Trump's sons to be sentenced
    9:05 AM
  • NH, Maine congressionals react to Mueller report
    8:27 AM
  • Special counsel Robert Mueller reveals Trump's attempts to choke off Russia probe
    8:11 AM
  • The Latest: Sanders says no culture of lying at White House
    8:08 AM
  • x2018;This is the end of my presidency': 4 dramatic moments from the Mueller report
    8:07 AM
  • Mueller report: Trump largely failed to derail Russia probe
    7:56 AM
  • Eye Opener: Trump declares victory as Democrats dig in
    7:52 AM
  • Mueller report details Trump's 'mostly unsuccessful' efforts to influence Russia probe
    7:51 AM
  • Sarah Sanders on Mueller report: Trump 'never asked me to break the law'
    7:49 AM
  • California 'sanctuary' laws upheld
    7:37 AM
  • Mueller's report finally public
    7:36 AM
  • Mueller Report Outlines Trump's Attempts To Assert Control Over Russia Probe
    7:34 AM
  • Former counsel may have saved Trump from himself
    7:04 AM
  • Mueller: Report 'does not exonerate' Trump on obstruction
    6:51 AM
  • Giuliani snaps at Cuomo: Stop using the word 'lie'
    6:48 AM
  • Mueller says Trump efforts to derail probe mostly failed
    6:44 AM
  • Man who sent white powder to Trump's sons to be sentenced
    6:23 AM
  • Trump may owe former counsel a debt of gratitude
    5:16 AM
  • Key takeaways from Robert Muellers Russia report
    4:45 AM
  • A beleaguered Trump feared the end of my presidency
    4:41 AM
  • Beleaguered Trump feared 'the end of my presidency'
    3:58 AM
  • Cellphone Videos Show Teens Tackled, Sprayed by BSO Deputies
    2:52 AM
  • Mueller reveals Trumps attempt to choke off Russia probe
    2:34 AM
  • Don McGahn: The other lawyer who saved Trump
    1:57 AM
  • Suburban representatives say Mueller report deeply disturbing, raises serious concerns
    1:34 AM
  • Former Congressman Keith Ellison: Trumps Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are Violent Incitement
    1:10 AM
  • Mueller report: Trump tried repeatedly to choke Russia probe
    12:49 AM
  • Mueller's report reveals Trump's efforts to seize control of Russia probe; read it here
    12:14 AM
  • 18 Apr 2019
  • Mueller report provides new details on Manafort, Hicks
    11:46 PM
  • AP FACT CHECK: Skewed Trump, Barr claims on Mueller report
    11:24 PM
  • Analysis: Mueller paints a damning portrait of the president
    11:23 PM
  • Mueller reveals Trumps attempts to choke off Russia probe
    11:21 PM
  • The Latest: Report shows Trump trying to shut down probe
    11:20 PM
  • THE MUELLER REPORT: Analyzing the impact, what's next
    11:14 PM
  • Mueller details Trump's efforts to thwart Russia investigation
    11:12 PM
  • Is the Mueller report a win for Trump
    11:11 PM
  • How Mueller made his no-call on Trump and obstruction
    11:02 PM
  • Mueller reveals Trump's efforts to thwart Russian inquiry in highly anticipated report
    11:00 PM
  • The Latest: Report shows Trump trying to control probe
    10:31 PM
  • Report shows Trump trying to control probe
    10:29 PM
  • Mueller report: 'This is the end of my presidency,' Trump said after special counsel appointment
    10:26 PM
  • Fact check: Trump, Barr distorting the facts on Mueller report
    10:20 PM
  • The Mueller reports damning portrait of Trump
    10:20 PM
  • Mueller report: Attorney general says probe found 'no collusion' between Trump campaign and Russia
    10:02 PM
  • Suburban representatives say Mueller report deepy disturbing, raises serious concerns
    9:36 PM
  • What more do we need to know about Trumps abuses of power
    9:30 PM
  • Hobart man charged by feds after threatening to kill Trump on Facebook, court records state
    8:57 PM
  • The Spin: Chicago connection to Mueller report Lightfoot on Chicagos falling population Cubs win on Wrigley renovation
    8:55 PM
  • Mueller Report: He would have exonerated Trump if he could, but couldn't based on his findings
    8:34 PM
  • Adam Schiff says Mueller report proves he's right about Trump-Russia collusion, obstruction
    8:20 PM
  • The 10 instances of possible obstruction in Mueller report
    8:18 PM
  • What the Mueller report says about Trump-Russia contacts
    8:17 PM
  • The Latest: Report links Senate intel chair to White House
    8:00 PM
  • The 10 instances of possible obstruction by Trump in the Mueller report
    7:22 PM
  • The Mueller report is 448 pages. Here are the key takeaways from the redacted investigation.
