October 1, 2020
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31 Dec 2019
  • Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries issued licenses to sell weed, including 10 in Chicago
    11:36 PM
  • Convicted felons facing multiple drug charges after traffic stop
    11:29 PM
  • 1 in grave condition, 3 others stable after fentanyl powder exposure at Woodland Hills hotel
    11:02 PM
  • Pritzker clears thousands of marijuana convictions
    10:05 PM
  • Illegal pot grow found after fire at California strip mall
    9:23 PM
  • Killings in District reach decade high as leaders struggle to reduce gun violence
    9:20 PM
  • Countdown to Legalization: Read our stories ahead of marijuana legalization in Illinois
    8:56 PM
  • The Top 10 Arizona Marijuana News Stories in 2019
    8:50 PM
  • On eve of legal recreational pot sales in Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker pardons more than 11,000 people with weed convictions
    8:48 PM
  • Man Accused Of Breaking Into Broken Arrow Dispensary
    8:21 PM
  • Thousands Of Dollars In Items Stolen From Locust Grove Dispensary
    8:17 PM
  • Is Flakka on the rise in Indianapolis IMPD says no
    7:57 PM
  • Man indicted after Grove City police find 6.6 pounds of fentanyl
    7:38 PM
  • 2 New Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect In Colorado In 2020
    7:30 PM
  • Gov. Pritzker clears thousands of marijuana convictions
    6:49 PM
  • VIDEO: Illinois governor clears thousands of marijuana convictions
    6:32 PM
  • Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker clears thousands of marijuana convictions
    5:50 PM
  • Patriots safety Chung may resolve N.H. cocaine charge soon, filing reveals
    5:33 PM
  • Florida couple arrested after 10-month-old daughter overdoses
    4:50 PM
  • Governor JB Pritzker issues 11K pardons for marijuana convictions
    4:36 PM
  • Court appearance for Patriots' Chung postponed
    4:28 PM
  • Deputies: Traffic stop leads to DWI, drug arrest
    4:16 PM
  • Dear NYE partiers: Bay Area cocaine may be laced with deadly fentanyl
    4:12 PM
  • State police clarifies rules on FOID cards and legal marijuana use
    3:47 PM
  • Man had enough fentanyl at Ohio hotel to kill a million people, police say
    3:27 PM
  • 4 harmed by possible fentanyl exposure in Los Angeles
    3:23 PM
  • 1 in grave condition, 3 others stable after possible fentanyl powder exposure at Woodland Hills hotel
    3:12 PM
  • Weed is about to become legal in Illinois: Heres what you need to know
    3:02 PM
  • Overdose deaths in Westmoreland, Alleghenycounties on course to drop again
    2:35 PM
  • Illinois governor clears thousands of marijuana convictions
    2:14 PM
  • EXCLUSIVE: Lil Peeps mom files beefed-up wrongful death lawsuit after emo rappers Fentanyl overdose
    1:27 PM
  • Stockton Police To Patrol Specific Neighborhoods To Crack Down On Celebratory Gunfire
    1:03 PM
  • Pritzker pardons over 11K with low-level marijuana convictions
    12:38 PM
  • Four people treated for possible fentanyl exposure at Woodland Hills hotel
    11:48 AM
  • Marijuana: Winnebago County law enforcement offers dos and don'ts
    11:40 AM
  • Weed is about to become legal in Illinois: Here's what you need to know
    11:28 AM
  • FDA plagued by lack of training during opioid crisis, report says
    11:21 AM
  • FDA failed to follow up on continuing education for doctors during opioid crisis, report says
    10:05 AM
  • Florida man gets 17 years in federal prison on drug charge
    9:42 AM
  • Iowa Unsure What Impact to Expect from Illinois Legalization of Marijuana
    8:58 AM
  • Man shot, robbed after leaving medical marijuana dispensary in OKC, police say
    8:08 AM
  • FDA failed to follow up on 'continuing education' for doctors during opioid crisis, report says
    8:07 AM
  • Police arrest two Albany teens for crashing stolen car
    7:43 AM
  • Police seize cocaine, pot, medication from Crystal Lake home
    6:33 AM
  • Ames Police Department Receives Grant for Seat Belt Enforcement
    2:35 AM
  • Winnebago Police investigate overdoses at house party
    2:16 AM
  • Regional Hospital, Police - December 31
    1:36 AM
  • California pot prices to increase on New Year's Day
    1:01 AM
  • 30 Dec 2019
  • Woman fired after drug test despite having medical marijuana card
    11:25 PM
  • Palm Coast drug bust nets 2 in country illegally
    11:19 PM
  • Authorities ID 3 suspects in Stanislaus County marijuana grow robbery
    10:26 PM
  • New year will bring a higher minimum wage, legalization of marijuana
    9:36 PM
  • Legal pot sales may spark Midwest interstate tension
    8:33 PM
  • Newport police charge alleged dealer after finding 6 pounds of pot
    8:25 PM
  • New Kentucky AG meets with feds seeking partners in crime fighting efforts
    8:25 PM
  • Patients, dispensaries prepare for high demand for recreational marijuana
    8:05 PM
  • The FDA can't prove its opioid strategy actually worked, study says
    8:03 PM
  • Sentencing for Sparta man charged in major marijuana operation
    7:31 PM
  • Nevada closes pot test lab, issues cannabis product warning
    6:59 PM
  • Lake Worth couple charged after 10-month-old girl overdoses on drugs
    6:31 PM
  • Legal pot sales spark Midwest interstate tensions
    5:34 PM
  • Elmwood Park prepares for crowds at marijuana shop on New Years Day
    5:20 PM
  • Lake Worth Beach parents arrested after 10-month-old overdoses
    4:08 PM
  • Fentanyl ravaged the US during the last decade. It may do even more damage to Asia in the next
    4:07 PM
  • Police: Man charged after child pornography found on cellphone
    3:08 PM
  • Marijuana Illinois Michigan
    2:46 PM
  • Tobacco purchase age increases to 21 in Washington state
    2:22 PM
  • 2019 Report: Arkansas' cannabis shops rake in $28 million
    2:20 PM
  • Ohio doctor charged in 25 deaths sues hospital for defamation
    12:12 PM
  • Multiple drug arrests after Bay Minette police chase
    12:03 PM
  • Journal Times editorial -- Marijuana: Legal in Illinois, still illegal here
    11:33 AM
  • Marijuana: 6 things to watch for in California in 2020
    10:03 AM
  • AAA: Driving high on marijuana is dangerous, illegal
    9:28 AM
  • Lincolnwood sits out marijuana for now, but maybe not forever
    2:59 AM
  • Recreational marijuana sales and use start January 1st in Illinois
    2:44 AM
  • Legal marijuana sales may spark Midwest tension
    2:18 AM
  • Holyoke man arrested in North Adams on drug charges
    1:44 AM
  • Legal pot may stir interstate tension
    1:35 AM
  • 29 Dec 2019
  • Cannabis consultations
    11:43 PM
  • 4 arrested in $1 billion-plus cocaine seizure in Uruguay
    11:01 PM
  • LaRue County man accused of supplying teenager with marijuana to sell
    10:51 PM
  • Police say pregnant woman caught carrying large bag of meth
    10:40 PM
  • Police: Man driving the wrong way in North Adams charged with heroin trafficking
    9:55 PM
  • 5 Arrested In Connection With Attempted Burglary At Marijuana Grow In Stanislaus County
    9:52 PM
  • Pete Buttigieg wants to decriminalize possession of ALL drugs including ecstasy, coke and meth
    9:31 PM
  • Four overdose at Winnebago house party
    8:16 PM
  • Warwick CBD store break-in caught on video, stole $20,000 worth of product
    2:57 PM
  • Four arrested in $1 billion-plus cocaine seizure in Uruguay
    2:32 PM
  • Rejected medical marijuana grower applicant sues state
    2:13 PM
  • Legal marijuana sales may spark Midwest interstate tension
    1:40 PM
  • 2019 in Lake Forest: Public figures face surprising criminal charges while community grapples with turnover
    1:13 PM
  • 4 armed suspects wanted in Patterson marijuana grow robbery
    12:58 PM
  • What you need to know ahead of marijuana legalization in Illinois
    9:44 AM
  • Ohio doctor accused of intentionally causing 25 fatal overdoses sues hospital for defamation
    9:05 AM
  • 116-pound marijuana seizure leads to felony plea
    8:11 AM
  • In opioid crisis, DEA takes heat on quotas
    6:37 AM
  • Rejected medical marijuana grower applicant sues Missouri
    6:08 AM
  • Police arrest three on marijuana charges after raiding Brockton apartment
    1:17 AM
  • 28 Dec 2019
  • Police: Loaded gun, pound of marijuana found during Brockton traffic stop
    10:14 PM
  • Charges dropped, reinstated in drug and weapons cases
    8:35 PM
  • Gavin And Stacey 'pushes the idea that cannabis is OK'
    8:04 PM
  • Police: Loaded gun, pound of marijuana found in car after Brockton traffic stop
    7:31 PM
  • Officers intercept 10 pounds of meth after man's arrest in Tulsa County
    5:27 PM
  • Moms of students who died of opioid overdoses warn others
    4:09 PM
  • Police blotter: heroin overdose road rage jewelry stolen
    4:08 PM
  • Man arrested after pursuit with speeds topping 140 mph in Chisago County
    3:49 PM
  • Doctor charged in 25 deaths sues hospital for defamation
    2:13 PM
  • Marijuana arrests plummet in Illinois' 5 largest suburbs
    12:34 PM
  • More than 200 new Illinois laws take effect at start of 2020
    12:32 PM
  • The Dumbest Ideas by Arizona Politicians in 2019
    11:44 AM
  • In 2020, Coloradans will have more options for consuming marijuana in public
    11:02 AM
  • Op-Ed: Marijuana Banking Is a Self-Serving Path to Victory
    10:59 AM
  • Border protection officers find 220 pounds of meth stashed inside teen's car on Christmas Eve
    10:11 AM
  • New driving laws coming to California with stricter consequences
    8:42 AM
  • 2020 will bring cannabis vote, law barring salary queries
    8:23 AM
  • Couple cuffed when deputies found meth in purse, Xanax in stolen car
    5:42 AM
  • Rules for recreational weed as it becomes legal
    2:36 AM
  • Wagoner County Focus On Drug Traffickers Paying Off, Sheriff Says
    2:08 AM
  • Man in Turkey Hill restroom arrested, faces drug charges
    1:32 AM
  • 27 Dec 2019
  • Proposed bills would reduce penalties for anyone caught with less than ounce of marijuana
    11:26 PM
  • Wagoner Deputies: Man Arrested After Chase Had Over 100 Grams Of Meth
    10:53 PM
  • A New Jersey mom bought a 'creepy' mermaid baby doll from Etsy for her 6-year-old daughter. It was filled with cocaine.
