October 1, 2020
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30 Apr 2019
  • China sentences second Canadian to death
    11:48 PM
  • China Sentences Another Canadian to Death
    11:10 PM
  • Reynoldsburg man gets 14 years for meth distribution
    10:59 PM
  • Police to crack down on drunken drivers during Cinco de Mayo weekend
    9:37 PM
  • Tests show police in Idaho seized hemp, not marijuana
    8:17 PM
  • Officials Crack Down On Rastafari Church Using Marijuana As Sacrament
    4:47 PM
  • Inside the First Iowa Medical Cannabis Facility
    3:24 PM
  • Support legalization of marijuana
    2:24 PM
  • Officials Crack Down On Church Using Marijuana As Sacrament
    1:48 PM
  • The Latest: Texas' GOP Senate leader says pot bill 'dead'
    12:54 PM
  • WQOW honored with 3 Midwest broadcaster awards
    11:14 AM
  • Kankakee man receives 11th prison sentence
    10:11 AM
  • Burnley mother Stephanie Liversidge died of heroin overdose trying to get boyfriend clean inquest
    9:12 AM
  • China sentences 6 foreigners for drugs; Canadian gets death
    8:07 AM
  • Texas push to decriminalize pot falters despite GOP support
    5:38 AM
  • Attorneys disapprove of new marijuana immigration policy
    3:49 AM
  • Fairfax killing stemmed from drug feud, prosecutors say
    3:48 AM
  • MU student wants opioid reversal drug Narcan in student housing
    3:18 AM
  • Emmerdale actor convicted of supplying date rape drug GHB cast as rapist
    2:11 AM
  • Brooklyn feds say allegations of juror rule breaking no reason for drug kingpin El Chapo to get a new trial
    1:34 AM
  • Talkback 16: Child Sex Abuse Accusations, Hiking Trail, Talkback Extra
    1:16 AM
  • 29 Apr 2019
  • Trump wants to charge asylum-seekers to apply
    11:39 PM
  • Hearing on taxation of recreational pot turns into broader debate
    11:33 PM
  • Sheriff's K-9 sniffs-out unique drug bust in Racine County
    9:48 PM
  • Texas House OKs removing jail time for small amounts of pot
    9:35 PM
  • Suspended Jessup cop faces new charges for groping handcuffed woman
    9:31 PM
  • California-based company invests up to $16 million to launch O'Hara marijuana facility
    9:25 PM
  • Pekin cocaine sting produces prison term
    8:30 PM
  • District attorneys' organization opposes legal recreational pot
    8:17 PM
  • Marijuana Tax Proposal in Conn. Similar to Mass. Model
    7:12 PM
  • 18-year-old allegedly throws knife at mother after confrontation about marijuana
    4:55 PM
  • Judge: Former opioid advocate can testify against industry
    1:49 PM
  • News 8's 'High Hopes' week begins Monday, April 29 at 11 p.m.
    1:00 PM
  • Church urges more vigorous crackdown on Sri Lankan militants
    11:20 AM
  • Hawaiian salt couldevaporate under federal ban
    9:42 AM
  • Church wants more vigorous crackdown on Sri Lankan militants
    5:06 AM
  • 2nd man charged in July shooting, drug robbery in Bridgeport
    4:17 AM
  • Hartford police tweet picture of marijuana, cash seizure
    3:42 AM
  • Church wants more vigorous crackdown on Sri Lankan Islamists
    3:21 AM
  • Ex-Green Beret to be sentenced on cocaine charges
    2:55 AM
  • Davis firefighters, police face off on the field in Battle of the Badges
    2:45 AM
  • Father settles lawsuit over withdrawal death in Alaska jail
    1:33 AM
  • 28 Apr 2019
  • Rear light violation leads to crack charges in Brockton
    11:50 PM
  • Chicago police say two arrests linked to investigation into fatal fentanyl overdoses
    11:08 PM
  • Probation Search Lands Auburn Man Behind Bars
    11:00 PM
  • Frenchman accused of smuggling cocaine into Sydney claims strangers in Mexico asked him to do it
    8:51 PM
  • Man Arrested For Hitting Skateboarder With Truck, Driving Away
    6:51 PM
  • Drug trafficking arrests
    3:31 PM
  • Marijuana debate on tap in Springfield
    2:32 PM
  • NFL star arrested for public intoxication, vandalism after police say he punched out a hotel window
    1:51 PM
  • Jurors to resume lengthy deliberations in opioid bribes case
    12:50 PM
  • Man rams patrol car, en route to prison
    12:20 PM
  • Focus On South Florida: New App Helping Fight Addiction
    11:48 AM
  • Courthouse one-stop-shop aims to ease path to sobriety for opioid addicts
    10:35 AM
  • Majority of Americans blame drug companies for opioid crisis
    10:27 AM
  • DA: Douglas has first crack at prosecuting Oakland man
    7:58 AM
  • 'Hero' 8-year-old saves sister after man attempts to steal car they were sitting in
    7:41 AM
  • Brothers are accused of earning $220,000 a week selling cocaine out of safe houses across Sydney
    4:36 AM
  • Liquid marijuana vials
    3:36 AM
  • Shooting Suspect Behind Bars In Drug Deal Gone Bad
    1:25 AM
  • Children as young as eight being given cannabis as part of trial to treat behavioral issues
    12:50 AM
  • 27 Apr 2019
  • Two men sentenced to prison, deportation on meth charges
    10:33 PM
  • Leesburg man sentenced to 11 years for meth distribution
    10:32 PM
  • Bag of meth found in large lake cleanup
    8:41 PM
  • Woman steals gun to trade for heroin
    8:10 PM
  • Meth seized in Friday SWAT raid
    7:16 PM
  • Texans' Ryan Griffin arrested on charges of public intoxication, vandalism
    4:14 PM
  • Meth, heroin found during Lawrenceburg traffic stop
    3:51 PM
  • Man faces heroin, cocaine trafficking charges
    11:51 AM
  • Woman Suspected in City Heights Car Break-In Caught on Camera
    10:11 AM
  • Man who killed family had meth, alcohol, pot in system
    9:21 AM
  • Man accused of selling 2 pounds of meth
    6:51 AM
  • Chilean government vows to crack down on tourist burglars targeting California
    6:30 AM
  • Hawaii close to decriminalizing marijuana possession
    6:19 AM
  • Lawmakers reject minimum wage increase
    6:17 AM
  • Man faces drug charges after crack sale in Scranton
    6:14 AM
  • Holyoke man arrested on drug, weapons charges after search warrant uncovers cocaine, gun
    2:27 AM
  • Gun, methamphetamine found in car after Avon chase
    2:12 AM
  • Law enforcement, victims' relatives battle over bill targeting drug dealers for overdose deaths
    1:52 AM
  • Stop in Randolph results in heroin, cocaine trafficking charges
    1:40 AM
  • Medical marijuana dispensary in Warren County could open in mid-May
    12:22 AM
  • 26 Apr 2019
  • Police: Five pounds of meth, 12 guns found in raid
    11:55 PM
  • Vermont mother celebrates graduation from Rutland treatment program
    11:32 PM
  • FaceTime call helps lead Ohio police to marijuana in vehicle
    10:57 PM
  • Group indicted for distributing large amounts of fentanyl in the St. Louis area
    9:50 PM
  • Man on parole for 2016 Campustown beating arrested on drug charges
    9:43 PM
  • Urbana man accused of selling powder, crack cocaine
    9:40 PM
  • Police make arrest in fatal drug overdoses on West Side
    6:19 PM
  • Bill affecting medical marijuana tax structure, law enforcement survives House deadline cuts
    6:11 PM
  • Police: Alleged heroin addict steals car with 2 kids inside, dragging grandmother
    5:54 PM
  • Report: Audrain K-9 team nets pound of meth after suspect recognized from prior arrest
    3:43 PM
  • Moonshine, meth and steroids found on Sand Mountain
    2:49 PM
  • Meth smoking Florida man attacks mattress in jealous rage
    1:35 PM
  • Columbia man arrested near David Barton with 19 pounds of marijuana
    1:26 PM
  • Police investigate Monday shooting on Interstate 90 that stemmed from drug deal
    1:06 PM
  • Rapper caught with marijuana edibles won't serve jail time
    12:52 PM
  • Report: Drugs in body of driver killed by Arkansas officer
    12:34 PM
  • Heroin continues to take lives in Monroe County
    10:53 AM
  • Prescription drug turn-in day aims to combat opioid abuse, Chicago police stations among drop-off centers
    10:15 AM
  • 73-year-old New Bedford drug dealer held without bail
    9:33 AM
  • A councilwoman was earning money from Weedmaps while making Lynwood a marijuana hub
    8:46 AM
  • Madison police cracking down on church's marijuana use
    8:43 AM
  • Mauston man with marijuana leads deputy on 100 mph chase near Summit, police say
    8:40 AM
  • 2 Mainers arrested on drug charges after hit-and-run
    7:09 AM
  • LR police release file on fatal shots
    6:44 AM
  • Police seize 15k pot plants, weapons in southern Oregon
    6:09 AM
  • Overdose deaths from cocaine and meth climbed last year, even as heroin kept its grip on Franklin County
    5:07 AM
  • Leechburg police hope DNA can crack bank robbery case
    3:13 AM
  • Anonymous tip leads to Mexican womans arrest in smuggling case
    2:49 AM
  • Meth, moonshine still, more found in DeKalb County
    2:44 AM
  • Fentanyl for sale online
    2:24 AM
  • Mail Bomber: I Was on 274 Supplements, Steroids
    2:11 AM
  • Wild mushrooms galore at the Telluride Mushroom Festival
    1:09 AM
  • American kidnapped in Uganda describes abductor 'shaking'
    12:36 AM
  • 25 Apr 2019
  • Promising tennis player who kicked drug addict, 61, out of his flat to deal crack is jailed
    10:33 PM
  • Oklahoma Bureau Of Narcotics Using App To Track Overdoses
    9:23 PM
  • Utah Cold Case Coalition launches ambitious plan to run its own DNA testing lab to help crack unsolved crimes
    8:56 PM
  • The city is at a standstill: Amid FBI raids in Baltimore, residents fret, leaders pledge to stay focused
    7:21 PM
  • Four arrested in drug raid across from Hanover Area High School
    6:11 PM
  • A parrot tipped off drug dealers to a raid, authorities say. Now it's in custody.