    7:19 PM
  • 'A good day': Trump claims victory with Mueller report out
    7:08 PM
  • THE MUELLER REPORT: Mueller reveals Trump's attempts to choke off Russia probe
    7:00 PM
  • Trump tried to oust Mueller, called his appointment the end of my presidency
    6:57 PM
  • The Latest: Top lawmakers will see less redacted report
    6:46 PM
  • Key takeaways from Robert Mueller's Russia report
    6:27 PM
  • Mueller Report Unable to Conclude 'no criminal conduct occurred' on Obstruction
    6:19 PM
  • Mueller reveals Trump's attempts to choke off Russia probe
    5:52 PM
  • THE MUELLER REPORT: Trump tried to choke Russia probe, oust Mueller, report says
    5:48 PM
  • The Latest: House chair to subpoena for full Mueller report
    5:11 PM
  • The offenses Trump committed: Theyre plain to see in the Mueller report
    4:51 PM
  • Trump campaign had many flirtations with Russians in an effort to win the 2016 election, but special counsel found no criminality
    4:46 PM
  • A beleaguered Trump feared 'the end of my presidency'
    4:38 PM
  • Mueller Report: Trump tried to halt investigation, saying, This is the end of my presidency
    4:28 PM
  • Report: Trump tried to choke Russia probe, oust special counsel Robert Mueller
    4:17 PM
  • Read the Mueller Report on Russian Interference in the 2016 Election
    4:08 PM
  • President Trump tried to seize control of Russia probe, oust Mueller, report says
    4:05 PM
  • A good day: Trump claims victory with Mueller report out
    3:53 PM
  • Trump tried to choke Russia probe, oust Mueller, report says
    3:36 PM
  • Mueller report: Trump tried to seize control of Russia probe
    2:46 PM
  • President Trump evokes Game of Thrones; declares it's a 'good day' after redacted Mueller report released
    2:22 PM
  • Mueller Report: Trump aides refused to carry out orders to obstruct justice
    2:09 PM
  • Barr defends Trump, saying he faced 'unprecedented situation' during Mueller probe
    1:57 PM
  • Mueller team considered Trump's written answers 'inadequate,' but decided against subpoena fight for interview
    1:44 PM
  • Appeals court weighs Trump permit for Keystone XL pipeline
    1:35 PM
  • The Latest: Barr to send less redacted version to Congress
    1:31 PM
  • Read the full report: Mueller includes Trump's written responses
    1:23 PM
  • Report shows how Mueller team struggled on obstruction issue
    1:20 PM
  • Congressman McGovern: Mueller report 'does not in any way exonerate' President Trump
    12:51 PM
  • Mueller Report: Trumps efforts to influence Russia investigation were mostly unsuccessful
    12:49 PM
  • Trump tried to seize control of Mueller probe, report says
    12:48 PM
  • Mueller report says investigators struggled with whether Trump committed crime of obstruction
    12:28 PM
  • Mueller Report: No conclusion that Trump committed crime but does not exonerate him
    12:04 PM
  • The Latest: Mueller report most redacted on Russian meddling
    12:03 PM
  • Mueller Report: President Trump attempted to seize control of Russia probe
    11:42 AM
  • Trump's adviser visits Moscow for talks on bilateral issues
    11:41 AM
  • Watch live: Trump speaks to veterans after Barr report
    11:27 AM
  • Barr says Mueller examined 10 instances of possible obstruction by Trump
    11:24 AM
  • Barr to discuss redacted report before lawmakers get a copy
    3:49 AM
  • 17 Apr 2019
  • Mueller report release spirals into political gamesmanship
    10:54 PM
  • Trump on Omar: 'She's got a way about her that is very, very bad'
    9:45 PM
  • Employee at Mansfield assisted living center charged with raping patient
    9:43 PM
  • Documents detail case being built against man accused in Tashaun Jackson murder
    9:24 PM
  • The Latest: Top Democrat says Barr is trying to spin report
    8:47 PM
  • The Latest: Democrats fume over timing of report's release
    8:25 PM
  • AP-NORC Poll: Many Americans aren't exonerating Trump in Russia probe, want Congress to keep investigating
    7:09 PM
  • The Latest: Trump may speak after Mueller report's release
    5:58 PM
  • Victims of bigotry can themselves be perpetrators: Thats what Democrats must absorb about Ilhan Omar as they go after Donald Trumps unforgivable attacks
    5:11 PM
  • AP-NORC Poll: Many aren't exonerating Trump in Russia probe
    3:55 PM
  • AP-NORC Poll: Many want Congress to probe Trump-Russia
    3:47 PM
  • Oklahoma attorney general asks Trump to pardon US soldier
    3:36 PM
  • AP Interview: Ivanka Trump says Africa would inspire her dad
    3:16 PM
  • Trump launches new Twitter attack 24 hours before Mueller report drops
    1:00 PM
  • The Deer a Man Kept as a Pet Ends Up Killing Him
    11:12 AM