    7:59 PM
  • Correction: Medical Marijuana-Ohio story
    7:30 PM
  • Former DEA task force officer pleads guilty to perjury in NY
    6:53 PM
  • Puppy thrown against car in Colorado now up for adoption
    6:13 PM
  • Efforts underway to reform Indiana's cannabis laws
    5:41 PM
  • Italian high court rules people can grow cannabis for themselves
    4:50 PM
  • Police dog treated for fentanyl exposure during drug bust
    4:27 PM
  • Marijuana is not Harmless campaign launched in Colorado
    3:51 PM
  • State awards license to grow medical marijuana in Missouri
    3:43 PM
  • America's marijuana growers are the best in the world, but federal laws are keeping them out of global markets
    3:08 PM
  • LMPD: Father-son pair accused of stealing 400 pounds of hemp thought it was marijuana
    2:52 PM
  • Slow burn: Maryland medical marijuana companies fume as licensing process drags on
    2:45 PM
  • Marijuana Broker Explains Why Weed Prices Rose 60 Percent in One Year
    2:39 PM
  • State Supreme Court Will Handle Appeals In Opioid Ruling
    2:22 PM
  • Man Arrested After Chase, Had Over 100 Grams Of Meth
    2:08 PM
  • Massachusetts' marijuana shops report $420M in sales in 2019
    12:38 PM
  • Two plead guilty for Moreau drug case
    10:45 AM
  • End of the Decade: Southern California was again at the forefront of change, and not all of it was bad
    10:05 AM
  • Washington state regulators relax packaging requirements for cannabis-infused edibles
    8:02 AM
  • DUI investigation underway after fatal head-on crash in Tulare Co.
    6:30 AM
  • Hampden pharmacist claims Walgreens fired him illegally for refusing to fill fentanyl prescription
    3:02 AM
  • Use of stimulants on rise, study says
    2:32 AM
  • Nevada County link to serial killing suspect among top court stories of year
    12:45 AM
  • 24 Dec 2019
  • 3 arrested after police bust meth lab in Crystal
    10:36 PM
  • Rapper DaBaby taken to Charlotte police station and cited on marijuana charge
    10:33 PM
  • 37 Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries issued 'same-site' licenses to sell weed, including 10 in Chicago
    9:06 PM
  • 200 arrested, high-powered weapons seized in Philadelphia drug bust
    8:19 PM
  • Rapper DaBaby cited for marijuana possession, resisting arrest after Charlotte concert
    8:17 PM
  • Two people found dead in Queens in separate incidents
    4:35 PM
  • Police: Father, son charged after fentanyl pill pressing machine found in RI home
    4:28 PM
  • Man Arrested for Handing Out Weed 'Because It Was Xmas'
    4:05 PM
  • One shot, another hurt during robbery at Chula Vista marijuana dispensary
    3:35 PM
  • Johnstown man accused of hunting under the influence in Laurel Ridge State Park
    3:06 PM
  • Rapper DaBaby handcuffed, given pot citation after concert
    2:09 PM
  • Rise of the robocalls: Southern Californians getting almost 9 million a day
    1:04 PM
  • Waterbury man charged with selling crack, heroin in Danbury
    12:50 PM
  • Father, son from Rhode Island face drug charges
    12:39 PM
  • Man who walked away from halfway house arrested in Red Lake
    12:00 PM
  • 'Dangerous' halfway house walkway arrested in Red Lake
    11:23 AM
  • Once ravaged by crack and alcohol, she pays it forward thousands of times to the homeless
    11:05 AM
  • Wisconsin Legislature to consider tax cuts, water in 2020
    10:55 AM
  • Our Ten Most Popular Marijuana Stories of 2019
    10:37 AM
  • Spearfish residents sentenced for dealing methamphetamine
    9:56 AM
  • Two years in, Californias legal marijuana industry is stuck. Should voters step in
    9:26 AM
  • Man arrested for meth, concealed weapon
    9:13 AM
  • California's cannabis industry: It's complicated
    8:20 AM
  • Shootings, impeachment drama among New Jersey's top stories
    7:29 AM
  • Royal Navy HMS Defender crew seizes 3.3m haul of crystal meth
    6:14 AM
  • Responders look to track overdoses
    5:55 AM
  • Brooklyn businessman plans to sue NYPD over marijuana-hemp mixup
    4:55 AM
  • 14 years prison for San Diego woman who smuggled 450K fentanyl pills into U.S.
    4:19 AM
  • Man sentenced 10 years for selling meth throughout North County
    4:09 AM
  • Alameda-based Coast Guard unit returns home after $312 million cocaine bust
    2:57 AM
  • Watch: Man caught on camera robbing Oklahoma City cannabis dispensary with rifle
    2:55 AM
  • Homeland Security special agent hoping to crack cold-case murder of his father
    2:24 AM
  • Deputies arrest brothers in Pasco County for possessing heroin, opioids in 'Operation Brownstone'
    2:16 AM
  • Proving foul play in OD difficult
    2:12 AM
  • Churchill: Prayers and tears for baby Eli
    12:55 AM
  • 23 Dec 2019
  • Funeral service held for six-week-old Cohoes baby who died after ingesting meth
    11:37 PM
  • Attempt to help answered with vehicle theft
    11:09 PM
  • Florida man passed out marijuana because its Christmas, cops say
    11:00 PM
  • CHP Plans Increased Patrols During Christmas Holiday
    10:20 PM
  • Ex-state lawmaker allegedly accepted $30,000 in bribes
    10:16 PM
  • Correctional officer accused of smuggling drugs for inmates
    9:45 PM
  • Hamden PD: 17-year-old allegedly caught with gun
    8:41 PM
  • Australia fines Sackler-owned opioid maker over advertising
    8:36 PM
  • Suspect In Marijuana DUI, Hit-And-Run That Critically Injured Victim Arrested In San Mateo
    7:32 PM
  • Baba Ram Dass, spiritual guru and LSD proponent, dies at 88
    7:21 PM
  • Teenager arrested with marijuana and gun in the car
    7:06 PM
  • AG: Drug law affects opioid case, clergy probe to go longer
    6:34 PM
  • Deputies seize pound of 'suspected' marijuana, 2 concealed firearms during traffic stop
    5:59 PM
  • Searsmont couple allegedly smoked crack with baby in their car
    5:01 PM
  • 'Operation Mouse Trap' nets 850 grams of fentanyl, 16 arrests across Greater Fall River
    4:23 PM
  • Judge throws out NYCs strict regulations on Uber and Lyft, calls them arbitrary
    3:32 PM
  • Police: Florida man arrested for passing out marijuana 'because it was Christmas'
    3:30 PM
  • Death investigation uncovers illegal Polk grow house
    2:53 PM
  • Funeral services to be held for six-week-old Cohoes baby
    2:38 PM
  • Nunes, Depp lawsuits in Virginia seen as threats to free speech and press
    2:30 PM
  • Florida man arrested for handing out marijuana because it was Christmas
    1:45 PM
  • Baba Ram Dass, spiritual guru and LSD pioneer, dies at 88
    1:17 PM
  • Alameda-Based Coast Guard Crew Returns Home After Massive Cocaine Bust At Sea
    1:12 PM
  • Safe Stations look to expand presence in opioid fight
    12:06 PM
  • Westmoreland prison inmate accused again of possessing contraband
    11:42 AM
  • $2M settlement reached after jailed woman died from ingesting 'a lot' of meth to avoid being caught with drug
    10:40 AM
  • ISIS is reorganising in Iraq to become an 'Al Qaeda on steroids'
    10:02 AM
  • Search for juvenile turns up drugs, explosives in Monona
    9:39 AM
  • To battle opioid crisis, some track overdoses in real time
    8:10 AM
  • Park Ridge CBD shop sells wellness, not cannabis, owner says
    4:17 AM
  • Sharing Doorway recovery stories: You have to want it
    4:03 AM
  • Iowa companies rethink drug tests as pot laws change
    2:21 AM
  • Local business offers educational medical cannabis tours
    1:43 AM
  • Regional Hospital, Police - December 23
    1:27 AM
  • 22 Dec 2019
  • Oregon says no to weed-infused alcoholic beverages
    11:42 PM
  • Bill Cosby Slams Eddie Murphy's 'SNL' Joke, Calls Him 'Hollywood Slave'
    11:00 PM
  • Man arrested after police find marijuana growing operation in Monona
    8:10 PM
  • Upping the weed toll: California mulls tax by THC content
    8:05 PM
  • Police arrest Belmont couple after discovering them smoking crack with baby in backseat
    6:26 PM
  • Armed robber leaves bag of cash at Capitol Hill pot shop and fires at locked door, police say
    5:10 PM
  • Police: Loaded gun, bags of marijuana found in car after traffic stop in Boston
    3:47 PM
  • Huge 700kg haul of MDMA is seized
    3:02 PM
  • High-flying nightclub identity facing 12 years in a Bali jail over drug offences
    2:47 PM
  • Pair accused of smoking crack in car near 1-year-old child
    2:07 PM
  • Coraopolis man gets 8 years for fentanyl delivery that resulted in fatal overdose
    1:46 PM
  • Police: 2 Maine residents arrested for smoking crack in car with baby passenger
    12:59 PM
  • Police catch Brattleboro man with a number of warrants out for his arrest
    9:38 AM
  • From January to June, fentanyl overdose deaths in county rose 68 percent over the first half of last year
    8:08 AM
  • Washington County heroin dealer's plea for lenience rejected
    7:44 AM
  • How to save thousands of lives: When bail reform comes, we must do far more to help drug addicts help themselves
    5:35 AM
  • How drug barons are using Airbnbs in New Zealand to help smuggle huge amounts of methamphetamine
    4:40 AM
  • Legislation targets pharmacy benefit managers
    2:59 AM
  • Wife of entrepreneur accused of trafficking $80million of cocaine celebrates 30th birthday
    12:09 AM
  • 21 Dec 2019
  • 12/21: CBS Evening News
    9:05 PM
  • Chicago police say marijuana found by airport security will not be confiscated under new law
    6:47 PM
  • Fairfield police arrest two gang affiliates
    5:11 PM
  • 2 Dead, 1 Hospitalized in West Oakland After Suspected Drug Overdoses
    3:57 PM
  • Working in Colorados marijuana industry could prevent you from becoming a U.S. citizen. A new bill in Washington could change that.