    4:47 PM
  • CT heroin trafficker feds arrested after overdose deaths sent to prison
    3:25 PM
  • Majority of Americans say drug companies should be held responsible for opioid crisis
    1:24 PM
  • Ocala officer revives man after suspected overdose
    1:21 PM
  • Person questioned about fatal West Side overdoses, but police warn tainted heroin could still be out there
    12:09 PM
  • Father, son charged in prisoner's death
    10:42 AM
  • Campbell crime report for the week of May 3
    10:40 AM
  • A parrot tipped off drug dealers to a raid, authorities say. Now it's in custody
    10:27 AM
  • Trump: White House 'Fighting All The Subpoenas'
    10:14 AM
  • Man Pleads Guilty In Massive Minnesota Methamphetamine Bust
    10:13 AM
  • PCSO: Drug operation nets 44 arrests, 50 pounds of meth
    9:06 AM
  • Tulsa Code Enforcement Cracks Down on Drug Houses
    7:33 AM
  • 10-year term for role in Schenectady fentanyl death
    7:12 AM
  • Trumps highlight effort on opioid abuse
    6:12 AM
  • Minneapolis man pleads guilty in case involving nearly 200 pounds of meth
    5:54 AM
  • Regional Hospital, Police - April 25
    3:38 AM
  • Drug Task Force: Meth resale busts in north Georgia
    3:31 AM
  • Traffic stop leads to meth seizure
    3:18 AM
  • Police: Boston man nabbed in NY with 54 pounds of marijuana
    2:28 AM
  • President Trump talks about the opioid crisis at summit in Atlanta
    12:57 AM
  • Police: 1 being questioned following 4 deaths and at least 17 overdoses from West Side heroin
    12:22 AM
  • 2 firms first to export LatAm medicinal marijuana to Europe
    12:06 AM
  • 24 Apr 2019
  • Effort to contest denial of zoning change for marijuana dispensary is flawed, city says
    8:02 PM
  • Inmate at federal prison ordered to serve 13 additional months for possessing opioid
    7:43 PM
  • Former Russian soldier living in Nottingham jailed for growing cannabis at home
    7:22 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says he won't stop fighting opioid crisis
    7:00 PM
  • Trump to keep fighting opioids 'until our job is done'
    6:29 PM
  • Rivers Casino scuffle sends state trooper to the hospital
    5:52 PM
  • Thomas Chadwell
    4:17 PM
  • Couple Advertises Pot For Sale, Police Find Nearly 30 Ounces
    4:10 PM
  • Trump supporter who mailed pipe bombs to Democrats blames steroids
    3:53 PM
  • Fargo man escapes 5-year meth addiction through drug court and uncle's help
    3:12 PM
  • Pair arrested after LSD, heroin, ecstasy seized from Fayetteville home
    2:59 PM
  • 3 facing meth charges in North Vandergrift section of Parks
    2:23 PM
  • Columbia man arrested in Boonville pot bust
    2:02 PM
  • Bensalem man charged with rape following Bristol Township break-in
    1:21 PM
  • NH Senate hears plenty from opponents of legal pot
    1:13 PM
  • Florida Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Blames Steroid Abuse
    11:06 AM
  • Cocaine, meth and pill busts scattered around Walker County
    9:58 AM
  • In Purdue Pharma opioid fight, CT turns attention to doctors
    8:47 AM
  • Fairbanks officials allow use of marijuana at certain stores
    8:24 AM
  • In Opioid Epidemic First, Drug Company Executive Charged With Conspiracy
    7:43 AM
  • In Rambling Note, Pipe Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Blames Steroids For Actions
    7:42 AM
  • James Walker Pot The responsibility lies with the user
    5:16 AM
  • Cops search for dealers on West Side after 2 dead among 14 hospitalized in drug overdoses
    5:14 AM
  • Weed For Sale On Facebook Lands Parents In Jail
    3:52 AM
  • 23 Apr 2019
  • A Big First in the Opioid Crisis
    11:16 PM
  • First criminal charges filed against opioid distributor in Manhattan federal court; former exec charged, too
    9:04 PM
  • Two plead guilty in Red Lake drug case connected to shooting deaths
    8:51 PM
  • Should city pot-possession penalties be reduced Weigh in Thursday
    8:45 PM
  • Indictment: Ex-CEO ignored red flags as opioid crisis raged
    8:06 PM
  • 2 die, 14 others hospitalized following drug overdoses
    7:10 PM
  • Feds: Ex-CEO is first drug exec indicted in opioid crisis
    3:46 PM
  • Six accused of smuggling LSD and Suboxone into Maine jail
    3:38 PM
  • Former pharma executive faces criminal charges for role in opioid epidemic
    2:36 PM
  • Rochester pharmaceutical distributor slapped with landmark criminal charges for opioid crisis
    1:33 PM
  • Truck driver arrested on drug charge at Hurlburt gate
    12:37 PM
  • State Police: Drivers arrested in Suffolk 420 checkpoints
    11:35 AM
  • Marijuana bill likely to come up early when state lawmakers return
    11:08 AM
  • Mexican man gets 6 years in cocaine smuggling case
    11:04 AM
  • Opioid lawsuit bill stalls in Florida committee chaired by sister-in-law of Walgreens lobbyist
    10:39 AM
  • Mobile meth lab found at Wildwood Golf Course
    9:46 AM
  • Coast Guard service members face drug charges in Alaska
    8:14 AM
  • Illinois Congressman to address opioid risks to middle school students
    7:56 AM
  • Feds Double Down on Denying Citizenship for Cannabis Industry Ties
    5:02 AM
  • Cannabis Church Co-Founder Found Not Guilty in 4/20 Case From 2017
    5:00 AM
  • Vying for White House, Hickenlooper Looks Back on Marijuana Policy
    4:59 AM
  • Connecticut alleges fraud by OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma in revised lawsuit
    4:07 AM
  • Breaking down the numbers on opioid overdoses in Vermont
    4:02 AM
  • CPD arrests local man wanted on warrants at restaurant
    3:50 AM
  • 18 pounds of meth discovered in hidden secret vehicle compartment
    2:51 AM
  • Inmate is found dead after a suspected meth overdose
    12:28 AM
  • 22 Apr 2019
  • Meth seizure valued at $612,000 on the street, police say
    11:41 PM
  • Troopers say they found 368 pounds of marijuana in I-80 stop on 4/20
    9:54 PM
  • California considers plan to encourage marijuana banking
    9:17 PM
  • North Carolina mom charged for having meth near baby bottle
    8:13 PM
  • Man fatally shot during argument over drugs in Gresham: police
    6:52 PM
  • Federal drug conspiracy trial off for Harrison City doctor as he appeals prior conviction
    6:42 PM
  • Boyfriend not home, but Alamance woman faces drug charges
    5:55 PM
  • Jefferson County Sheriff's Office to issue tickets for misdemeanor marijuana possession
    5:21 PM
  • Scranton woman went to talk to troopers about legalizing cocaine, is arrested for DUI
    5:11 PM
  • 2 Oregon men plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute pot
    4:54 PM
  • 368 pounds of marijuana seized in NSP traffic stop
    3:05 PM
  • Second Grand Forks woman sentenced for role in fentanyl overdose
    2:39 PM
  • Illinois wants to set aside $8 million to regulate recreational weed
    2:21 PM
  • Police: Man Arrested With $6,000 Worth Of Marijuana Inside Vehicle
    2:06 PM
  • ALLAN WERNICK: Can a pot bust thwart citizenship efforts
    12:48 PM
  • Local man arrested on multiple warrants after spotted at restaurant
    9:02 AM
  • Pentagon, DHS Thinking of Naming New WMD
    8:42 AM
  • Judge Orders W.Va. City To Return 'Sensible Marijuana Ordinance' On Ballot
    7:30 AM
  • Chronicle: War on Opioids is personal
    1:15 AM
  • 21 Apr 2019
  • Communities that Care normalizes messages around marijuana, alcohol and tobacco awareness
    11:57 PM
  • Duluth City Council may tweak massage parlor rules
    11:36 PM
  • 420 campaign: Nearly 3 dozen impaired drivers arrested during emphasis patrol in King County