  • Trump news: President 'doesn't regret' tweeting 9/11 video about Ilhan Omar, as first 2020 Republican challenger emerges
    9:49 AM
  • Righteous rebel or public enemy
    7:30 AM
  • Trump says Russia probe con job, as fuller report looms
    4:01 AM
  • AOC: Trump is 'absolutely' trying to incite violence against Omar
    3:41 AM
  • Christopher McDonald Sentenced in DUI Case, No Added Jail Time
    2:37 AM
  • Man killed in Markham crash
    1:53 AM
  • Spoiler alert! Voters wont see Donald Trumps tax returns before the 2020 election
    12:55 AM
  • Pharr man gets 2 years in gun trafficking case
    12:01 AM
  • 16 Apr 2019
  • Speak Out: Suing Smollett could backfire, trooper deaths need study, Trump indestructible and a con man
    10:16 PM
  • Trump, death penalty, immigration mark Newsom's 1st 100 days
    10:15 PM
  • Trump vetoes measure to end US involvement in Yemen war
    8:49 PM
  • House Democrats subpoena Deutsche Bank as they investigate Trump finances
    8:20 PM
  • Trump: No regrets about video attacking Rep. Omar
    5:43 PM
  • House committee issues subpoenas, plans to probe Trump's finances
    4:51 PM
  • Trump to allow suits over US properties seized in Cuba
    4:35 PM
  • Trump has no regrets sharing video of Rep. Omar
    3:55 PM
  • Trump, Cher and the debate over dumping immigrants in sanctuary cities
    3:39 PM
  • Trump says Russia probe 'con job,' as fuller report looms
    3:00 PM
  • Trump changes tune before Mueller report is released
    2:07 PM
  • Trump complains on Twitter ahead of redacted Mueller report release set for Thursday
    12:25 PM
  • Trump, first lady to address opioid crisis at Atlanta summit
    11:55 AM
  • President Trump: 'No regrets' about sharing Ilhan Omar video
    11:52 AM
  • Trump attacks the Mueller report ahead of Thursdays redacted release
    10:43 AM
  • This Week Could Test Trumps Exoneration Claim
    10:14 AM
  • Special counsel Robert Muellers report on Russia, Trump to be released Thursday, Justice Department says
    10:10 AM
  • Ilhan Omar: Muslim congresswoman says she has faced increased death threats since Trumps 9/11 tweet
    9:31 AM
  • He easily found hundreds of death threats against Rep. Ilhan Omar. He wants Twitter to stop them
    9:07 AM
  • How Trump administration is preparing for release of Mueller report
    8:38 AM
  • House Democrats subpoena Deutsche Bank, other financial institutions tied to President Trump
    8:16 AM
  • Trump keeps attacking as redacted Russia report due Thursday
    7:29 AM
  • House committee subpoenas Trump financial information from accounting firm
    5:42 AM
  • Judge again denies bail for Mar-a-Lago suspect
    5:36 AM
  • Illinois Representatives React to Trump Tweet on Omar
    4:50 AM
  • Trump sanctuary cities plan for migrants spurs new Dem probe
    4:07 AM
  • Edited version of Russia probe to be made public on Thursday
    3:30 AM
  • AP source: Officials consider new penalty for visa overstays
    3:29 AM
  • House Democrats subpoena Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions as they probe Trumps finances
    3:16 AM
  • Muellers redacted Trump-Russia report now expected Thursday
    2:41 AM
  • Redacted Mueller report expected to be released on Thursday
    12:42 AM
  • UPDATE 1-Trump wishes 'no ill will' with tweet on Muslim lawmaker -White House
    12:00 AM
  • 15 Apr 2019
  • W. House reviewing 'options' to send migrants to sanctuary cities
    11:52 PM
  • Redacted Trump-Russia report now expected Thursday
    11:25 PM
  • Robert Muellers redacted Trump-Russia report now expected Thursday
    9:50 PM
  • Chinese woman who entered Mar-a-Lago denied bail
    9:49 PM
  • Democrats subpoena banks as they probe Trump finances
    9:29 PM
  • Cesar Sayoc, Florida Man Who Sent Pipe Bombs To Trump Critics, Will Be Sentenced In August
    9:19 PM
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar says shes getting more death threats after Trump tweet
    8:51 PM
  • Mueller's report on Russia and Trump to be made public Thursday
    8:42 PM
  • Trump targets legal, illegal immigration in latest push
    7:20 PM
  • Ivanka Trump eyes laws, customs holding back African women
    7:05 PM
  • Pro-Trump mail bomber affirms guilty plea but says he never meant to kill
    6:20 PM
  • August sentencing for man who mailed bombs to Trump critics
    5:58 PM
  • Redacted Mueller report to be released Thursday but Trump not waiting to go on attack
    5:27 PM
  • Trump ups his attacks with Mueller report due Thursday
    5:18 PM
  • Letter to the editor: Left still can't get over Trump's win
    4:35 PM
  • Rep. Omar says death threats spiked after Trump tweet
    2:23 PM
  • Mueller's redacted Trump-Russia report now expected Thursday