    2:15 PM
  • Schenectady man pleads guilty to trafficking heroin
    1:42 PM
  • Lawsuit challenges prison system's opioid treatment limits
    1:07 PM
  • 5 rescued Great Pyrenees help SPCA of Southwest Michigan roll out new program
    12:55 PM
  • Man tries to smuggle cocaine through OIA inside shoes, agents say
    12:39 PM
  • Operation Blackjack: Cary police crack down on store clerks selling alcohol to minors
    12:14 PM
  • 78-year-old found guilty of cocaine possession
    10:29 AM
  • Violent Pot Ring Leader 'Hilter' Pleads Guilty To Oakland Murder For Hire
    10:25 AM
  • Dear Abby: Husband keeps close tabs on wife following overdose
    8:14 AM
  • In a vehicle reeking of marijuana, 2 women pull up at a DUI checkpoint with a cache of weapons and drugs, police say
    8:10 AM
  • Sharing is caring in the world of marijuana
    7:57 AM
  • Tipton backs campaign to fight opioid addiction
    7:31 AM
  • DOJ: United Blood Nation gang members sentenced in heroin investigation
    7:12 AM
  • NMSP seize massive amount of fentanyl
    6:33 AM
  • Selkirk man accused of giving marijuana to 14-year-old girl
    3:14 AM
  • No high expectations about family's reaction to fiance's new job
    2:47 AM
  • 20 Dec 2019
  • School health aide accused of selling meth
    10:49 PM
  • Sheriff: School lifeguard gave marijuana to teen girl
    9:49 PM
  • Cohoes police probe whether infant was sold before he died
    9:37 PM
  • Hinds County deputies seize marijuana disguised as candy
    8:23 PM
  • 10 pounds of marijuana rice krispies treats seized
    8:21 PM
  • Texas teen named Luke Skywalker Sexton arrested with weed
    8:07 PM
  • Wounded Mexican government official arrested by Guatemalan agents with $40 million in cocaine
    7:54 PM
  • Moment cops turn off camera during raid before falsely charging brothers with possessing cocaine
    7:48 PM
  • Women drive into DUI checkpoint in vehicle smelling of marijuana
    7:33 PM
  • Cuomo wants NY to crack down on illegal cigarette sellers
    5:38 PM
  • Reputed gang members arrested in 2 unsolved Brooklyn murders
    5:37 PM
  • Buzzkill: Oregon bans cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages
    5:34 PM
  • Pittsburgh cousins charged in fentanyl ring tied to raid that sickened 18 SWAT officers
    5:23 PM
  • 2 Bunnell men, one fresh out of prison, face drug charges
    4:16 PM
  • Police: Ohio postal worker sold crack out of her mail truck
    2:54 PM
  • Cuomo wants NY to crack down on illegal cigarettes sellers
    1:52 PM
  • Trump expected to sign Markey bill that will crack down on illegal robocalls
    1:44 PM
  • Three overdose victims revived with Narcan Thursday in Dane County
    1:23 PM
  • Woman, 20, Arrested For Public Intoxication And Attacking An Officer In Stockton, Police Say
    1:19 PM
  • Normal police officer accused of stealing $12K pleads not guilty to charges
    12:54 PM
  • Mom remembers son who died of drug overdose while attending party in St. Paul man who sold him drug sentenced
    12:28 PM
  • Texas man named Luke Skywalker arrested for marijuana possession
    11:08 AM
  • Police: Ashtabula postal worker sold crack out of her mail truck
    9:00 AM
  • 5 accused of trafficking cocaine at Pittsburgh airport
    8:26 AM
  • 5 People Charged With Trafficking $1.4M Of Cocaine At Pittsburgh International Airport
    7:06 AM
  • Firefighters stumble across massive cannabis crop as they fight horror bushfires in New South Wales
    6:49 AM
  • West Virginia doctor sentenced on opioid distribution charge
    6:20 AM
  • Two suspects in custody for Livingston robbery and shooting of deputy
    5:02 AM
  • Nine Defendants Indicted For Trafficking Heroin And Methamphetamine
    3:51 AM
  • Miami-Dade Cops Brag About Recovering Drugs and $250 From Body of Overdose Victim
    3:50 AM
  • New Castle man accused of selling crack cocaine in Butler faces new charges
    2:10 AM
  • Teen gets 33-year sentence for killing mom after fight
    12:57 AM
  • Two Arrested After Deputy Injured In Shooting At Marijuana Grow House
    12:53 AM
  • Peoria Public Schools weighing how to handle new marijuana law with teachers and staff
    12:22 AM
  • Police: Nearly 4,900 bags of fentanyl seized at traffic stop
    12:22 AM
  • Upstate police seize 183 lbs. of what they believe could be marijuana, Texas man who ordered it says its hemp
    12:04 AM
  • 19 Dec 2019
  • Police: Postal Worker Sold Crack Out Of Her Mail Truck
    11:13 PM
  • $4.6 million in grant funds will go to fight crime in Baltimore City and Baltimore County
    11:08 PM
  • 2 arrested, $10,000 worth of marijuana seized in Middleboro
    10:53 PM
  • 3 men arrested for drug trafficking in Houlton after officials seize fentanyl
    10:26 PM
  • Police: Braddock home raid turns up 450 stamp bags of heroin, fentanyl
    10:10 PM
  • West Mifflin man guilty of storing 404 pounds of marijuana in Squirrel Hill 'stash house'
    10:07 PM
  • Butane honey oil lab case moves closer to trial in Nevada County Superior Court
    9:46 PM
  • Californians can now check legal pot dealers using QR codes
    8:51 PM
  • Trial set in federal court for men accused of killing Lincoln woman Jessica Brandon
    8:13 PM
  • 2 Bunnell men, one fresh out of prison, faces drug charges
    8:04 PM
  • Owner of Pittsburg muffler shop charged with drug trafficking, feds link him to fatal overdose
    7:33 PM
  • Alamance County arrests, Dec. 19
    7:28 PM
  • Champaign council takes action taken on cannabis, refugee stance
    7:23 PM
  • Chase ends with Urbana man arrested on drug, gun charges
    7:18 PM
  • Senate passes anti-robocalls bill Trump expected to sign
    6:58 PM
  • Tahoe man in custody on drug trafficking
    6:55 PM
  • Coroner plans funeral Monday for infant who died of overdose
    6:06 PM
  • Traffic stop leads to officers seizing meth, making arrests related to recent string of 'violent' crimes
    5:05 PM
  • 9 San Joaquin County People Indicted For Trafficking Heroin, Methamphetamine
    4:11 PM
  • Deputies investigating deadly shooting at a marijuana grow house in Polk County
    4:01 PM
  • Michigan sues opioid distributors under drug deal law
    3:48 PM
  • Ex-OJ prosecutor Darden defends Ed Buck in drug deaths
    3:42 PM
  • Substitute teacher is fired after vaping pot in a classroom full of students who told principal
    1:47 PM
  • Postal worker accused of selling crack out of mail truck on delivery routes
    1:14 PM
  • Police find drugs, firearms in Fulton home
    11:12 AM
  • Hartford police: More than 4,800 bags of deadly drug seized during traffic stop
    9:31 AM
  • Statewide Program Providing Free Opioid-Reversal Drug
    8:56 AM
  • Bar operator pleads guilty to selling heroin, admits to bribing two suburban Summit officials
    8:49 AM
  • $312 million worth of cocaine seized by Coast Guard arrives in U.S.