    11:33 PM
  • Company Takes a Tough Pot Stand on 4/20
    11:09 PM
  • Mayor: Brockton will enforce panhandling laws unless judge says otherwise
    9:05 PM
  • Swimmer Vergani provisionally suspended for cannabis
    8:25 PM
  • Pentagon, DHS considering designating fentanyl a WMD, memo says
    7:15 PM
  • Woman accused of smoking weed while driving kids to school
    5:22 PM
  • Women arrested in Texas after Border Patrol agents find 275lbs of marijuana in carnext to a baby
    2:33 PM
  • Woman Arrested In Depew After Officers Find Meth Inside Car
    2:01 PM
  • Legalized marijuana supporters protest outside governor's residence on 4/20
    1:37 PM
  • Pentagon, DHS considering designating fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction, memo reveals
    11:57 AM
  • Ben & Jerrys calls for criminal justice reform and petitions Congress to expunge marijuana charges
    11:13 AM
  • Trump administration says immigrants working in legal marijuana industry lack moral character for citizenship
    11:00 AM
  • Demand grows for marijuana cultivation courses in Illinois
    9:55 AM
  • Policewoman punches pro-marijuana protester during an annual pro-marijuana 420 rally in Melbourne
    9:30 AM
  • Utah is allowing only 10 cannabis farms. Will that be enough to supply the states new medical marijuana program
    9:18 AM
  • Employers wary of bill protecting medical pot cardholders
    7:26 AM
  • Police, paramedics save 44-year-old woman from heroin overdose in Riverside
    5:31 AM
  • U.S. gives pot, citizenship warning
    4:41 AM
  • Feds: Pot work risks citizenship
    4:36 AM
  • Shaler, Millvale to participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
    3:28 AM
  • CT pot legalization would drive up road risks, experts say
    2:50 AM
  • Stoners around the U.S. and Canada celebrate 420 day after ten states legalize recreational weed
    1:38 AM
  • Cheech and Chong help celebrate the opening of a Tacoma marijuana store on 4/20
    1:02 AM
  • 20 Apr 2019
  • San Mateo Traffic Stop Leads to Marijuana Confiscation
    11:59 PM
  • Police go soft on dope smokers at Hyde Park... but crack down on sunburn at cannabis event
    10:32 PM
  • Fraudsters crack 23 MILLION passwords as they are all 123456! Britons warned to be safe online
    10:23 PM
  • Columbus police warning of overdose spike, urging victims to call
    10:22 PM
  • Man who hid meth stuffed in tires gets 14 years
    9:33 PM
  • Annual Cannabis Festival Held in Scranton
    7:17 PM
  • Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg smoke weed as they lead the stars starting a buzz for 420
    7:10 PM
  • Bitcoin best mates who flaunted their wealth were running a 'drug ring behind the scenes'
    6:35 PM
  • Trump administration says immigrants working in legal marijuana industry lack 'moral character' for citizenship
    4:42 PM
  • Corporate America embraces 420 as marijuana legalization grows
    3:03 PM
  • Immigrants can be denied citizenship over marijuana
    2:49 PM
  • Number, type of marijuana bills grow with the new industry
    2:15 PM
  • Jessica Davies
    1:29 PM
  • 'I should end up dead': 19-year-old pleads for capital punishment after murdering Good Samaritan while high on PCP
    1:26 PM
  • Vignarajah proposes regulating, taxing marijuana in Baltimore
    12:45 PM
  • US says immigrants can be denied citizenship over marijuana ties, even in states where drug is legal
    12:41 PM
  • Two St. James residents face multiple felony drug charges
    11:55 AM
  • Alamance County arrests, April 15
    10:40 AM
  • Sheriff's Office: Deputies arrest crack-toting burglar in Mebane
    10:35 AM
  • Two charged in 2017 River Falls overdose death
    9:40 AM
  • Federal opioid pill bust reveals doctors trading pills for sex, dentists pulling good teeth
    9:30 AM
  • Hawaii dispensaries offer special deals for 4/20 cannabis holiday
    7:54 AM
  • Italian swimmer Vergani provisionally suspended for cannabis
    7:34 AM
  • Chicago Tribune: Dealing with national epidemic
    7:20 AM
  • Esteban Loaiza Begins 3-Year Prison Sentence In Cocaine Case
    5:13 AM
  • Police to crack down on drugged driving
    4:41 AM
  • Fish and Wildlife rescue 5-foot alligator, ferret in Hollister
    4:33 AM
  • Marijuana involvement imperils citizenship, U.S. authorities say
    3:41 AM
  • Coachella is Not Smokechella, Even on 4/20
    2:03 AM
  • 420 helps market Central Coast cannabis businesses
    1:50 AM
  • 5-Foot Alligator, Ferret, Marijuana Seized in Hollister
    1:44 AM
  • Crime briefs: Rear seat full of meth, fentanyl leads to arrests near Silt
    1:32 AM
  • Cannabis potency: Today's products pack a serious punch (sponsored)
    12:38 AM
  • 19 Apr 2019
  • Corporate America embraces 420 as pot legalization grows
    11:00 PM
  • Where to find 420 marijuana events in Michigan
    10:42 PM
  • Man busted with kilogram of fentanyl in car sentenced
    10:37 PM
  • Worcester recreational marijuana shop gets green light to open
    10:34 PM
  • Pot stocks are soaring and the cannabis industry is poised for 'tons of growth'
    10:28 PM
  • 100 grams of cocaine seized in Brockton raid; 2 arrested
    8:25 PM
  • Another Narcan save for Ocala police
    5:56 PM
  • Drugged driving enforcement planned for 4/20 weekend
    5:50 PM
  • US authorities: Marijuana involvement imperils citizenship
    4:53 PM
  • Napa Couple Arrested For Drug Possession, Child Endangerment
    4:49 PM
  • Hollister Bust Uncovers Illegal Alligator And Ferret Along With Pot Grow
    4:48 PM
  • San Francisco Braces For Larger 420 Cannabis Celebration, Warns Against Black Market Pot
    4:47 PM
  • Government says marijuana involvement can derail citizenship
    3:47 PM
  • Police: Woman charged after bringing meth to jail
    3:12 PM
  • Chicago's Grassy Street Fest Returns for 4/20
    2:34 PM
  • A pound of free pot, custom engravings among specials set for 4/20
    1:13 PM
  • Duuuude - Heres the buzz on 420 Day in Miami, Lauderdale and Palm Beach
    12:25 PM
  • R.I. man sentenced in Connecticut for trafficking in fentanyl
    12:05 PM
  • More Than Eight Tons Of Pot, Cocaine Offloaded At Port Everglades
    11:40 AM
  • Campaign to focus on drugged driving
    11:10 AM
  • Texas woman tells police 'they're healing crystals, not meth' during drug bust
    10:58 AM
  • US corporations embracing 420 as pot legalization grows
    10:42 AM
  • Missouri, Kansas authorities to patrol for drugged driving over 4/20 weekend
    9:42 AM
  • Police announce patrol emphasis ahead of 4/20
    9:02 AM
  • Bulgarian customs officials seize heroin from Iranian truck
    8:52 AM
  • Clearing the air on the origins of 420, the unofficial national marijuana holiday
    8:42 AM
  • Wilmington man sentenced to nine years for selling crack cocaine
    6:42 AM
  • Former customs officer and ex-wife, who were convicted of drug trafficking, are sentenced to more than 12 years
    6:19 AM
  • Woman accused of spiking Illinois State Police trooper's drink
    5:57 AM
  • Police say fentanyl made to look like pot could make its way to Fargo
    5:27 AM
  • Cannabis: 'High' Growth Industry with Silicon Valley Roots
    5:13 AM
  • Drug court drop-out back in jail
    4:59 AM
  • Thrice-convicted Jefferson Hills cocaine dealer gets 8-plus years in prison
    4:51 AM
  • Attorney General Schmitt launches 'Real Opioid Pain' campaign
    4:48 AM
  • Former sheriffs deputy will serve community service for filing false report
    3:53 AM
  • Overdose in Scott County Jail has department seeking answers; second drug-related incident since Sept.