    1:54 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says migrants to go to 'sanctuary cities'
    1:49 PM
  • Ivanka Trump eyeslaws, customs holding back African women
    1:40 PM
  • The Latest: Woman who entered Mar-a-Lago pleads not guilty
    1:38 PM
  • Ivanka Trump eyes laws, conditions that deter African women
    1:19 PM
  • Redacted Trump-Russia report now expected on Thursday
    1:18 PM
  • Naked man shot dead by security guard after stabbing 88-year-old customer in McDonalds
    12:46 PM
  • Rep. Omar says she's facing more death threats after controversial Trump tweet
    11:16 AM
  • It has to stop: Omar says Trump encourages violence, hate
    10:54 AM
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar says she's faced increased death threats since Trump's tweet of 9/11 video
    10:48 AM
  • Yujing Zhang, Chinese Woman Who Entered Mar-a-Lago Faces Hearing
    10:27 AM
  • Ilhan Omar Says Death Threats Have Increased Since Trump's Tweet
    10:23 AM
  • 'It has to stop': Omar says Trump encourages violence, hate
    9:48 AM
  • Omar slams Trump video retweet and says he encourages 'hate'
    9:34 AM
  • Chinese woman who entered Mar-a-Lago faces court hearing today
    7:07 AM
  • For tax filing day, Wasserman Schultz slams Republican tax cuts
    7:06 AM
  • Omar says more death threats coming since Trump pushed video
    6:38 AM
  • AP FACT CHECK: Trump camp suggests AG found illegal spying
    6:31 AM
  • Omar cites death threats, says Trump must not encourage them
    6:30 AM
  • Trump rails at Fed claiming it stifled growth through killer policies as he pushes unorthodox nominations
    4:09 AM
  • House panel chairman gives IRS April 23 deadline on Trump taxes
    4:08 AM
  • Ivanka Trump honors victims of Ethiopian air crash
    3:59 AM
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar says shes faced increased death threats since Trumps tweet of 9/11 video
    3:34 AM
  • Omar cites death threats, says Trump should not incite them
    3:13 AM
  • Chinese woman who entered Mar-a-Lago faces hearing
    3:11 AM
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar cites more death threats against her since Trump tweet
    2:35 AM
  • Omar cites more death threats against her since Trump tweet
    2:21 AM
  • Ivanka Trump honors victims of Ethiopian aircrash
    2:15 AM
  • 14 Apr 2019
  • Reporter slaps down Donald Trump's claim New York Times failed to observe basic tenet of journalism
    7:28 PM
  • Pelosi calls on Trump to take down his tweet of Omar video
    7:22 PM
  • Harp and Elicker to Trump: Immigrants are welcome in New Haven
    6:49 PM
  • Trump isn't inciting violence against Ilhan Omar, Sanders says
    6:25 PM
  • 47-year-old Brunswick woman sitting on curb in McDonald's parking lot hit, killed by elderly driver
    6:15 PM
  • Pelosi calls on Trump to take down 'disrespectful and dangerous video' targeting Rep. Omar
    4:43 PM
  • Democrat Sets April 23 Deadline for IRS to Send Trump Taxes
    3:26 PM
  • Pelosi hits Trump over use of 9/11 images to criticize Muslim lawmaker
    3:25 PM
  • White House: Trump wishes no ill will against Omar
    2:45 PM
  • White House: Congress not smart enough to assess Trump taxes
    1:46 PM
  • White House: Trump wishes no 'ill will' against Sen. Omar
    1:13 PM
  • Swalwell: President Trump 'acts on Russia's behalf'
    12:55 PM
  • Nadler: Trump 'stole' 9/11 grant from small businesses
    12:55 PM
  • Police: Woman climbs through McDonald's drive through, takes food
    12:39 PM
  • White House: Trump wishes no 'ill will' against Omar
    11:57 AM
  • Donald Trump 'strongly' considering releasing detained migrants in sanctuary cities despite outcry
    11:50 AM
  • Sarah Sanders says Trump will continue to 'call out' Ilhan Omar
    11:34 AM
  • Trump doesn't want 'violence' toward Rep. Omar, Sarah Sanders claims, but should call her out
    11:05 AM
  • The Dirt: Third Avenue McDonalds set for renovation
    9:02 AM
  • Ilhan Omar has become the target of a dangerous hate campaign
    8:47 AM
  • When leaders make you sick: How politicians in New York and Washington are reacting to a measles outbreak
    5:24 AM
  • Stone files to see Mueller findings
    4:03 AM
  • Pressure on to see Trump's tax info
    3:32 AM
  • Trump administration seeks emergency court order to continue asylum policy
    3:17 AM
  • It's time to investigate the Trump investigators
    2:48 AM
  • Legislators representing Summit County start push to restore federal funding to forest, public lands
    1:18 AM
  • Ivanka Trump in Africa to promote women at work program
    1:15 AM
  • 13 Apr 2019
  • Top House Democrat steps up demand for Trumps tax returns
    11:53 PM
  • Trump sanctuary city idea could help migrants stay in U.S.