    8:26 AM
  • Larry Stone: NFL should follow baseball's lead and drop punishment for marijuana
    8:13 AM
  • Albany County coroner, sheriff team up to get deceased infant buried by Christmas
    6:12 AM
  • Inside look at illegal street meetups, burnouts in Phoenix
    4:03 AM
  • Sentencing for teen convicted of killing mom after argument
    3:33 AM
  • Duquesne man gets up to 14 years in prison for supplying fentanyl in 2017 overdose death
    2:37 AM
  • Man arrested for selling heroin in maternity ward accused of thefts in Latrobe, Unity
    2:31 AM
  • OPD: Man arrested, facing charges for murder and methamphetamine
    2:08 AM
  • Kingston man charged with giving drugs to friend who later died
    1:56 AM
  • MTA Plan To Put Hundreds Of Police Officers In Subway System Sparks Funding Fight
    1:34 AM
  • Massachusetts teacher fired for smoking pot in class, school officials say
    12:49 AM
  • Marijuana vaping nearly doubles among youth
    12:34 AM
  • 'Meth is king in California': Golden State is major hub for Mexican drug cartel activity, DEA says
    12:28 AM
  • 18 Dec 2019
  • Coast Guard unloads 18,000 pounds of cocaine seized from smugglers since October
    11:41 PM
  • North Haven cops revive Hamden overdose victim with Narcan
    10:30 PM
  • Pittsburgh man caught trying to sell heroin to undercover FBI agents pleads guilty
    10:21 PM
  • Holiday Gift Guide: In the weeds looking for gifts for a cannabis connoisseur
    8:57 PM
  • Alamance County arrests, Dec. 18
    8:18 PM
  • US Coast Guard seizes 18,000 pounds of cocaine worth $312MILLION in drug busts off the Pacific coast
    8:15 PM
  • Coast Guard seizes 18,000 lbs of suspected cocaine worth estimated $312 million
    7:26 PM
  • Warren Township School board member arrested for meth possession
    5:39 PM
  • Tekashi69s dad, missing for more than 12 years, shows up at sentencing
    5:31 PM
  • Despite pleas of victim's family, Delaware man gets 3 years in fatal overdose
    5:26 PM
  • Instagram will crack down on brand influencers who hawk guns, tobacco or vaping products
    5:20 PM
  • Leaf411: Colorado nurses create free marijuana help hotline
    4:37 PM
  • White Earth Nation takes a unique approach in search for answers to opioid deaths
    4:28 PM
  • In NJ, certain cannabis convictions can now be cleared from criminal records
    3:26 PM
  • California agency recommends major overhaul to states cannabis taxes
    3:14 PM
  • Former Regatta Promoter Derek Weber Appears In Court For DUI, Public Drunkenness Charges
    2:56 PM
  • Auburn teen heads to rehab after bond revoked in Bramblett Manslaughter case
    2:53 PM
  • Walk-in clinics for opioid addiction offer meds first, fast
    2:49 PM
  • South Boston man's $10,000 lobster heist in Charlestown foiled: cops
    2:30 PM
  • VIDEO: Alameda-Based Coast Guard Crew Makes Dramatic High Seas Drug Bust
    1:22 PM
  • DOC: Correction officer was treated for fentanyl exposure
    1:08 PM
  • Michigan's marijuana regulator recalling vaping product
    12:33 PM
  • Two La Crosse men arrested in Grant Co. overdose death
    12:06 PM
  • Most U.S. opioid overdose deaths accidental, 4 percent are suicide
    11:48 AM
  • Routine traffic stop leads deputies to make felony arrest for heroin possession, officials say
    11:07 AM
  • Sheriff: Traffic stop yields drug charges
    10:57 AM
  • Teacher fired for smoking pot in class, school officials say
    10:40 AM
  • Can marijuana supply meet medical and recreational demand
    9:27 AM
  • Mom pleads no contest in toddler daughter's overdose death
    9:05 AM
  • Florida House Defends Marijuana Law In High-Stakes Case
    9:01 AM
  • Florida Petition to Legalize Marijuana Dies From Lack of Signatures
    8:22 AM
  • State Sues Walgreens, 3 Other Firms Under Drug Dealer Law
    6:51 AM
  • Kerrville man accused of cocaine possession
    5:06 AM
  • Victim's Parents Decry 'Insultingly Short' Sentences in Murder Over Marijuana
    4:49 AM
  • 2 men sentenced to prison for involvement in violent home invasion
    2:59 AM
  • Charles City man to plead guilty to reduced charge in portable meth lab case
    1:28 AM
  • Peoria Heights board clarifies marijuana policy
    12:43 AM
  • Ex-felon sentenced to 12 years after meth, gun found
    12:28 AM
  • 17 Dec 2019
  • 15 indicted in alleged drug operation that spanned Long Island and NYC
    11:48 PM
  • Ocala man sentenced to 10 years in prison for conspiring to distribute illegal drugs
    11:17 PM
  • There are fewer suicides related to opioids than previously believed, research says
    10:42 PM
  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actor Brian Taratina died of drug OD, M.E. says
    10:10 PM
  • California agency recommends major overhaul to state's cannabis taxes
    10:09 PM
  • Father wants mercy for friend charged in the overdose death of his son
    8:22 PM
  • Nassau officials tout record heroin bust
    8:16 PM
  • Bolivian diplomat arrested trying to smuggle EIGHT KILOS of cocaine across the border
    8:16 PM
  • Michigan sues opioid distributors under drug dealer law
    7:31 PM
  • Ultralight plane used to smuggle 200 pounds of meth across border, prosecutors say
    7:10 PM
  • Man admits offering money and marijuana for child porn
    6:59 PM
  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actor Brian Tarantina died of accidental overdose
    6:11 PM
  • AOC to Cuomo: Money for subway cops better spent on improving transit service
    5:58 PM
  • Fox Business reporter busted with crack pipe at Manhattan Federal courthouse
    5:36 PM
  • Richmond mail carrier sentenced to 13 months for accepting bribes, delivering marijuana packages
    5:21 PM
  • Alamance County arrest, Dec. 17
    5:18 PM
  • Mass. officials issue warning after street drugs mixed with fentanyl cause 52 overdoses, 7 deaths in recent days
    5:01 PM
  • Plymouth County police chiefs sound alarm after spike in opioid overdoses
    4:43 PM
  • Heroin Killed the Cheerleader. Then Came an 'Unusual Charge'
    4:23 PM
  • Vernon man faces 223 charges in connection with womans overdose death, violations of protective orders
    4:10 PM
  • Gov. Cuomo proposes ban on deadly fentanyl copycat opioids
    2:51 PM
  • Most US opioid overdose deaths accidental, 4 percent are suicide
    2:50 PM
  • Police: Marijuana Christmas gifts sniffed out at airport
    2:41 PM
  • 4 accused of using ultralight aircraft, offroad vehicles to smuggle meth from Mexico to California
    2:37 PM
  • Michigan sues opioid distributors, likens to drug dealers
    2:32 PM
  • Hospital costs for treating newborns in opioid withdrawal jumped to $572.7 million
    2:22 PM
  • Suicide is NOT driving the US drug overdose epidemic, study suggests
    1:43 PM
  • New Haven man gets prison for heroin trafficking
    1:10 PM
  • Harm reduction center opening near drug death epicenter
    12:46 PM
  • Police: Man busted at airport after hiding 84 pounds of pot in Christmas wrapping paper
    12:30 PM
  • Governor Cuomo proposes ban on deadly fentanyl copycat opioids
    11:17 AM
  • Dramatic moment handcuffed American man facing drug charge boldly escapes dozy Thai police
    10:19 AM
  • Bill to expunge certain marijuana convictions heads to Murphy
    8:48 AM
  • Weeks before recreational marijuana is legal in the state, 5 things Glenview residents should know about it locally
    7:18 AM
  • Shaheen pushes to fund meth, cocaine treatment
    6:42 AM
  • Camden County search warrant results in meth bust
    6:36 AM
  • Delaware doctor convicted of illegal opioid distribution
    6:36 AM
  • Brothers arrested on cocaine charges following Brockton raid
    5:02 AM
  • Police: Three charged in crack house shooting
    2:40 AM
  • Monessen man pleads guilty to helping run one of Western Pennsylvania's largest cocaine rings
    2:10 AM
  • 'I really messed up': Details revealed in i-CARE employee arrest
    2:01 AM
  • Two arrested after fentanyl found in infant's bedroom
    1:55 AM
  • 16 Dec 2019
  • Sen. Shaheen's office announces flexibility in federal drug funding use
    11:47 PM
  • DFS man arrested for sexual battery, possession of meth and guns
    11:15 PM
  • Feds: Men used Priority Mail to ship cocaine from Puerto Rico to Rhode Island
    11:01 PM
  • L.A. officials say system for pot licenses was open early. Cannabis activists call foul
    10:00 PM
  • 4 accused of using ultralight to smuggle meth from Mexico
    9:32 PM
  • Validated gang member sentenced to prison after selling heroin to cops
    8:47 PM
  • New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Referendum On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana For 2020 Ballot
    8:33 PM
  • Oklahoma appeals judge's $465 million order in opioid case
    8:02 PM
  • Mayor de Blasio signs ban on flavored e-cigs into law, effective June 2020
    7:42 PM
  • State appeals opioid verdict claiming $465 million award is not enough
    7:31 PM
  • Federal cannabis law upends suit over Florida licensing
    6:44 PM
  • Cuomo calls for ban on deadly synthetic opioids known as fentanyl analogs
    6:07 PM
  • Polk school bus attendant, husband arrested on drug charges
    5:57 PM
  • Florida mom left 3 kids on school bus overnight to smoke pot on a boat: police
    5:48 PM
  • Federal Pot Law Key In Florida License Fight
    5:37 PM
  • Nearly 370 pounds of cocaine seized near Canadian border
    3:58 PM
  • Border Patrol agents find 65 pounds of cocaine hidden in pickups seats
    3:52 PM
  • Man sentenced in fentanyl trafficking operation
    3:33 PM
  • North Smithfield man charged with dealing cocaine in Mass.