    1:58 AM
  • Kane County looks to crack down on distracted driving
    1:35 AM
  • Opioid crisis: US doctors accused of trading prescriptions for sex and cash in major scandal
    1:08 AM
  • Brands roll with stoner 'holiday' as pot legalization grows
    12:48 AM
  • Italy: Gravestone maker accused of hiding drugs at cemetery
    12:05 AM
  • 18 Apr 2019
  • South Dakota 911 caller avoids drug charges in heroin overdose thanks to 2017 law
    11:57 PM
  • In the age of legal marijuana, many employers drop 'zero tolerance' drug tests
    11:49 PM
  • Man caught with fentanyl in CT gets 30 months in prison
    11:48 PM
  • Suburban Detroit doctor gets 11-plus years in opioid scheme
    11:40 PM
  • 'We Still Ask Ourselves Why' Family, Law Enforcement Urge Drivers To Stay Sober On 4/20
    10:41 PM
  • Report: Overdose deaths dropped 15 percent last year in Maine
    7:47 PM
  • Mayor Kenney Puts Brakes On Proposed Safe-Injection Site In Kensington
    5:45 PM
  • Five people arrested after months-long investigation into trafficking LSD across state lines
    5:04 PM
  • Medical examiner: Clark Gable's grandson died of overdose
    4:41 PM
  • Coast Guard offloads seized drugs worth $62.5 million
    4:14 PM
  • More than $62 million worth of cocaine, marijuana sails into Port Everglades
    4:10 PM
  • US awards $350M in research funds to fight opioid epidemic
    4:00 PM
  • 3 Convicted In California Of Trafficking Cocaine Worth $28M
    3:46 PM
  • CannaCon event will be at Cox Convention Center in OKC on Thursday and Friday
    3:42 PM
  • Harvest days off for state's initial medical marijuana
    3:12 PM
  • Rapper Kodak Black arrested on drug and weapons charges at border
    1:53 PM
  • Italy: Gravestone maker suspected of cemetery drug stash
    1:30 PM
  • Gainesville teen arrested on pot charge after fatal crash in Ocala
    1:03 PM
  • Santa Rosa Police Arrest Man For Allegedly Dealing Heroin, Methamphetamine
    11:52 AM
  • Father sentenced after missing baby found in woods with cracked skull, meth in system
    11:43 AM
  • AG seeks anecdotes for opioid lawsuit
    4:23 AM
  • Brockton man gets 8-10 years for selling fentanyl, cocaine
    3:02 AM
  • Abington man indicted in Brockton shots-fired incident
    3:01 AM
  • State police crack down on drivers using cellphones, texting
    2:28 AM
  • Indonesia officials warn against post-election disorder
    2:17 AM
  • Dozens arrested in massive opioid bust
    2:01 AM
  • Maryland prison smuggling ring: Drugs, phones and porn were traded for PayPal payments and sex, feds allege
    1:09 AM
  • Cohoes attorney accused of selling heroin takes plea deal
    12:52 AM
  • 17 Apr 2019
  • Dozens charged in major opioid bust across U.S.
    11:38 PM
  • Dozens charged in major opioid takedown across U.S.
    11:33 PM
  • Recall backed by cannabis forces, Holland claims
    10:51 PM
  • Traffic stop on I-85 yields 63 pounds of meth, one arrest
    10:48 PM
  • 3 Men Convicted of Trafficking $28M in Cocaine by Sea
    10:40 PM
  • 60 people, including 31 doctors, nabbed in illegal prescription opioid crackdown
    10:24 PM
  • Men arrested in cocaine bust plead not guilty
    10:20 PM
  • RI State Police crack down on drivers using cellphones, texting
    9:53 PM
  • 'Hells Angel bikie' charged with trafficking drugs with police seizing $1.4million of meth
    9:08 PM
  • LA lawsuit: unlicensed dispensary sold pesticide-tainted pot
    7:52 PM
  • Bid to reduce Missouri's penalties for pot possession fails
    7:06 PM
  • 60 people charged in illegal-prescription opioid crackdown
    6:58 PM
  • Feds: Doctors in Kentucky among 60 charged in illegal prescription opioid crackdown
    4:36 PM
  • good boy. ng
    4:27 PM
  • 'Not Cute:' Milk Bar Changes Name of Its Famous 'Crack Pie'
    4:10 PM
  • Hartford Police Crack Down on Illegal ATV Use
    4:08 PM
  • Study: Fentanyl-Related Deaths Spiked 122 percent In West Virginia
    3:42 PM
  • Georgia Gov. Kemp signs medical marijuana bill
    3:30 PM
  • Pa., Ohio, W. Va. Among States Involved In Illegal Prescription Opioid Crackdown
    1:54 PM
  • 60 people charged in illegal prescription opioid crackdown
    1:42 PM
  • 'White-coated drug dealers': 31 doctors charged in crackdown by Appalachian Regional Prescription Opioid Strike Force
    1:34 PM
  • For Lori Loughlin, parenting on steroids could be a defense in college admissions scandal
    1:25 PM
  • Feds: Doctors in Ohio, Kentucky among 60 charged in illegal prescription opioid crackdown
    1:09 PM
  • Texas woman told police meth shards in purse were healing crystals
    12:28 PM
  • 'Rock Doc' among dozens charged in 11-state opioid sting
    11:51 AM
  • 60 people nabbed in illegal prescription opioid crackdown
    11:48 AM
  • Rockford man charged with cocaine, weapons violations
    10:17 AM
  • Bulgaria police seize 200kg of cocaine recovered from sea
    10:08 AM
  • Dad accused of abandoning baby in woods takes plea deal
    9:18 AM
  • Tests show heroin caused Vermont trooper collapse
    9:06 AM
  • Police: Drug suspect caught with gun, fentanyl in car with juvenile passenger
    9:05 AM
  • As overdoses increase, Berrien County officials warn of deadly synthetic opioid mixtures
    8:30 AM
  • Corruption in Venezuela has created a cocaine super-highway to the US
    8:27 AM
  • Police crackdown on drivers under influence of marijuana for 4/20 weekend
    8:00 AM
  • Tests show heroin caused trooper to collapse
    7:48 AM
  • Gov. Greg Abbott Sounds Off on Dallas DA's New Plan
    6:38 AM
  • Pyles to speak at PSC about opioid empidemic
    4:39 AM
  • Researchers say Fentanyl deaths up 122 percent in W.Va.