    11:49 PM
  • Roger Stone wants to get his hands on full Mueller report
    11:13 PM
  • House Democrats give IRS until April 23 to hand over Trump's tax returns
    10:59 PM
  • Nancy Pelosi: Trump Is Wrong to Use Edited 9/11 Footage in Political Attack
    9:21 PM
  • Trump sanctuary city idea could help migrants stay in US
    8:26 PM
  • Top House Democrat demands 6 years of Trumps tax returns
    8:16 PM
  • Trump confidant Roger Stone seeks Robert Muellers full report on Russia investigation
    8:14 PM
  • All the times President Trump praised WikiLeaks
    6:51 PM
  • House Democrat sets new deadline for release of Trump's tax returns
    6:50 PM
  • Federal report finds 'pervasive' harassment at AccuWeather
    6:32 PM
  • Wife of Navy SEAL charged with murdering Iraqi says Trump is being lied to about his treatment
    5:42 PM
  • House Democrats give the IRS just TEN DAYS to hand over Trump's tax returns
    5:35 PM
  • Trump sanctuary city idea could help some immigrants
    4:21 PM
  • CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman climbs through Phoenix McDonalds drive-thru window
    4:11 PM
  • Woman caught on camera jumping through Phoenix McDonalds drive-thru window
    4:10 PM
  • House Democrats Set Deadline For IRS To Hand Over Trump Tax Returns
    4:05 PM
  • House Democrat, treasury chief bicker over Trump tax returns
    3:32 PM
  • Worth Watching: 'Game of Thrones' and a '60 Minutes' Preview, 'Les Miserables' on 'Masterpiece,' Donald Glover's 'Guava Island,' TCM's 25th
    2:03 PM
  • House Democrats give IRS hard deadline of April 23 to turn over Trump tax returns
    1:46 PM
  • Mass. Congressman steps up demand for Trump's tax returns
    1:33 PM
  • House Committee gives IRS new deadline to turn over President Trumps tax returns
    1:05 PM
  • Lobbyist for Ukrainian interests gets probation
    11:51 AM
  • House committee sends new letter to IRS demanding Trump's tax returns
    11:08 AM
  • Police: Edwardsville man had sexual relations with teen girl
    10:55 AM
  • 15-year-old suspected of murdering his mom recaptured following escape
    10:21 AM
  • Top House Democrat steps up demand for Trump's tax returns
    10:18 AM
  • Trump and Netanyahu make me fear for a two-state solution and Middle East peace
    10:06 AM
  • CNN anchor to Trump board member: That is absolutely untrue
    9:51 AM
  • Cepeda column: Trump administration policy mistreats migrant children
    9:20 AM
  • AP FACT CHECK: Trump knew WikiLeaks until he didn't
    9:08 AM
  • This week in politics: DHS shakeup, Trump makes immigration threats
    8:05 AM
  • The Latest: DHs denies Trump urged 'anything illegal'
    6:18 AM
  • A cold-blooded murderer in New Haven gets 50 years in prison
    5:52 AM
  • Trump confidant Roger Stone seeks full Mueller report
    5:25 AM
  • Sources: Trump told then-CBP head he'd pardon him if he were sent to jail for violating immigration law
    5:15 AM
  • Burnett: Trump's disregard for rule of law is a theme
    5:13 AM
  • Closing arguments made in hearing for cops accused of cover-up in Laquan McDonald shooting
    5:08 AM
  • Jennifer Rubin: Democrats need to say why Trumps praise of Wikileaks matters
    3:03 AM
  • The Latest: 'Very good lead' helped authorities find teen
    2:33 AM
  • Trump talks of releasing migrants in Dem cities
    1:22 AM
  • Kim open to another summit with Trump, with conditions
    1:21 AM
  • 12 Apr 2019
  • Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Indicted on 2 Counts
    11:55 PM
  • Report: Trump Said He'd Pardon Official for Closing Border
    11:54 PM
  • Trump adviser to give remarks on Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua
    7:07 PM
  • Alleged Mar-a-Lago intruder indicted on charges of illegally entering President Trumps Palm Beach resort
    5:19 PM
  • Lobbyist gets probation in case spun off from Russia probe
    4:54 PM
  • Chinese woman at Mar-a-Lago indicted on 2 charges
    4:28 PM
  • High school student told to cover Trump T-shirt at school
    2:21 PM
  • Trump administration seeks to halt ruling over asylum policy
    2:12 PM
  • Father, son allegedly sold diseased body parts for up to $100,000
    11:48 AM
  • 'I know nothing': Trump changes his tune on WikiLeaks
    11:28 AM
  • Man Charged with Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Underage Girl