    3:12 PM
  • Petition filed to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma
    2:43 PM
  • Petition To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Filed With State
    2:39 PM
  • New Jersey lawmakers to vote on cannabis referendum
    2:18 PM
  • CNT arrests one in large fentanyl seizure
    1:46 PM
  • Tessa Majors' family slam police union over marijuana claims
    12:05 PM
  • Patients rally in Ecuador for legal use of medical cannabis
    11:10 AM
  • Family of slain Barnard student blast police union head, marijuana remarks
    10:38 AM
  • Man gets life in prison for drugging, sexually abusing girl
    9:45 AM
  • Maine teenager to be sentenced for killing his mother
    9:38 AM
  • Maine couple accused of driving to California to buy meth, troopers find 2 pounds of drug
    9:35 AM
  • Sutherland surfer who bought cocaine while waiting for cancer surgery busted with drug
    7:48 AM
  • Gulfport mother leaves 3 kids alone on school bus overnight to smoke marijuana on boat, police say
    7:17 AM
  • Bushfire that threatened hundreds of homes lit by 'worthless stoner protecting his CANNABIS crop'
    6:47 AM
  • Harm reduction center opening off Park Street, an epicenter of drug deaths in both Hartford and Connecticut
    6:21 AM
  • Ex-NYPD officer admits she transported heroin for Tekashi 6ix9ine's former Nine Trey Bloods gang
    4:49 AM
  • Local Police, Fire - December 16
    2:24 AM
  • Petition to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma filed
    1:51 AM
  • Ascend Illinois' cultivation center gears up for recreational pot sales
    1:29 AM
  • Florida mother leaves kids on bus to smoke marijuana on a boat
    1:10 AM
  • Man gets 10 years in prison, sold meth outside Tucson malls
    12:31 AM
  • New Mexico awarded $3.5M to help fight opioid crisis
    12:22 AM
  • 15 Dec 2019
  • Dreaming of a white Christmas: 80 people are charged in crackdown on cocaine supply in Sydney
    11:38 PM
  • Cocaine Cassie is engaged to 29-year-old prison girlfriend
    11:18 PM
  • Feds: Convicted Insys execs owe $306M in restitution
    10:29 PM
  • Medical marijuana's opaque legal status frustrates patients, police and courts
    9:54 PM
  • Chronic pain sufferers switch to marijuana as opioid prescriptions become harder to get
    9:04 PM
  • Global Opioids: The Other Opioids Crisis
    8:34 PM
  • Social equity applicants get tips on how to enter pot business
    8:09 PM
  • Boy, 15, 'died from overdose after drugs binge with his own MOTHER'
    5:21 PM
  • Santa Rosa police terminate high-speed chase
    4:35 PM
  • More than $1BILLION worth of ice is seized in Australia's biggest ever drug meth bust
    4:15 PM
  • Santa Rosa Pot Shop Burglars Evade Police in High-Speed Chase on Hwy 101
    3:46 PM
  • Suit: Pilot tried to warn before dozer killed pot suspect
    2:50 PM
  • NYPD sergeants union head claims slain Barnard student Tessa Majors was trying to buy weed when killed
    2:49 PM
  • Grandfather arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle 20lbs of cocaine in Colombia
    2:24 PM
  • Big Pharma empire behind OxyContin now selling overdose cure
    2:20 PM
  • Tessa Majors, 18, was in Manhattan park 'to buy weed' and suspected killer also attacked young girl
    12:59 PM
  • Colorado police: Nearly naked man on meth threw puppy into car
    12:51 PM
  • Ex-NYPD sergeant linked to Tekashi69 case pleads guilty to transporting heroin
    11:00 AM
  • Medical marijuana shot down again
    10:48 AM
  • Oak Parks Seven Point dispensary gets OK to sell recreational marijuana
    10:40 AM
  • Three arrested in Northern California four children endangered, using heroin, deputies say
    10:17 AM
  • Alpine-based Native American health center receives $750K to fight opioid abuse
    8:12 AM
  • Young British couple could face death penalty for 'trying to smuggle heroin'
    7:42 AM
  • Indiana resisting marijuana trend of neighboring states
    2:00 AM
  • Sackler-owned opioid maker goes global with OD treatment
    12:59 AM
  • 14 Dec 2019
  • Duluth police arrest two men, seize fentanyl, meth, guns
    8:33 PM
  • Here's how Decatur police are preparing to test for drivers impaired by cannabis
    7:45 PM
  • OUR VIEW: Safety on road, pot an unlikely couple
    7:42 PM
  • Cops:mom left kids overnight on old bus to smoke pot on boat
    6:42 PM
  • Florida windshield repair bill hits roadbloack
    5:37 PM
  • Nearly 370 pounds of cocaine seized near Canada border
    5:10 PM
  • California mounts largest crackdown on illegal pot shops in Los Angeles
    1:41 PM
  • Centralia man faces 10 years imprisonment for distribution of meth
    12:37 PM
  • Cannabis Company Launches Its Own Credit Card For Dispensary Customers
    11:53 AM
  • 'Not pot!' Hemp farms confusing thieves, police
    11:32 AM
  • Thieves steal what they thought were marijuana plants
    11:25 AM
  • Man arrested after tactical standoff at Waukesha home
    11:03 AM
  • On The Ballot New Jersey Lawmakers Debate If Voters Should Decide Marijuana Legalization
    9:54 AM
  • Medical examiner: Florida man found eaten by alligator actually died of meth overdose
    8:54 AM
  • Army veteran says his St. Louis landlord is evicting him for use of medical marijuana
    8:39 AM
  • Brockton man accused of fleeing traffic stop with fentanyl indicted
    7:46 AM
  • Gang-affiliated man charged with trafficking cocaine in Brockton indicted
    7:43 AM
  • Fall River man indicted on Brockton cocaine trafficking charge
    7:37 AM
  • State police and drug agents seize $130,000 in heroin and meth, arrest 3
    5:53 AM
  • Man charged in mother's overdose death: 'I feel bad, but we were addicts'
    5:46 AM
  • Dozens in Maine apply to open marijuana businesses
    5:40 AM
  • Dallas Is Legally Selling a Cannabinoid Called CBG, and It Tastes Like God
    4:33 AM
  • Richard Grieco Breaks Down During Airport Bust for Public Intoxication
    4:11 AM
  • CBS 5 Investigates exposes new drug-smuggling trend possibly linked to vaping injuries
    3:52 AM
  • Marijuana concentrate smuggled across border may be linked to vaping injuries
    3:50 AM
  • Meth related deaths surge in Santa Cruz County
    3:42 AM
  • East Bay men charged with selling fentanyl-laced pills
    3:32 AM
  • Palm Coast men arrested with heroin, meth, cocaine
    3:08 AM
  • Local man out on bond recruits East student to sell drugs
    2:32 AM
  • Alaska proposes copying prisoner mail to stop drug smuggling
    2:02 AM
  • Cops: Driver was speeding, had cocaine in system in fatal Salem Township crash
    1:57 AM
  • Millbrae woman arrested on drug charges
    1:30 AM
  • How tramadol, touted as safer opioid, became 3rd world peril
    12:27 AM
  • 13 Dec 2019
  • New Haven pair charged with heroin, fentanyl trafficking
    10:58 PM
  • State cracks down on illegal marijuana shops in LA
    10:52 PM
  • California Marijuana Enforcement
    10:42 PM
  • Armed robbers reportedly steal marijuana from Grass Valley man
    10:02 PM
  • Death of man eaten by gator ruled meth intoxication
    8:50 PM
  • Urbana traffic stop leads to drug, gun charges for Champaign woman
    8:34 PM
  • Teens charged with murder for role in failed drug deal
    8:11 PM
  • State briefs for Dec. 14, 2019: $5.2 million coming to state to battle opioid epidemic
    8:06 PM
  • New Cannabis Cafe Opens In Downtown Tulsa
    8:03 PM
  • Boyfriend of 17-year-old girl who died from a heroin overdose will go on trial for manslaughter
    7:39 PM
  • State mounts largest crackdown on illegal pot shops in LA
    7:16 PM
  • Bristol man wanted on outstanding drug charges captured, found with more drugs on his person
    6:58 PM
  • Hartford police find stolen handgun, 150 bags of heroin during rim and tire theft arrest
    6:51 PM
  • Oxbow Country Club wants new trial in cocaine slander case
    5:49 PM
  • Hundreds of grams of drugs, thousands of pills seized during Santa Cruz County search
    5:22 PM
  • Schatz urges more federal action on Hawaii methamphetamine problem
    4:52 PM
  • Man convicted of slaying during pot robbery gets life in prison
    4:31 PM
  • Connecticut man gets 8 years for role in cocaine scheme
    3:21 PM
  • Man found eaten by alligator actually died of meth overdose
    2:34 PM
  • MLB confirms it IS dropping marijuana from its list of banned substances
    2:13 PM
  • Cops 'are NOT likely to charge anyone' over marijuana found on rapper Juice WRLD's private jet
    1:58 PM
  • Maine church where meth lab was discovered seeks to replace toys donated to children in need
    12:44 PM
  • 30 years in prison for Ocala-area shooting
    11:59 AM
  • In The Fight For Money For The Opioid Crisis, Will The Youngest Victims Be Left Out
    11:29 AM
  • Mass opioid abuse is destabilizing' world's poorest nations
    10:45 AM
  • Donated toys tainted by meth lab in church playroom, pastor says
    9:46 AM
  • Woodridge man sentenced to prison for dealing heroin in fatal 2018 McHenry overdose
    8:05 AM
  • MLB removes marijuana from drugs of abuse will now test for opioids
    8:01 AM
  • Czech, US, Australian police break up drug trafficking gang
    7:59 AM
  • Name in the News: Twinkle Borge of Puuhonua O Waianae
    7:46 AM
  • Off the News: A HONU world for homeless strategy
    7:44 AM
  • Metro 15: Police release list of the top 15 offenders in Albuquerque
    7:20 AM
  • Major League Baseball won't test players for weed
    7:00 AM
  • MLB removes marijuana from 'drugs of abuse' list, will test for opioids under new agreement
    6:03 AM
  • 25 grams of meth nets man 4-10 years in prison
    4:58 AM
  • Magic mushrooms pass first hurdle as depression treatment
    4:16 AM
  • Another opioid crisis is raging through the developing world
    3:55 AM
  • i-CARE employee accused of public intox, child neglect
    3:30 AM
  • Grand jury fingers 7 in alleged Pittsburgh region heroin scheme
    2:55 AM
  • New Jersey lawmakers consider referendum to legalize cannabis
    2:35 AM
  • 'High-volume crack supplier' sentenced to 17 years in prison
    2:13 AM