    4:35 AM
  • Eat and Drink Your Cannabis the East Bay Way
    4:21 AM
  • Experts urge precaution after in-home nurse allegedly overdoses on the job
    2:10 AM
  • 75 pounds of marijuana seized on Pennsylvania Turnpike in Westmoreland County
    1:41 AM
  • Suspect in Friday crash believed to be under influence of heroin
    12:58 AM
  • Chicagos April 20 marijuana fest surging: As weed goes legit, 4/20 has become like a Black Friday kind of holiday
    12:54 AM
  • Court docs ID mom who brought infant on alleged drug running scheme
    12:05 AM
  • 16 Apr 2019
  • Anne Arundel County sees decrease in opioid deaths so far in 2019
    11:59 PM
  • Nassau officials, hospitals piloting detox program to prevent relapses
    11:48 PM
  • Feds have no notes, recordings from interview with accused fentanyl ringleader linked to Grand Forks death
    11:45 PM
  • Jeannette man faces homicide charges in fatal Yukon crash last month
    11:40 PM
  • Kaya Fest 2019: Not just another joint session of Marley Brothers on 4-20
    10:31 PM
  • Trafficker admits stashing 60 grams of meth in teen daughters purse
    10:05 PM
  • Police find 50 pounds of marijuana, $50,000 in Gary home
    9:34 PM
  • Man sentenced for selling drugs near playgrounds in Garfield
    8:56 PM
  • Prison Sentence for Man Who Shot at Fireflies He Thought Were 'Alien Lasers'
    8:34 PM
  • Drug Takeback Program Called a Success
    8:33 PM
  • Federal agents have no notes or recordings from Panama interview with accused fentanyl ringleader
    8:18 PM
  • Police: During traffic stop, Brockton teen admitted he was in area to buy drugs
    8:13 PM
  • Officials warn of new drug 100 times more potent than fentanyl
    7:36 PM
  • New Kensington police crack down on speeding
    6:51 PM
  • Armstrong County woman charged with child endangerment after EMTs find loaded heroin needles
    5:59 PM
  • Man arrested on drug charges allegedly tells police they can keep money seized from underwear if they let him go
    5:48 PM
  • High-ranking member of Long Island Bloods gets 20 years in prison for shootings, slinging crack over 6-year stretch
    5:39 PM
  • Police: Loaded Heroin Needles Found On Floor Of Home With 10-Month-Old, Woman Charged
    5:16 PM
  • Bloods gang leader sentenced after pleading guilty to drug dealing and taking part in 2 shootings
    5:03 PM
  • Department of Homeland Security considers labeling fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction
    4:00 PM
  • Police: $200K in marijuana seized at Pa. turnpike interchange, 2 arrested
    3:21 PM
  • Police: New Kensington man sold heroin to undercover cop
    1:37 PM
  • Border Patrol seizes $400K of cocaine, heroin found inside SUV
    12:38 PM
  • Trump, first lady to address opioid crisis at Atlanta summit
    11:55 AM
  • Border Patrol seizes $400K of cocaine, heroin from SUV; driver arrested
    11:27 AM
  • Deputies: Substitute teacher downed vodka, endangered kids
    9:39 AM
  • NH man gets more than 6 years in prison for drug trafficking
    9:20 AM
  • Convicted drug dealer gets 5 years on prison
    7:42 AM
  • DEA Warns Of New Drug 100 Times More Potent Than Fentanyl
    7:08 AM
  • Police: Woman arrested after allegedly stealing ambulance to 'go find heroin'
    5:16 AM
  • State plans crack down on pot-impaired drivers
    4:53 AM
  • Meth Making a Comeback in Illinois: DEA
    4:47 AM
  • San Jose man sentenced in meth distribution scheme
    4:11 AM
  • Police in Washington state seize $1.16M worth of narcotics
    4:10 AM
  • Man who dropped drugs at Subway avoids jail
    3:52 AM
  • Mom of special needs teen whose nurse overdosed on the job: 'She looked possessed to me'
    3:11 AM
  • NYPD doubles number of summonses given to subway fare beaters
    1:24 AM
  • 15 Apr 2019
  • Woodstock man gets 7 years in prison for providing fatal heroin overdose
    11:14 PM
  • 'Cheaters' Host Clark Gable III Died of Drug Overdose: ME
    7:50 PM
  • St. Louis infant had cocaine in his system when he died, court docs say
    6:57 PM
  • Psychiatrist with NYU Langone charged with drug possession, cops say
    6:22 PM
  • Authorities: Man had 67 pounds of cocaine at Menards Distribution Center in Eau Claire
    5:47 PM
  • Pharr woman denied bond in drug trafficking case
    5:36 PM
  • Where the war on marijuana still rages
    5:32 PM
  • Cops: Fayette County man who threatened girlfriend, 5 kids accused of drug possession
    4:30 PM
  • Chicago prosecutor to start erasing pot convictions soon
    3:11 PM
  • Colorado US Attorney: Treat Overdose Deaths As Homicides
    12:40 PM
  • Stop for seat belt violation leads to arrest for meth, Maine troopers say
    11:04 AM
  • The opioid crisis in Illinois: How to combat drug overdoses
    10:36 AM
  • Police arrest 9 in crackdown on drug dealing outside shelter
    10:25 AM
  • allegations shed light on county prison garb
    8:34 AM
  • Mainstream retailers embrace marijuana's less taboo cousin
    8:16 AM
  • New campaign seeks to help pregnant opioid users
    5:09 AM
  • Mainstream retailers embrace CBD despite murky status
    3:58 AM
  • Insider Q$A: American Addiction Centers CEO talks treatment
    3:57 AM
  • 13 Apr 2019
  • Wagoner Police Arrest 3 After Finding Fake Cash And Meth in Hotel
    11:55 PM
  • Couple arrested after child found wandering naked in parking lot
    11:44 PM
  • Seven sailors caught taking cocaine are booted off nuclear submarine
    10:36 PM
  • Dog Sniffs Out 20 Pounds of Marijuana at Dallas Love Field
    10:19 PM
  • Ocala man faces federal weapons charge
    9:46 PM
  • Man, 23, pleads no guilty in federal meth case
    9:45 PM
  • First Street melee highlights need to tackle nuisance properties
    9:03 PM
  • Nassau police, Little Leaguers team up to strike out drugs
    9:00 PM
  • Brockton police charge man with distributing heroin, crack cocaine
    7:34 PM
  • Drug dealers are flocking to Melbournes controversial injecting room to sell heroin
    5:34 PM
  • Julian Assange hires crack legal team from Britain and US to battle extradition
    5:30 PM
  • Sex worker from Channel 4 show Skint spent nearly 10 years selling her body for drugs
    5:16 PM
  • Suspected Meth Lab Found In Western Pa.