    5:30 AM
  • 'I know nothing' - Trump changes his tune on WikiLeaks
    4:59 AM
  • New York Democrats lead effort for Trump's state tax returns
    4:29 AM
  • Trump says he would 'love' to release his tax returns but won't do it while he's under audit
    4:26 AM
  • California Rep. Eric Swalwell joins 2020 Democratic presidential field
    3:09 AM
  • After Assange arrest, Trump claims he knows nothing about WikiLeaks despite once calling the group a treasure trove
    3:01 AM
  • Trump, South Korea's Moon look for way to curb NKorea nukes
    2:12 AM
  • Cooper: Barr re-lit the conspiracy fuse for Trump
    1:21 AM
  • Investigation underway after Epping High School student told to cover Trump T-shirt at school
    12:22 AM
  • 11 Apr 2019
  • Man arrested for throwing bricks at Pittsburgh police car, threatening President Trump and police
    10:14 PM
  • Cop questioned if her friendship with Jason Van Dyke influenced what she told investigators
    8:00 PM
  • Rep. Donald McEachin recovering after being hospitalized for blood clot
    7:45 PM
  • 'I know nothing:' Trump changes his tune on WikiLeaks
    7:27 PM
  • Trump nominates naval aviator as next Navy chief
    5:52 PM
  • NYT: Trump's sister retires to avoid fraud investigation
    4:47 PM
  • Trump: You're lucky I was President during this 'scam'
    4:44 PM
  • Trump used to say 'I love WikiLeaks, but after Assanges arrest he said I know nothing about WikiLeaks
    4:17 PM
  • Assange arrest a contrast to Trump's WikiLeaks praise
    1:37 PM
  • See the times Trump has praised WikiLeaks
    1:25 PM
  • How long can Trump's hush money stay quiet
    1:22 PM
  • Trump to visit Missouri for conference on crime
    1:20 PM
  • Trump responds to WikiLeaks founder Assange's arrest, claims he knows 'nothing about' group despite praise in 2016
    1:16 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says Barr correct about spying on campaign
    1:14 PM
  • Ill. strip-club dancer allegedly invokes Trump's name, hurls shot glass and slaps patron
    1:04 PM
  • Barr Forms Team to Probe Possible FBI Abuses In Trump-Russia Investigation
    12:36 PM
  • US government 'spied' on Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign, attorney general says
    12:32 PM
  • Mnuchin postpones decision on handing over Trump tax returns
    12:13 PM
  • Slow-motion video shows Laquan McDonald still a threat after he was shot and fell, cops attorney contends
    11:10 AM
  • AP Interview: Pelosi says she asked Trump to meet with her
    9:42 AM
  • Attorney general backtracks on claim about 'spying' on Trump campaign
    8:44 AM
  • Barr says he thinks 'spying' occurred against Trump campaign
    7:07 AM
  • Senators grill nominee for Justice spot
    6:58 AM
  • Inslee gets national audience for presidential campaign pitch on climate change
    6:51 AM
  • Barr says 'spying' on Trump possible
    5:00 AM
  • AG Barr: 'I think spying did occur' against Trump campaign
    3:33 AM
  • President Trumps sister retires as federal judge, ending own tax inquiry
    3:11 AM
  • William Barr says spying 'did occur' on Trump campaign
    2:58 AM
  • AG William Barr: 'I think spying did occur' on Trump campaign
    12:31 AM
  • 10 Apr 2019
  • AG Barr goes snoop dogging, probes Trump probers
    11:12 PM
  • Barr says 'I think spying did occur' against Trump campaign
    10:38 PM
  • Cooper roasts Trump for reported Washington comment
    10:22 PM
  • Trump administration appeals court ruling over asylum policy
    9:30 PM
  • Report: Trump criticized Washington for name Mt. Vernon
    9:14 PM
  • The Latest: Barr says he thinks Trump campaign was spied on
    9:06 PM
  • Senate moves double-jeopardy legislation aimed at Trump
    5:52 PM
  • Aspen School District sued by former employee who was fired
    4:51 PM
  • Judge refuses to make public nearly 20 court filings from historic Jason Van Dyke prosecution
    4:33 PM
  • Chicago cops contend slow-motion video shows Laquan McDonald still a threat after he was shot and fell
    4:31 PM
  • Uganda hits back at Trump following kidnapped American tourists release: We dont need his lecture
    4:21 PM
  • Attorney general says I think spying did occur on Trumps campaign
    4:18 PM