  • Tramadol is an odd, unpredictable opioid, scientists say
    1:59 AM
  • 12 Dec 2019
  • Two men face drug charges after Champaign traffic stop
    11:19 PM
  • MLB, union agree to testing for opioids after Skaggs' death
    11:00 PM
  • MLB will remove marijuana from list of 'drugs of abuse' and test for opioids under new drug agreement
    10:22 PM
  • Senate approves Zorn bill to reduce opioid prescription abuse
    9:59 PM
  • Massachusetts retailers can again sell pot vaping products
    9:45 PM
  • Authorities shut down unlicensed cannabis dispensary in Palms
    9:05 PM
  • Providence man gets 6 years for having drugs in car
    8:39 PM
  • South Seattle homicide victim found dead from gunshot wounds in RV identified
    8:17 PM
  • Officials: Florida man found eaten by alligator actually died from meth overdose
    7:04 PM
  • Blotter: Man urinates on himself at truck stop, police say
    7:01 PM
  • Sales of most pot vape products can now resume in Massachusetts
    6:53 PM
  • South Windsor man sentenced to more than 8 years in prison for coordinating cocaine shipments from Puerto Rico
    6:49 PM
  • Suspected meth discovered after Christmas concert at local middle school, police say
    6:37 PM
  • Pastor: Donated toys tainted by meth lab in church playroom
    6:00 PM
  • Police: Naked man on LSD repeatedly stabbed 70-year-old mother during violent rampage in Mashpee
    5:51 PM
  • Inmate death ruled accidental overdose
    5:43 PM
  • MLB will test for opioids following death of Tyler Skaggs
    5:12 PM
  • MLB, players union agree to have testing for opioids, marijuana removed from drugs of abuse list
    5:09 PM
  • Ex-West Virginia correctional officer sentenced in drug plot
    4:56 PM
  • Massachusetts rolls back ban on sales of marijuana vaping products
    4:56 PM
  • Rhode Island man gets 6 years for having drugs in car
    3:27 PM
  • Woman gets three years probation for drugs in Brule County
    3:14 PM
  • Trio arrested after heroin bust in Colonie
    2:06 PM
  • Florida Republican drags up Hunter Bidens past cocaine use in impeachment hearing, gets blowback over his own DUI arrest
    2:04 PM
  • Woman headed to prison for Kingsbury heroin case
    1:57 PM
  • MLB and MLBPA move away from punitive response to drug use in joint drug program overhaul
    1:42 PM
  • In motor vehicle stop, West Hartford police find stolen firearm
    1:28 PM
  • Three weeks later, Hartford police make second round of arrests at Wethersfield Ave. drug den
    1:19 PM
  • MLB, union agree to testing for opioids
    1:12 PM
  • Park District says no recreational pot allowed in public parks
    12:55 PM
  • Wisconsin roundup: State's most Googled phrase is should I get a flu shot more state news stories
    12:02 PM
  • Multiple drugs found in Kamille 'Cupcake' McKinney's body, according to testimony
    11:02 AM
  • Kamille Cupcake McKinney was given meth and sedative before she was murdered, autopsy finds
    11:01 AM
  • GNC employee arrested for selling methamphetamine out of Largo store
    9:48 AM
  • Governor Ron DeSantis Administration Fights Pot Ruling
    7:33 AM
  • 8 days after infant's death, CPS hasn't turned over files to police
    5:35 AM
  • Man Charged With Manufacturing Meth In Children's Playroom At Church In Maine
    4:07 AM
  • Lawmakers to vote on marijuana expungement Thursday
    3:02 AM
  • Fort Smith medical marijuana dispensary set for Friday inspection
    1:31 AM
  • Death of Angels' Tyler Skaggs led to upcoming MLB opioid testing
    1:16 AM
  • Chicago prosecutor to vacate 1,000 pot convictions
    12:48 AM
  • Expert challenges results of second autopsy in Ottawa murder case
    12:45 AM
  • Chicago prosecutor to vacate more than 1,000 marijuana convictions
    12:42 AM
  • Irwin plans crack down on speeders
    12:27 AM
  • Charges dropped, brothers in hemp-pot mixup look to sue NYC
    12:27 AM
  • Trio accused of selling methamphetamine from Salem Township house
    12:21 AM
  • 11 Dec 2019
  • Rison man arrested on drug charges
    11:35 PM
  • California calls pot smoke, THC a risk to moms-to-be
    11:28 PM
  • WVW teacher grievance sheds light on fentanyl fears in grade school
    11:15 PM
  • Feds: Bridgeport man found guilty of crack, cocaine distribution
    11:13 PM
  • 34 Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries issued 'same-site' licenses to sell weed, including 9 in Chicago
    10:46 PM
  • Police: More than 2 kilos of fentanyl seized in Worcester drug bust
    10:45 PM
  • Alamance County arrests, Dec. 11
    10:17 PM
  • Charges dropped, brothers move to sue NYC for hemp-pot mixup
    9:39 PM
  • Marijuana Legalization Expungements
    9:37 PM
  • Home Depot blames the opioid crisis for a wave of shoplifters stealing millions in goods
    9:00 PM
  • Peoria County Sheriff creating new position to oversee marijuana record expungement
    8:29 PM
  • Chicago prosecutor to vacate 1,000 marijuana convictions
    6:45 PM
  • Indiana county might ease up on marijuana possession
    5:53 PM
  • Man Charged With Manufacturing Meth In Children's Playroom At Church
    5:48 PM
  • Frat at Florida college accused of forcing drugs on pledge
    5:45 PM
  • Minneapolis man sentenced to 22 years in prison for meth trafficking
    5:38 PM
  • Woman arrested in connection to Windham overdose death
    5:34 PM
  • 2 men accused of selling 2 kilos of heroin to undercover deputy
    5:20 PM
  • Cannabis Summit informs legislators on how to decriminalize marijuana in Virginia
    4:36 PM
  • Hartford woman arrested, charged in connection with fatal 2017 drug overdose in Windham
    4:25 PM
  • Feds: Fentanyl From San Francisco Tenderloin Led To Santa Rosa Baby, Father's Deaths
    4:05 PM
  • Foxx to File First 1,000 Cannabis Expungements
    3:37 PM
  • Immigration attorneys urge caution with new marijuana law
    3:33 PM
  • Emirati ruler's fashion designer son died after bingeing on cocaine and GHB, inquest hears
    2:58 PM
  • Prosecutors drop drug charges against CBD store owner after 'huge marijuana bust' was actually hemp
    2:49 PM
  • Two arrested, accused of selling two kilos of heroin to undercover cop
    2:32 PM
  • Suspected meth discovered during Christmas concert at local middle school, police say
    12:21 PM
  • Florida's Supreme Court ruling could be the end of the state's green rush
    12:00 PM
  • 22 years in prison for mastermind behind massive, long-running Minneapolis meth-trafficking operation
    11:10 AM
  • Denver Novelist Gregory Hill: This Is Your Literature on Drugs
    10:53 AM
  • Police: Teaching assistant gave students alcohol and drugs, had sex with them in pool
    10:27 AM
  • Maine man accused of providing drugs that led to man's fatal overdose
    9:46 AM
  • Edgerton couple faces meth crime involving children
    8:54 AM
  • Authorities seize 452 grams of meth during traffic stop in eastern Arizona
    7:34 AM
  • Gila County Sheriff's Office
    7:31 AM
  • Police: Man breaks into church, sets up meth lab in basement near children's play area
    6:35 AM
  • Police: 7 arrested in Moreau drug bust
    5:58 AM
  • Girls who found their mother, two others dead in home in need of new belongings due to fear of fentanyl
    5:28 AM
  • Meth, sedative found in Kamille 'Cupcake' McKinney's body, court testimony reveals
    4:30 AM
  • California considers calling THC in pot a risk to moms-to-be
    2:30 AM
  • Man busted with more than $80K worth of meth during Navajo County traffic stop
    1:32 AM
  • Trooper, K-9 seize more than $80K worth of meth during Navajo County traffic stop
    1:29 AM
  • Rockford man arrested in Boone County drug investigation
    1:11 AM
  • Three-year-old Kamille 'Cupcake' McKinney's body had toxic levels of meth and a sedative
    1:02 AM
  • Chillicothe passes zoning ordinance for recreational marijuana dispensaries
    12:46 AM
  • 10 Dec 2019
  • DEA seizes large haul of fentanyl, cocaine, guns and cash in six-state sweep
    11:35 PM
  • Charges Dropped Over CBD Shop's Shipment Of 106 Pounds Of Hemp, Not Marijuana
    10:49 PM
  • Fresno County man arrested for selling flavored marijuana vape pods to kids
    10:14 PM
  • Reefer madness in Geneva: Mayor breaks 5-5 tie to opt in for legal pot
    9:48 PM
  • UCF fraternity pledge blindfolded and forced to do cocaine, report says
    9:45 PM
  • NYC Council pushes NYPD to to crack down on cop cars, other vehicles parked in crosswalks, sidewalks and other forbidden areas
    8:19 PM
  • Indiana prepares for possible influx of pot from Illinois and Michigan, considers decriminalizing small amounts
    8:14 PM
  • Oakland Mayor Schaaf Opposes Marijuana Tax Break Proposed By City Council
    7:17 PM
  • New law sets standards boosting New York's hemp industry
    7:12 PM
  • Arrest affidavit: Meth psychosis led to Saturday's lockdown in Minturn
    7:09 PM
  • 'This could have been a deadly situation': Maine church closed after meth lab found in basement
    6:58 PM
  • Alleged drug dealer nabbed after leading chase into Longwood parking garage
    5:50 PM
  • Runaway investigation turns into drug bust
    5:28 PM
  • Luggage from Juice WRLD's plane contained 41 bags of suspected marijuana, police say
    4:37 PM
  • MLB Lifts Weed Ban For Minor Leaguers, Eliminates Marijuana Testing
    3:38 PM
  • Dallas Cowboys' Antwaun Woods Arrest Video, 'You've Got A Lot Of Marijuana'
    3:35 PM
  • Juice WRLD on Feds' Radar Since Private Jet Drug Search in November
    3:26 PM
  • DEA nets over 17 kilos fentanyl in massive, multi-state bust
    3:09 PM
  • Agencies to share data after illness linked to pot retailers
    3:09 PM
  • Former Mexican security official arrested in U.S., accused of taking bribes from El Chapo
    2:29 PM
  • Two soldiers charged with fatal overdose at Electric Zoo rave
    2:25 PM
  • Former paramedic from OKC sentenced in drug tampering case
    2:02 PM
  • MLB 'is set to remove marijuana from its banned substance for minor league players'
    1:31 PM
  • Illinois to start taking applications today for new marijuana stores. Winners will be announced by May.