    5:03 PM
  • 'Pretty remarkable haul,' police say of 22-pound cocaine bust at Ford airport
    2:47 PM
  • Police Find 10 Pounds Of Meth, Search Ongoing For 2 Suspects
    1:24 PM
  • Monroe County gets grant to train inmates with disorders
    12:33 PM
  • Driver smoking crack cocaine caught after wild chase, police say
    11:34 AM
  • Brockton man, woman charged with trafficking fentanyl
    11:05 AM
  • Drug driving laws could be overhauled as cannabis is legalised
    8:55 AM
  • Accountant stole 170k from bosses and spent it on cocaine and prostitutes
    8:42 AM
  • Iowa officials arrest 2 men suspected in major drug bust
    8:36 AM
  • Troopers seize 59,000 doses of fentanyl after traffic stop
    7:15 AM
  • Kratom linked to more deaths than previously known, CDC study finds
    7:08 AM
  • Fatal drug overdoses spike in Winnebago County
    6:42 AM
  • More deaths have been associated with kratom than previously known, CDC study finds
    6:27 AM
  • Judge: Jail must provide drug used in opioid treatment
    5:36 AM
  • Woman faces prison in meth sales
    3:23 AM
  • Border Patrol finds marijuana bundles stacked beside baby in SUV
    1:35 AM
  • Cadogan woman accused of selling cocaine
    12:48 AM
  • 12 Apr 2019
  • Drug test lands sex offender back in jail
    11:19 PM
  • To prevent overdose deaths, Virginia will let school nurses, more jail guards carry lifesaving naloxone
    7:37 PM
  • Cuomo tackling K-2 crisis with statewide prevention plan
    5:26 PM
  • Clark Gables grandson died from fentanyl overdose, coroner rules
    5:20 PM
  • GH resident treats seizures with cannabis
    4:01 PM
  • New York City law would ban testing job applicants for marijuana use
    3:52 PM
  • How legalized pot can help heal wounds inflicted on black and brown communities
    3:39 PM
  • Fitchburg woman charged after drug search
    12:10 PM
  • Derry Twp. man wants out of jail to await trial for drug delivery resulting in death
    10:16 AM
  • NYC law would ease job applicant drug test requirements
    9:15 AM
  • Man sentenced for meth found in rental car
    5:15 AM
  • Boone County joins opioid lawsuit
    5:14 AM
  • Freeport man sentenced to 15 years in federal prison on a drug trafficking charge
    3:34 AM
  • Madison man sentenced to 25 years in prison after heroin found in car on I-90 in Boone County
    3:24 AM
  • Regional Hospital, Police - April 12
    3:05 AM
  • Woman takes plea bargain in 2016 Bridgeville drug overdose death
    2:09 AM
  • Florida mayor arrested for practicing medicine without a license allegedly stitched up a friend on his kitchen table and used drugs nightly
    1:52 AM
  • Fentanyl Task Force Brings Landmark Charges Against Florida Man In Drug Death
    12:45 AM
  • Minnesota man indicted for shipping fentanyl that led to overdoses
    12:12 AM
  • Cannabis growers say they can handle demand of legalization
    12:01 AM
  • 11 Apr 2019
  • Police find fentanyl lab in northern Mexico state capital
    11:47 PM
  • Oregon man pleads guilty in marijuana trafficking case
    11:29 PM
  • Man on sailboat allegedly had jugs of liquid meth
    11:27 PM
  • Twin Cities man charged with selling fentanyl that killed 11
    10:32 PM
  • Patrol seizes 115 pounds of pot in Cooper County bust
    10:25 PM
  • Accused Drug Dealer Could Face Homicide Charges In Fentanyl Overdose Death
    8:12 PM
  • State police arrest 2 Lawrence men on drug charges
    7:23 PM
  • DA: 11 arrested after long-term investigation into heroin, fentanyl trafficking ring in Worcester
    7:20 PM
  • American workers testing positive for drug use climbs to 14-year high
    6:31 PM
  • Man sentenced after large stash of meth found in returned rental car
    5:56 PM
  • Oklahoma judge, not jury, to decide case against drugmakers
    5:53 PM
  • Brockton man faces federal indictment on fentanyl, firearm charges
    5:37 PM
  • Rockford man arrested in drug raid
    5:21 PM
  • Higher Etiquette: Learn your marijuana manners in Emily Posts new guide
    5:11 PM
  • Drug dealer gets five years in Schenectady case, feds say
    5:08 PM
  • Maine drug counselor pleads guilty to marijuana conspiracy charge
    4:53 PM
  • Black market pot pushers must be abolished
    4:30 PM
  • Herbal supplement kratom is tied to more US deaths
    4:02 PM
  • GPD: Mom arrested after leaving boy, 2, on bus with homeless man
    1:11 PM
  • Husband and wife arrested after meth lab found in Chesterfield backyard
    1:08 PM
  • Man who can't give up drugs gives up freedom
    11:51 AM
  • Man arrested with meth, marijuana during I-70 traffic stop
    11:47 AM
  • Marion Oaks arrest: The Czech MDMA was in the mail
    11:20 AM
  • How will Maryland halt Big Cannabis from taking over state industry Let firms own more, not fewer, stores.
    9:53 AM
  • House bill could mean no jail time for small marijuana possession
    4:58 AM
  • MU study: State doesn't need as many medical marijuana licenses
    4:57 AM
  • Vern Buchanan and Seth Moulton introduce bill to combat Chinese opioids
    4:31 AM
  • Chinese police seize drug shipment concealed in banana truck
    3:31 AM
  • Bud Hut robbery suspect makes first court appearance
    3:02 AM
  • Police: Meth lab discovered in Chesterfield backyard
    1:23 AM
  • Find out if you live near a former meth lab
    1:17 AM
  • Farrell crack dealer sentenced to 10 years in federal prison - again
    12:11 AM
  • 10 Apr 2019
  • NYPD: Gun stolen in Vermont drug trafficking ring used to shoot city cop
    11:23 PM
  • California trucker caught in N.J. with 116 pounds of cocaine and fentanyl in his tractor trailer: feds
    9:59 PM
  • Houston man with meth-filled milk cartons faces sentencing
    9:24 PM
  • D.A. office rolling out Cite and Release this month
    9:08 PM
  • Claremore Doctor Sentenced To 5 Months For Role In Drug Conspiracy
    8:52 PM
  • Senate rejects marijuana supply management plan
    6:20 PM
  • Amid epidemic, New York urges feds to deregulate addiction medicine
    5:51 PM
  • Board looks at zoning bylaw for pot
    5:35 PM
  • Senate committee hears bill that would make dealing fentanyl a felony
    5:19 PM
  • Drug manufacturers divided over jury trial in Oklahoma case
    3:15 PM
  • Anti-opioid addiction drug maker charged with fraud
    2:47 PM
  • McKees Rocks man guilty of fentanyl distribution
    2:35 PM
  • Millvale library hosting cannabis education event
    1:40 PM
  • Ukrainian group visits Ocala to learn about opioid treatment
    12:47 PM
  • Legal pot sales stoke illicit market
    12:16 PM
  • Bakersfield man who sold drugs stolen by cops is sentenced to prison
    11:47 AM
  • Warrant Wednesday: 10 pounds of pot draws troopers' interest
    11:21 AM
  • Fitchburg man held in drug, gun bust
    9:37 AM
  • He used girlfriends daughters to sell marijuana, police say
    9:12 AM
  • Police: Lake in the Hills man sold cocaine to informant near school
    8:41 AM
  • Employee who choked boss to death cleared of murder but jailed for theft
    7:45 AM
  • Dangerous African wild cat is found during a drugs raid by police in south east London
    7:44 AM
  • House pushes THC limit for smokable medical marijuana, but Senate isn't going along
    6:45 AM
  • Man once accused of murder for fentanyl overdose death arrested in February drive-by shooting
    6:42 AM
  • $38 million of cocaine seized at Philadelphia port
    6:40 AM
  • Judge thwarts crackdown on unlicensed medical pot shops
    5:43 AM
  • Florida man's cocaine odyssey retold in Netflix documentary
    5:38 AM
  • Archer man's cocaine odyssey retold in Netflix doc
    5:23 AM
  • Two nabbed on I-75 suspected of trafficking meth
    5:18 AM
  • Florida bill to legalize recreational marijuana dies in legislature
    2:44 AM
  • Police in the Lehigh Valley Crack Down on Prostitution
    2:19 AM
  • Central Falls man pleads guilty to trafficking fentanyl
    2:06 AM
  • Tickets helping crack down on crime
    1:48 AM
  • Firefighters discover illegal grow in Phelan
    1:40 AM
  • Bupe and methadone in jails a good first step in opioid fight
    1:25 AM
  • Woman Sentenced for Forging Painkiller Prescriptions
    1:09 AM
  • Green Law Clears Grey Area: Can Cannabis Stores Thrive in Alameda
    12:49 AM
  • North Carolina deputy 'planted heroin and meth in a car belonging to his ex's new boyfriend'
    12:41 AM
  • 09 Apr 2019
  • They went into an abandoned house to smoke weed. They found a tiger inside.