  • IRS Commissioner 'Working On Letter' In Response To Request For Trump Tax Returns
    4:09 PM
  • Aspen School District sued by former employee
    2:21 PM
  • Barr says 'I think spying did occur' on Trump campaign
    1:23 PM
  • Trump says he wont deliver tax returns to Congress
    12:26 PM
  • Trump Says He Won't Deliver Tax Returns To Congress
    11:09 AM
  • The Latest: Barr wouldn't withhold derogatory Trump info
    11:05 AM
  • 4 Chicago police officers fighting McDonald-related firings
    11:03 AM
  • The Latest: Trump wants origins of Russia probe investigated
    10:43 AM
  • The Latest: Trump applauds Netanyahu's apparent PM victory
    10:31 AM
  • Letter: Pompeo's award nixed due to Trump's response to the killing ofjournalist Jamal Khashoggi
    10:08 AM
  • Uganda touts new kidnapping arrests, dismisses Trump's 'lectures'
    6:53 AM
  • Driver reports being shot at in Fall River McDonald's drive-thru
    5:04 AM
  • Cuomo: Barr is not neutral on any matter regarding Trump
    1:44 AM
  • 09 Apr 2019
  • Kirstjen Nielsens deputy resigns from Homeland Security as well amid Trump agency shakeup
    10:56 PM
  • Children's Advocacy Center plants pinwheel garden
    10:17 PM
  • Trump threatens to veto net neutrality bill
    6:30 PM
  • The Latest: IRS chief says he'll decide on Trump tax returns
    5:11 PM
  • Woman jailed for leaving scene of hit-and-run at McDonald's
    4:09 PM
  • Man who tossed water balloons at Trump crowd charged
    4:07 PM
  • America would run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump shuts down Mexico border
    3:26 PM
  • Trump renews Mueller attacks as Russia report release looms
    3:02 PM
  • Trump is removing US Secret Service director
    2:34 PM
  • Ralph Northam is now less popular than Trump in Virginia but Democrats hold an edge in fall elections
    2:25 PM
  • Paul Waldman: Trumps tax return scam has taken yet another turn
    12:48 PM
  • Catherine Rampell: Herman Cain and Stephen Moore follow Trumps lazy conspiracy theorizing
    12:45 PM
  • Conservatives push Kris Kobach for Homeland Security head
    12:25 PM
  • Redacted Mueller report on Trump-Russia investigation to be released within a week
    11:48 AM
  • Attorney: Mar-a-Lago infiltrator had hidden-camera detector
    11:16 AM
  • Woman accused of illegal entry to Mar-a-Lago had numerous electronic devices, thousands in cash
    10:45 AM
  • Putin says Mueller's probe validates Russia on no collusion
    10:17 AM
  • White House steps up attacks as Mueller report release nears
    9:22 AM
  • Global markets mixed...US moves to put new tariffs on billions' worth of EU imports...IRS commissioner to face lawmakers on Trump tax returns
    7:48 AM
  • See him rage: President Trump throws another tantrum on immigration
    6:49 AM
  • Former FBI chief to talk Trump, threats at Duke University
    6:18 AM
  • Mar-a-Lago infiltrator had hidden-camera detector, attorney says
    5:02 AM
  • Attack on River North McDonald's security guard caught on video
    3:42 AM
  • Source: Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. not ruling out another run for Utah governor
    3:38 AM
  • Hearing to resume next week for woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago
    2:50 AM
  • IRS commissioner to face lawmakers on Trump tax returns
    1:13 AM
  • As Mueller release nears, White House renews attacks
    1:12 AM
  • 04 Apr 2019
  • Trump eases up on threats to close border
    11:50 PM
  • NATO chief warns of Russia threat, urges unity in U.S. address
    10:07 PM
  • VIDEO: Seminole Heights murder suspect says he's miserable in jail; Howell Donaldson III accused of ambushing, killing 4
    9:02 PM
  • Barr defends handling of Mueller's Russia report
    4:15 PM
  • Trump's FBI director says white supremacy is a 'persistent, pervasive threat' to Americans' security
    3:07 PM
  • JK Rowling's personal assistant PA took 18,000 from Harry Potter in fraud case
    3:05 PM
  • House Democrats ask IRS to provide Trumps tax returns
    2:45 PM
  • Mar-a-Lago arrest spotlights security risks at Trump estate
    10:41 AM
  • Trump blasts Democrats as Devin Nunes promises 'prison' for people tied to Russia probe origins
    10:20 AM
  • House Ways and Means Committee chairman Richard Neal asks IRS for 6 years of Trump's tax returns
    10:06 AM