    12:44 PM
  • Man who launched nonprofit to save sex-trafficking victims actually lured teens into prostitution, prosecutors say
    11:35 AM
  • Juice Wrld was 'mobbed by sniffer dogs at LAX' three weeks before Feds runway bust in which he died
    10:55 AM
  • Pa. prosecutor warns public after cluster of drug overdoses
    10:44 AM
  • Jury acquits Texas man of pot charges in Nebraska
    9:44 AM
  • Brockton man accused of having $60,000 in fentanyl indicted
    8:23 AM
  • Man accused of making meth inside childrens playroom at Buxton church
    8:14 AM
  • An equal share of legal pot: Entrepreneurs look to communities hurt by laws in the past
    8:11 AM
  • Man pleads guilty to trafficking meth, gets life sentence
    8:03 AM
  • Police: 4 overdose victims found by Detroit children 3 die
    6:33 AM
  • Palatine votes to allow marijuana businesses in town
    6:13 AM
  • 2 dead, 3 hospitalized in apparent drug overdose in Red Bank, NJ
    5:44 AM
  • Alert: Counterfeit Painkillers Containing Fentanyl Found In El Paso County
    4:01 AM
  • Florida pet owner warns others after puppy eats toxic mushrooms and dies
    2:40 AM
  • 2 kids discover 3 adults dead in Detroit home after suspected overdoses
    2:27 AM
  • Little girls find mom's body in possible overdose that left 3 dead, 4th victim revived with Narcan
    2:14 AM
  • State opioid deaths outside NYC drop for first time in decade
    1:55 AM
  • Florida puppy dies after eating toxic mushrooms: report
    1:45 AM
  • Meth deaths soared to 483 last year in San Diego County, up more than 100 over prior record high
    1:26 AM
  • San Joaquin County Doctors Accused Of Illegally Prescribing Opioids
    1:16 AM
  • Opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson files state Supreme Court appeal
    1:13 AM
  • 09 Dec 2019
  • Pittsburgh man pleads guilty to dealing cocaine from Sheraden convenience store
    11:30 PM
  • What, no 'witch hunt' Trump adds sinister spice to IG report
    11:13 PM
  • Florida pet owner warns others after puppy eats mushrooms and dies
    11:02 PM
  • Police: Fentanyl trafficker nabbed following violent struggle outside Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center
    11:01 PM
  • Sentencing hearing for Houston woman accused of smuggling heroin reset
    10:53 PM
  • U.S. Marshals Searching For Heroin Distribution Suspect
    10:05 PM
  • Deputies say they found pound of pot in Liberty Bridge traffic stop
    9:54 PM
  • Man arrested in connection with Derry Township woman's overdose death
    9:47 PM
  • Jeannette man gets 10 years probation for his brother's overdose death
    9:36 PM
  • Boone County man holds mother at gunpoint, demands money to buy heroin, deputies say
    9:33 PM
  • Derry Township man to serve at least 8 years in jail for drug overdose death
    9:33 PM
  • Alamance County arrests, Dec. 9
    8:42 PM
  • Meth-Related Deaths Up, Not Enough Getting Treatment: County
    7:47 PM
  • South Dakota puts $730,000 towards drug programs in schools
    7:16 PM
  • Cincinnati police chief: Officers not targeting African Americans when writing marijuana warning citations
    6:22 PM
  • Meth hidden in tractor-trailer fuel tank near Norman motel, man sentenced to prison
    5:33 PM
  • Busted: meth and heroin ring ran from Oklahoma prisons to Mexico
    5:30 PM
  • Walmart apologizes for sweater featuring Santa with cocaine
    5:05 PM
  • Berks County DA Issues Public Health Warning After Deadly Drug Overdoses
    4:56 PM
  • Fox Lake man arrested for dealing meth at La Crosse Walgreens
    4:16 PM
  • Prosecutor warns public after cluster of drug overdoses around Reading
    4:12 PM
  • Man charged with manufacturing meth in church playroom
    3:49 PM
  • Christmas sweater with Santa and cocaine forces Walmart to apologize
    2:01 PM
  • Traffic Stop Along Liberty Bridge Leads To Arrest And Discovery Of A Pound Of Marijuana
    1:59 PM
  • Prosecutor Warns Public After Cluster Of Drug Overdoses That Left Three Dead
    1:56 PM
  • Christmas sweater with apparent drug reference forces Walmart to apologize
    1:39 PM
  • Juice Wrld suffered fatal seizure as cops searched his private jet and found 70 pounds of marijuana
    1:34 PM
  • Walmart pulls Christmas sweaters that mixed Santa with sex and cocaine
    1:27 PM
  • Walmart apologizes for Christmas sweater depicting Santa with cocaine
    12:36 PM
  • Walmart apologizes for Christmas sweater with apparent drug reference
    12:03 PM
  • WHPD: Polk man had 47 pounds of pot, illegal gun
    11:56 AM
  • Kentucky police seize air fryer containing 20 pounds of meth
    11:54 AM
  • This man ate a $120,000 banana in a Miami art gallery
    11:17 AM
  • Van Buren County father sentenced following manslaughter charges in son's fatal overdose
    11:12 AM
  • Police: 4 overdose victims found by Detroit children 3 died
    10:37 AM
  • Police: Man charged with drug trafficking following spike in crimes in Pierce Township
    9:39 AM
  • Kentucky police seize $100,000 of meth stuffed inside air fryer
    9:30 AM
  • Webster man in custody after scuffle with trooper in Gardner CVS parking lot
    8:10 AM
  • Police: Over 3,000 bags of heroin seized from Lawrenceville apartment
    7:13 AM
  • 08 Dec 2019
    07 Dec 2019
  • Teacher aide accused of engaging in sexual activities with multiple students
    11:40 PM
  • Police Seize More Than 3,000 Bags Of Heroin And Nearly $10,000 In Cash During Lawrenceville Drug Bust
    10:57 PM
  • Suboxone, Marijuana And 14 Bricks Of Heroin Seized By Officials In Northview Heights
    10:54 PM
  • Feds indict Vallejo man on drug, firearms charges
    10:40 PM
  • WSU study links cannabis businesses to poorer neighborhoods, as local laws limit locations
    9:21 PM
  • Tulsa doctor, workers charged in patient deaths
    6:40 PM
  • Three people died from drug overdoses in just 24 hours in Perth, as police issue warning to users
    4:07 PM
  • Joseph McCann launched rampage due to being 'left without the siblings who grounded him'
    3:42 PM
  • Infant who died in upstate NY was under supervision by CPS
    2:52 PM
  • Evanston wants to give reparations to black residents, funded by a tax on marijuana
    1:39 PM
  • An alcohol giant cut bait on a big craft beer holding, invests in cannabis
    1:10 PM
  • Cleaning crew finds THC, heroin possibly mixed with fentanyl in airport bathroom
    7:32 AM
  • Flesh-eating bacteria linked to heroin kills 7 in San Diego County
    6:58 AM
  • Legislation proposed to fast-track medical marijuana licenses for the terminally ill
    6:08 AM
  • Stopped With 2 Pounds Of Pot, Minnesota Woman Told Nebraska Troopers It Was Birthday Present
    5:28 AM
  • Charges Considered After 10-Year-Old Girl Overdoses, Dies In South Mpls.
    5:25 AM
  • Heroin, marijuana found abandoned in Milwaukee airport bathroom
    4:50 AM
  • Man gets life for dealing drugs that led to overdose death
    4:45 AM
  • Monroeville man sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for federal drug, gun crimes
    4:44 AM
  • Cohoes cops investigating paternity of dead infant
    4:39 AM
  • Regional Hospital, Police - December 7
    4:22 AM
  • More Than 2,500 Pot Plants Seized From Calaveras County Illegal Marijuana Grow
    1:24 AM
  • Spokane man who sold FBI agents meth sentenced to nearly 12 years in prison
    1:00 AM
  • NYC Correction Department exterminator suspended for smuggling pot, K2, blades into the Tombs
    12:31 AM
  • 06 Dec 2019
  • Program leaving behind naloxone could be lifesaver in opioid overdoses
    11:27 PM
  • 10-year-old Minneapolis girl dies of apparent accidental overdose of methadone
    10:47 PM
  • Michigan State Police troopers seize 3 kilos of fentanyl after stopping driver on I-94
    10:38 PM
  • Spokane man sentenced for drug trafficking
    10:28 PM
  • Driver gets 16 years for striking pregnant woman in Gresham
    9:20 PM
  • See How Experts Answered Your Cannabis Questions
    8:28 PM
  • Nevada County police blotter: Caller reports man taking off clothes, swinging from tree
    7:41 PM
  • Johnsburg man sentenced to prison for drug-induced homicide
    7:22 PM
  • Chicago man charged in two overdose deaths
    7:16 PM
  • Mother, grandmother charged in fatal overdose of 9-month-old boy
    6:22 PM
  • Bail denied for grandmother, mother in death of infant
    5:36 PM
  • Duluth police looking for suspect just charged with murder in 2017 fentanyl overdose death
    5:35 PM
  • 2 face murder charges in Rice Lake overdose death
    3:57 PM
  • Cybersecurity 'has to be in your DNA' to fend off hacking threats
    3:51 PM
  • D.C. regulatory agency staffer pleads guilty to dealing fentanyl
    3:28 PM
  • Second person gets prison in March overdose death of Crystal Lake woman
    2:34 PM
  • Maine man charged after meth lab discovered inside church, police say
    1:03 PM
  • $30K in meth, cocaine, Ecstasy seized in Maine drug bust, officials say
    1:01 PM
  • Charges considered in apparent overdose death of 10-year-old
    12:39 PM
  • How CBD may help athletes recover from strain and manage pain
    12:36 PM
  • Cannabis stocks' 2019 skid showing few signs of easing
    11:54 AM
  • Poland says it foiled $517 million cocaine smuggling plan
    9:48 AM
  • Woman: Drugs found in Nebraska traffic were birthday gift
    9:29 AM
  • 48 pounds of methamphetamine found in car of woman traveling with child
    8:43 AM
  • Flesh-eating bacteria linked to black tar heroin kills 7 in San Diego County
    8:37 AM
  • Mom, grandmother charged in baby's overdose death
    7:30 AM
  • Man found with pounds of meth after Texas-to-Tennessee trip
    6:29 AM
  • McKees Rocks man sentenced to 2 years, 9 months for selling heroin, fentanyl
    6:09 AM
  • Monroeville man indicted on drug, gun charges
    6:06 AM
  • State Leaders, Philadelphia Community Members Continue Search For Way To Crack Down On Gun Violence
    4:12 AM
  • Queens man pleads guilty to trafficking heroin, pills in Capital Region
    3:55 AM
  • Police: Rensselaer County agency had oversight of Cohoes infant who died
    3:50 AM
  • Providence man faces drug, weapon charges
    2:34 AM
  • Hound Lab's pot breathalyzer tested by Alameda County Sheriff's Office to catch impaired drivers
    2:20 AM
  • Pawtucket man who had 10,000 fentanyl pills sentenced to 15 years in prison
    2:11 AM
  • Allegheny County Jail to use inmate funds to supply overdose reversal kits
    1:09 AM
  • Attorney General holds panel on commercializing cannabis
    12:57 AM
  • Three teenagers arrested in Harrah fatal shooting case
    12:10 AM
  • 05 Dec 2019
  • Readers overwhelmingly support legalization of recreational marijuana use