    9:23 PM
  • Police: 2 boys found Salem woman not breathing during apparent overdose
    8:56 PM
  • Prosecutors want Hempfield woman's bail revoked in drug delivery resulting in death case
    8:53 PM
  • US warns docs not to abruptly halt opioid pain treatment
    8:36 PM
  • Bemidji man charged for police chase with infant, meth in vehicle
    8:22 PM
  • Suicides, opioid overdoses spike in rural Michigan
    8:18 PM
  • Harrison police say limp led them to drugs in suspect's shoe
    6:36 PM
  • Multiple drug arrests at Bradley County motel
    4:27 PM
  • Muskegon dismissing all marijuana possession cases that comply with Prop 1
    4:22 PM
  • Lawsuit against Nevada County Sheriffs Office filed by cultivator postponed
    4:02 PM
  • Missourians line up to get in the cannabis game
    2:45 PM
  • Fitchburg man held in heroin bust
    1:57 PM
  • Police: Massive Quincy drug bust yields 2 kilos of cocaine, 50 pounds of pot
    11:10 AM
  • Greenfield woman arrested for selling heroin, meth
    9:04 AM
  • Drug users could avoid prison by agreeing to treatment instead under new guidelines for judges
    5:50 AM
  • Menendez Cracks Down on China in Fight Against Fentanyl
    5:29 AM
  • Smell of marijuana, open alcohol container leads to felony charge
    5:09 AM
  • Authorities search for suspect in armed robbery at Whitman County pot shop
    5:03 AM
  • Norwood man facing 29 charges after search uncovers pot, assault rifle, machine gun parts
    4:51 AM
  • $27,000 worth of heroin found under floorboard
    4:00 AM
  • Milton man accused of using students to sell marijuana arraigned, jailed
    3:28 AM
  • Mother Charged After Boyfriend Accused of Using Her Daughters to Sell Marijuana
    2:33 AM
  • Police investigate possible marijuana brownie at school
    12:49 AM
  • Local men who smuggled cocaine to Fort Worth plead guilty
    12:43 AM
  • 08 Apr 2019
  • Indiana couple accused of looting artifacts
    11:38 PM
  • Trial date set in large-scale marijuana bust
    11:27 PM
  • Carbondale police seize cocaine, crack, heroin, marijuana after arresting NJ man
    11:12 PM
  • AFA cadet convicted by court-martial for cocaine use
    10:19 PM
  • City Council committee approves bill that bars marijuana testing for people on probation; full Council votes Tuesday
    9:23 PM
  • Colorado town uses pot sales taxes to fund anti-bullying program and it's working
    8:53 PM
  • Two men face prison in woman's fatal overdose
    8:12 PM
  • Dixon, Vacaville join lawsuit challenging state cannabis delivery rule
    7:35 PM
  • Does legalizing marijuana help or harm Americans Weighing the statistical evidence
    7:13 PM
  • Police: No indication of cannabis-infused food product at Hickman Mills Schools
    6:52 PM
  • Smoking pot vs. tobacco: What science says about lighting up
    6:42 PM
  • No bail for ex-jail chaplain facing charges
    6:38 PM
  • Lower Burrell police make second crack-related arrest in 8 days
    5:55 PM
  • Lamar Uses Marijuana Sales Taxes To Fund Anti-Bullying Program - And It's Working
    5:25 PM
  • 7 arrested in 5 separate traffic stops; drugs seized, officials say
    3:28 PM
  • Evidence hearing ends for man accused of killing Maine corporal
    1:46 PM
  • Man imprisoned for EP drug store robbery
    11:30 AM
  • Drugs, assault rifle, parts to build machine gun found in home near schools, police say
    11:12 AM
  • Colombian pensioner 'who signed for package containing 70k of cocaine' cleared of smuggling charges
    10:39 AM
  • Reality TV star admits to dealing ecstasy and Xanax but will fight stolen debit card allegations
    10:35 AM
  • Norwood man charged in massive illegal marijuana, firearms and fireworks bust
    9:32 AM
  • Florida bill to legalize recreational marijuana dies without a hearing or vote
    9:09 AM
  • Norwood man arrested on drug, weapons charges after search uncovers marijuana, assault weapon
    9:06 AM
  • 2 accused of trafficking meth, fentanyl near Maine school
    7:44 AM
  • 'Something snapped': Grandmother shot and killed 8-year-old twins before overdosing, police say
    6:41 AM
  • City Council poised to pass bill barring marijuana drug tests for people on probation
    6:37 AM
  • Pekin man cited for store-bought cannabis that's not marijuana
    5:05 AM
  • Alleged drug mules caught transporting cannabis wax through Tazewell
    5:01 AM
  • Veteran Pekin meth dealer returned to prison
    4:57 AM
  • NHL: Wild's Brown, an ex-UMD standout, arrested in Dallas
    4:51 AM
    4:31 AM
  • Walmarts traditional victims become its allies in India
    3:50 AM
    3:37 AM
    3:36 AM
  • Sen. Schumer Wants Some Of President Trump's Opioid Detection Money To Battle Fentanyl Smuggling At JFK
    2:38 AM
  • Arizona woman charged after 6-month-old step-grandchild tests positive for meth
    2:33 AM
  • Three arrested on meth-related charges
    2:28 AM
  • Wanted Royal Oaks man runs from police, caught with large amounts of marijuana
    12:38 AM
  • $27,000 worth of heroin found under the floorboard of a Watsonville home
    12:33 AM
  • 07 Apr 2019
  • Police across the UK are given green light to let cannabis users off scot-free
    9:39 PM
  • Schumer wants fed funding for equipment to crack down on fentanyl smuggling at Kennedy Airport
    9:28 PM
  • The latest busts of illegal pot operations
    9:08 PM
  • Police Seize Approximately $20,000 Worth Of Heroin In West Philadelphia
    7:35 PM
  • Police arrest Watsonville suspect; $27,000 worth of heroin found under floorboard
    2:20 PM
  • Commentary: Real marijuana reform must focus on criminal justice reform
    10:44 AM
  • What's next on Albany's agenda: Tenant protection Marijuana
    9:10 AM
  • Police: Speeding stop leads to fentanyl arrest in Brockton
    8:57 AM
  • Brockton man sentenced to prison in federal fentanyl case
    6:27 AM
  • Brockton man accused of storing drugs on roof
    6:23 AM
  • Police seize drugs at Montello Street home in Brockton
    6:22 AM
  • Police say Whitman man was making cannabis-infused beverages
    6:21 AM
  • Brockton man cleared of murder charge sentenced in federal drug case
    6:16 AM
  • Boston man arrested with 10 pounds of marijuana in Brockton
    6:15 AM
  • After warning against a Seattle safe-injection site, Trump's U.S. attorney appointee promises 'nonpolitical,' measured approach to issues
    4:08 AM
  • Officials: Northern California man arrested selling gummy bears with marijuana to minors
    4:03 AM
  • Car chase leads to fentanyl bust in Brockton
    2:46 AM
  • Brockton police: Fentanyl dealer busted after search
    2:45 AM
  • Brockton police dismantle fentanyl, heroin ring near homeless shelter
    1:36 AM
  • 5 indicted in Randolph money laundering, marijuana ring
    1:23 AM
  • 06 Apr 2019
  • Police: ID Thieves Nabbed Red-Handed
    9:24 PM
  • Police: Man Used Girlfriend's Young Daughters to Sell Marijuana for Him
    9:15 PM
  • Richmond Heights police raise awareness to heroin abuse after driver crashes car, requires Narcan
    9:14 PM
  • Callaway murder tied to meth deal
    7:37 PM
  • Officials: Oroville man arrested after selling gummy bears with marijuana to minors
    6:15 PM
  • The opium of California
    5:32 PM
  • Security Guard Arrested With Cocaine, Loaded Gun After Reporting Suspicious Person
    4:57 PM
  • Request to toss Arkansas' opioid suit denied by judge
    4:14 PM
  • Coast Guard seizes 7 tons of cocaine headed to America
    2:30 PM
  • GUEST EDITORIAL: It's time for Congress to lighten up on pot
    12:20 PM
  • Gillette man charged with manslaughter in drug death
    12:00 PM
  • Florida man gets 50 years for fatal drug shooting
    11:21 AM
  • Coast Guard Seizes 7.1 Tons of Cocaine in International Waters, Offloads in San Diego
    10:21 AM