  • Late-Night TV Hosts Torch Donald Trump Over His Latest Conspiracy Theory
    9:04 AM
  • Police: McDonald's employee stabbed over item missing from drive-thru order
    8:34 AM
  • Retailers fear border shutdown would be 'disaster'
    8:28 AM
  • Trump unconcerned about Chinese woman's arrest
    8:27 AM
  • House Democrats Make Big Move on Trump Tax Returns
    7:40 AM
  • Mayor-elect wants re-examination of code of silence case
    7:31 AM
  • China providing services to woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago
    6:35 AM
  • FBI Opens Mar-a-Lago Probe
    6:33 AM
  • Castro spotlights immigration as Trump renews border threats
    6:18 AM
  • U.S. Senate Democrats ask FBI to investigate Mar-a-Lago security
    4:34 AM
  • Arrest revives security concerns at Trump's Florida estate
    4:18 AM
  • House Democrats ask IRS to provide Trump's tax returns
    2:50 AM
  • House committee chair asks IRS for 6 years of Trump's tax returns
    1:59 AM
  • Top Democrat formally requests 6 years of Trump's tax returns
    12:51 AM
  • 03 Apr 2019
  • The Latest: Trump unconcerned about Chinese woman's arrest
    11:19 PM
  • House chairman asks IRS for 6 years of Trump's tax returns
    11:09 PM
  • Trump adviser says revision of SALT-deduction cap won't happen
    10:36 PM
  • Key Democrat requests Trump's tax returns from IRS
    10:24 PM
  • Why are House Democrats demanding Trump's tax returns
    10:22 PM
  • Trump not worried about Mar-a-Lago security breach
    10:21 PM
  • Two Suspects Arrested For Intentionally Setting Man On Fire While Sleeping, Police Say
    10:11 PM
  • House committee seeks interview with key inaugural planner
    10:02 PM
  • Maryland Court of Appeals: Report child abuse trumps 'spousal privilege'
    9:51 PM
  • Key Democrat demands IRS release six years of Trump's personal, business tax returns
    8:55 PM
  • House Democrat formally demands six years of Trump tax returns from IRS, likely triggering historic court battle
    8:08 PM
  • Half of America still thinks Russia has compromising information about Trump
    7:44 PM
  • FBI probe 'Chinese spy ring' targeting Trump at Mar-a-Lago after Chinese woman tried to get
    7:22 PM
  • Trump adviser: White House 'fully behind' Moore for Fed
    6:48 PM
  • Cops: Their Truck Was BombedBecause of a Honk
    6:41 PM
  • Democrats ask FBI to investigate Mar-a-Lago vulnerabilities
    6:32 PM
  • Trump signs memorandum to stem counterfeit goods trafficking
    6:31 PM
  • State to probe Lumaj campaign for payment to charity
    6:24 PM
  • SL woman gets jail for retail fraud
    3:11 PM
  • U.S. expands catch and release amid surge in migrant families
    2:47 PM
  • Facebook scam: Fraudsters promise fake tax breaks using Donald Trump's photo
    2:32 PM
  • Trump slams windmills, press and elections
    12:50 PM
  • Gaetz says transgender rights bill would let Trump declare himself first female president
    11:15 AM
  • Commander in Cheat New book recounts golf misdeeds by Trump
    11:12 AM
  • Donald Trump Tosses Out Another Media Conspiracy Theory In Late-Night Twitter Rant
    9:49 AM
  • How A QAnon Conspiracy Theorist's Claims Of TSA 'Mind Control' Made Trump's Twitter Feed
    9:43 AM
  • Twitter Erupts Over Donald Trumps Latest Wild Conspiracy Theory About Wind Farm Noise
    9:40 AM
  • Authorities believe man fatally shot woman, then self
    8:03 AM
  • Swalwell Maintains Trump Colluded With Russia; 'Sue me,' He Tells President
    7:28 AM
  • Trump takes a step back from threat to close southern border
    7:18 AM
  • Avocado supply could be devastated in days if Trump closes Mexico border, experts warn
    5:41 AM
  • US will run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump closes Mexico border
    5:38 AM
  • White House whistleblower says senior Trump officials overturned 25 security clearance denials
    5:18 AM
  • Trump declares U.S. census 'meaningless' without citizenship question
    5:06 AM
  • President Trump announces the Second Step Act to aid Americans with criminal records reenter society successfully
    4:46 AM
  • Driver injured after car flips in Norway, police say alcohol likely a factor
    12:27 AM
  • Trump tells House GOP to be 'paranoid' about vote counts
    12:22 AM
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