  • Charges Dropped For Truck Drivers Hauling Disputed Hemp Through Pawhuska
    8:22 AM
  • Half Pound Of Meth And 4 Guns Found In Haskell County Drug Bust
    8:08 AM
  • Tulsa County Prosecutors Charge Man With Manslaughter After Deadly Crash
    7:18 AM
  • Over 100 Meth 'Reaction Vessels' Found In 1 House, Mannford Police Say
    7:15 AM
  • Nurse sentenced to two years in prison for stealing drugs at VA Medical Center
    2:54 AM
  • Cape Cod man given supervised release, fine on drug charges
    2:52 AM
  • Teenager died of a massive overdose after stealing drug dealer's morphine tablets
    1:40 AM
  • 05 Apr 2019
  • 25 local governments sue over California marijuana delivery
    11:20 PM
  • Man arrested, kilo of heroin seized after traffic stop in Canton
    11:11 PM
  • Jurors hear final arguments in opioid bribe scheme case
    11:05 PM
  • Mother's meth use likely a factor in infant's death in South Dakota, police say
    10:18 PM
  • Speak out: Trusting government never works
    10:10 PM
  • Burlington police begin screening people under arrest for opioid abuse
    8:17 PM
  • Virginia, Auburn match contrasting styles in Final Four
    5:48 PM
  • Groton teen arrested after police seize 23 pounds of marijuana, over $39,000
    5:33 PM
  • Feds Bust Northern California Nurse For Dealing Illegal Opioids On Dark Net
    5:31 PM
  • Oregon woman arrested for 122 pounds of marijuana
    12:52 PM
  • Facing opioid and foster-care crisis, Spokane's Rising Strong seeks to keep families together
    11:20 AM
  • 'Bad Girls Club' cast member gets 1 year in prison in fraud case
    11:17 AM
  • Structure fire at local marijuana facility
    4:28 AM
  • Marijuana explosion plea reached
    4:15 AM
  • Trucker pleads guilty in $6 million cocaine bust
    3:46 AM
  • Opioid prescriptions in CT drop 25 percent in 4 years, state reports
    2:59 AM
  • Brian Moran, Trump's appointee as U.S. attorney in Western Washington, promises 'nonpolitical,' measured approach to issues
    2:44 AM
  • Police: Multi-year investigation disrupts drug pipeline to Wilmington
    2:02 AM
  • Bipartisan bill calls for sanctions if China fails to crack down on fentanyl
    1:38 AM
  • Bipartisan bill calls for sanctions if China doesn't crack down on fentanyl
    1:37 AM
  • Maine to place overdose reversal drug in public spaces
    12:43 AM
  • Yabba dabba dont: California town rejects Flintstones house
    12:38 AM
  • 04 Apr 2019
  • East Haven man accused of throwing heroin folds out vehicle window
    11:42 PM
  • Feds: Bloods leader, while out on bail, kept distributing heroin
    11:27 PM
  • Deputies seize nearly 1,000 pills, cocaine, guns in Gaffney drug bust
    11:10 PM
  • Deputies find more than pound of marijuana, almost $10K during Gaffney bust
    11:09 PM
  • Speak Out: Release the Mueller report, let firefighters shop on own time, special justice for Smollett
    11:07 PM
  • Some legal immigrants in marijuana jobs denied citizenship
    11:06 PM
  • Criminal mischief Lehi police crack down on chalk art protest by children, moms concerned over gravel mine
    8:55 PM
  • Lawmakers bring back bills protecting state cannabis rules
    8:34 PM
  • Guam legalizes recreational use of marijuana
    8:28 PM
  • Forest City man faces felony drug charge after marijuana arrest
    8:06 PM
  • Authorities: Waukegan man sold heroin near school
    7:33 PM
  • Ex-reality TV cast member gets 1-year term in fraud case
    7:21 PM
  • Export man accused of selling deadly heroin dose jailed on $250K bond
    6:49 PM
  • Judge adds 3 years to Shaler mans 12-year sentence for selling heroin paraphernalia
    6:44 PM
  • Sheriff discusses growing drug use at Democratic forum
    5:51 PM
  • Man charged with selling heroin near Waukegan High School
    5:43 PM
  • Letter to the editor: Facts on drugs
    4:10 PM
  • Gardner, Warren Reintroduce Act to Protect State Marijuana Rights
    2:26 PM
  • 'Heroin took him away': Freeport grad's opioid death featured in addiction film
    2:03 PM
  • Another plea in 2017 South Bend double homicide
    1:40 PM
  • Russian weightlifter Lomova, ninth Thai fail drug tests
    1:15 PM
  • 4th person pleads guilty after accomplice killed in robbery
    12:26 PM
  • 3 charged with killing man in drug deal gone bad
    12:24 PM
  • Fentanyl killing blacks at same rate as whites for first time in CT
    11:42 AM
  • Drug treatment for CT inmates would save lives
    11:41 AM
  • Secretary stole 25,000 from school to fund 500-a-week cocaine habit
    10:29 AM
  • Addict caught in possession of heroin 'tried to destroy the evidence by eating it'
    10:22 AM
  • Police called to shed; man with meth is inside
    9:13 AM
  • Police: Suspect chewed piece of seat in patrol car
    8:40 AM
  • Hong Kong customs seizes $13 million worth cocaine haul
    8:39 AM
  • Man charged in state troopers death faces August trial
    8:10 AM
  • New Jersey stops training police dogs to sniff out weed
    8:02 AM
  • Spokane drug counselor charged with selling drugs
    7:50 AM
  • Two arrested for drugs, child endangerment
    7:18 AM
  • 25 arrested in alleged meth ring
    7:15 AM
  • Man who tried smuggling 51 kilos of meth in propane tank pleads guilty
    6:15 AM
  • Medical Marijuana for Autism Law Approved on World Autism Day
    6:12 AM
  • Colorado Lawmakers Advance Bill to Crack Down on Wage Theft
    6:09 AM
  • Pitkin man center of drug bust
    5:29 AM
  • Florida court rejects homegrown medical marijuana for Tampa strip club owner
    4:37 AM
  • Apopka police busts drug house with 167 pounds of marijuana
    4:36 AM
  • Hong Kong customs seizes massive cocaine haul
    4:17 AM
  • Former Marion eLearning teacher arrested on drug charges
    3:50 AM
  • Law Enforcement To Crack Down On Distracted Driving
    3:35 AM
  • Plattsburgh training aims to curb North Country opiate overdose deaths
    2:26 AM
  • Man who escaped Northern NY police found dead
    2:25 AM
  • Legal marijuana workers blast citizenship denials over work
    1:57 AM
  • Homegrown Medical Marijuana Rejected By Florida Appeals Court
    1:06 AM
  • 03 Apr 2019
  • Pennsylvania woman tries to eat seven bags of heroin after being stopped by police
    11:41 PM
  • Woman killed, man shot during domestic disturbance
    11:25 PM
  • Dogs used in alleged opioid scheme up for adoption
    10:08 PM
  • Police seize 20 pounds of marijuana meant for 'delivery service'
    9:31 PM
  • Man arrested with cocaine in a sock he was wearing tells cops the footwear and the drugs arent his
    8:45 PM
  • Newlyweds are arrested for cannabis factory inside their home
    7:17 PM
  • The flourishing business of illegal cannabis
    6:36 PM
  • Fentanyl courier busted in Derby gets 30 months in prison
    6:24 PM
  • Driver in limousine crash had marijuana in system
    6:11 PM
  • Detectives arrest three, seize crack, heroin and cash in West Scranton
    5:53 PM
  • California man sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for drug trafficking operationsin Savannah, California and Ohio
    5:29 PM
  • Prosecutor reviewing marijuana cases
    3:18 PM
  • Judge denies bond in drug case
    3:14 PM
  • Baltimore man connected to Black Guerrilla Family pleads guilty to 2017 killing
    1:57 PM
  • Large object in mans pants leads to Stratford drug bust
    1:10 PM
  • Pentagon reviewing Elon Musk's security clearance
    11:48 AM
  • Milton woman accused of running multi-million dollar black-market marijuana delivery service
    10:42 AM
  • Man gets jail time for causing injury crash near Allendale
    9:55 AM
  • Florida man gets 7 years in prison for trafficking cocaine into R.I.
    8:07 AM
  • Why I Introduced The Marijuana Justice Act
    7:31 AM
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