    11:34 PM
  • Some legal medical marijuana patients still being arrested, advocacy group says
    11:21 PM
  • Three men charged in drug-trafficking conspiracy
    11:19 PM
  • No smoking weed in state parks for medical marijuana patients
    11:08 PM
  • Pocatello couple who molested children in basement 'sex dungeon' sentenced to lengthy prison time
    10:37 PM
  • Hartford teen arrested, charged in pair of rim and tire thefts
    10:07 PM
  • Mike Pence surprises opioid crisis families at White House gathering
    9:44 PM
  • Police raid suspected marijuana shop above Georgetown book store
    9:21 PM
  • 7 San Diegans die from flesh-eating bacteria linked to black tar heroin
    8:50 PM
  • Ohio voters could decide constitutional amendment to split up opioid lawsuit cash
    8:41 PM
  • Driver in double fatal crash charged with vehicular homicide
    7:12 PM
  • Flesh-eating bacteria linked to heroin kills 7 in California
    6:41 PM
  • Grandmother, mother charged in infant's death from heroin, fentanyl
    5:57 PM
  • Reckless homicide charge filed in wake of St. Croix County heroin overdose
    5:40 PM
  • Meet the Experts Answering Your Cannabis Questions This Friday
    4:23 PM
  • Mayor, CPD Supt.: You Can Smoke Pot in Backyard After Jan. 1
    4:20 PM
  • CPD Details What to Know About Legal Weed Come Jan. 1
    4:18 PM
  • Iowa's felon list includes police force, omits drug dealer
    4:03 PM
  • Woman sent to prison for selling drugs at Wis. 'meth farm'
    11:55 AM
  • NJ Doctor Prescribed 1.4M Opioid Doses, Charged With Fraud
    11:41 AM
  • 1-year-old overdoses on opioids in Franklin County, Pennsylvania State Police say
    11:04 AM
  • Danbury homicide case to resume in January
    10:28 AM
  • Crack cocaine dealer arrested after raid in Port Huron
    10:25 AM
  • S Carolina teacher accused of trafficking prescription drugs
    10:13 AM
  • Prosecutor: Ex-New Jersey doctor prescribed 1.4M doses of opioids
    10:09 AM
  • Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Black Tar Heroin Use Blamed For 7 Deaths So Far In California
    10:00 AM
  • Woman sent to prison for selling drugs at 'meth farm'
    10:00 AM
  • Chatham hemp farmer targeted again by thieves seeking marijuana
    9:06 AM
  • Pawhuska Police Make Third Felony Meth Arrest In Recent Months
    8:33 AM
  • Greensburg police arrest 2 men in woman's overdose death
    8:20 AM
  • 3 charged over Australias largest crystal meth seizure
    8:02 AM
  • Former Burlington County Doctor Charged After Allegedly Prescribing More Than 1 Million Doses Of Highly Addictive Pills During Opioid Crisis
    7:47 AM
  • Sarasota man arrested in death of girlfriend and unborn baby
    6:49 AM
  • Police: Johnston man had 19 pounds of marijuana, plants, 2 guns, Fentanyl
    5:42 AM
  • Pritzker signs legislation strengthening most equity-centric adult-use cannabis law in the nation
    12:51 AM
  • 04 Dec 2019
  • Sentencing postponed in Grass Valley soliciting case
    11:48 PM
  • Trial set for January in Grass Valley home invasion case
    11:42 PM
  • Testimony in Ken Cusick murder trial begins, 13 years after his wifes death
    11:31 PM
  • NJ Doctor Accused of Prescribing 1.4M Opioid Doses
    11:23 PM
  • Governor JB Pritzker Hails Slow Pot Rollout
    11:17 PM
  • Gamer allegedly caught selling cocaine using his PlayStation 4: FBI in contact with Sony
    11:07 PM
  • 2 charged after Bellingham teen's overdose death
    9:34 PM
  • Woman pleas no contest to deadly accident on Fairfield Drive in Pensacola
    8:22 PM
  • Pablo Escobar's brother released a foldable smartphone that he claims can only be destroyed by fire
    7:52 PM
  • Willie Nelson, 86, still plans to enjoy vapes, edibles and other cannabis products
    7:52 PM
  • Alaska teen hospitalized with vaping-related lung infection
    7:33 PM
  • US Border Agents Arrest Smuggler Near Oceanside Accompanied by Her Child
    7:29 PM
  • Man arrested in Detroit charged with manslaughter in fentanyl related death of 14-month-old Port Huron baby
    7:00 PM
  • Michael Bloomberg backs marijuana decriminalization, says feds should not intervene in state laws
    6:08 PM
  • Bruised and bloodied face of California man who was brutally beaten by sheriff deputies
    4:46 PM
  • Sheriff's sgt. charged with cocaine possession
    4:03 PM
  • Delaware County Man Arrested On Meth Trafficking Complaints
    3:28 PM
  • Bankruptcy judge mulls $1.3M bonus for opioid CEO
    1:22 PM
  • Central Valley county to put big fines on illegal pot grows
    1:12 PM
  • Stanislaus County To Put Big Fines On Illegal Pot Grows
    1:05 PM
  • Geneva to consider weed regulations Dec. 9
    12:36 PM
  • L.A. could curb campaign donations from real estate developers
    12:27 PM
  • Meth is killing more Utahns than ever before
    12:02 PM
  • Police Working To ID Possible Witness In Modesto Homicide Case
    10:17 AM
  • Willie Nelson says he has stopped smoking because it almost killed him
    9:21 AM
  • Doctor Sentenced to 40 Years In Prison For Opioid Pill Mill Scheme
    8:51 AM
  • Crime Briefs: excessive yawning and Christmas presents stuffed with cocaine and heroin
    8:28 AM
  • Fatal overdose in North New Hyde Park leads to arrest of Queens man, police say
    7:10 AM
  • He went from buffalo wings to cannabis and became the talk of L.A.s marijuana industry
    6:44 AM
  • Warrant: Kids find Georgia police worker's bag, meth inside
    6:41 AM
  • Victorville Council approves new fines for illegal cannabis grows, fireworks
    6:31 AM
  • New NJ Law Expands Use of Device to Crack Down on DUI Offenses
    5:05 AM
  • 3 Arrested After Deputies Find Marijuana Hidden Under Crib
    4:02 AM
  • Rancho Cordova Adds Police Investigator To Crack Down On Illegal Pot Grows
    3:53 AM
  • Pittsburgh police trying to crack cookie case
    2:52 AM
  • Man admits to selling crack in Colonie motel
    2:48 AM
  • Search for 3 teens who threw rocks at school bus full of children in Brooklyn
    2:27 AM
  • 3 arrested after drugs found under crib in San Joaquin County
    1:22 AM
  • Updated: McPherson county chase ends with drug bust
    1:05 AM
  • Search of OWI suspect's home leads to Spice, paraphernalia
    12:57 AM
  • 03 Dec 2019
  • Opioid death rate in Orange County eclipses other Southern California counties
    10:37 PM
  • Doctor pleads guilty to over-prescribing opioids
    10:36 PM
  • Loves Park bans marijuana businesses, for now
    10:24 PM
  • Council blocks winning candidate over old felony conviction
    9:49 PM
  • Smokable marijuana shortage in Florida
    9:35 PM
  • Milford man gets prison for role in weed trafficking ring
    9:35 PM
  • Police: Decatur man arrested after selling synthetic cannabis
    8:06 PM
  • OKC hotel room birth ends in death
    8:05 PM
  • Reports: Moberly inmate deaths caused by narcotics
    7:47 PM
  • Recreational pot is legal in Michigan and soon Illinois: What does that mean for Indiana
    7:43 PM
  • OSHP: Troopers seize suspected cocaine worth more than $17,000 from Cincinnati man along I-75
    6:33 PM
  • Hotel room birth ends in death
    6:04 PM
  • U.S. Marshal's Most Wanted Arrested In Rogers County
    5:54 PM
  • Colorado Prosecutors Worried About New Law That Makes Lethal Doses Of Fentanyl A Misdemeanor
    5:41 PM
  • Florida teen shot at men who used fake money in drug deal, deputies say
    4:35 PM
  • Interest in medical marijuana use exceeds Missouri estimates
    2:43 PM
  • Minnesota OKs medical cannabis for chronic pain, eye disease
    1:59 PM
  • Stockton police targeting dangerous drivers
    1:37 PM
  • Florida Drug Investigation Yields $4.6 Million Worth Of Meth $ Seven Arrests
    1:00 PM
  • Marijuana cultivation warrants served in Southern California
    12:48 PM
  • Deputies: Teen shot at men who used fake money in drug deal
    12:26 PM
  • Tennessee doctor pleads guilty to overprescribing opioids
    12:05 PM
  • Marijuana vaping busts on rise over 500K seized in 2 years
    11:33 AM
  • Feds: Albany gang member had 2 kilos of cocaine, loaded pistol
    9:03 AM
  • Nearly $5M in Heroin Seized During Bust in Florida County
    8:23 AM
  • New York to expand syringe exchange programs into rural areas
    8:13 AM
  • Brockton police hopeful about decreasing opioid overdose deaths
    6:11 AM
  • Operation Trifecta: Polk Sheriff announces 'largest-ever' heroin bust in county
    5:21 AM
  • Minnesota medical marijuana to be available for chronic pain, macular degeneration
    5:10 AM
  • Cop Allegedly Stole $12K While Responding to Overdose Call
    4:56 AM
  • Readers sound off on legal weed, the Giants and Russian interference
    4:28 AM
  • Gunning for N.Y.: Dont let the Supreme Court weaken urban gun laws
    4:22 AM
  • What MAPS 4 would do if approved
    4:07 AM
  • Pittsburgh man pleads guilty to hiding drug money in Penn Hills real estate
    2:30 AM
  • Pittsburgh man pleads guilty to distributing crack cocaine
    2:27 AM
  • Over 500K pot vapes seized in 2 years as busts rise in US
    1:28 AM
  • 02 Dec 2019
  • CBP Field Operations discover cocaine, marijuana in bridge busts
    11:41 PM
  • Pharr woman begins 11-year prison sentence for supervising drug conspiracy
    11:38 PM
  • Law enforcement seize meth, hallucinogenic mushrooms, counterfeit money and more following search warrant
    11:12 PM
  • PCSO arrests 7, seizes 139 lbs. of meth, 10 lbs. of heroin
    11:08 PM
  • Man arrested after he was found naked in Kohls parking lot on Black Friday, police say
    10:21 PM
  • DEA St. Louis says Mexican cartels moving fake Xanax, Oxycontin into the area
    10:05 PM
  • Seattle police believe driver was high on meth when she hit pedestrians on Aurora, killing 2
    9:45 PM
  • Pittsburgh Man Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Trafficking, Money Laundering, Unlawful Possession Of Firearms
    9:29 PM
  • Whats up guys: Baltimore rapper YGG Tay nonchalant in first courtroom appearance on drug charges
    9:14 PM
  • Derry Township man pleads to drug charge in friend's overdose death
    8:57 PM
  • Iowa Organization Offers Free Access to Opioid Overdose Reversal Drug
    6:45 PM
  • PCSO arrests 7, seizes 139 pounds of meth and 10 pounds of heroin
    6:01 PM
  • Monday's Briefing: Former inspector alleges another also took bribes Bay Area meth overdoses on the rise
    4:47 PM
  • Minnesota medical marijuana program expands for chronic pain, macular degeneration as manufacturer eyes Woodbury location
    4:02 PM
  • Arkansas may revoke retailers inactive medical pot licenses
    4:01 PM
  • Whats next for medical marijuana in Iowa
    12:14 PM
  • Police: Normal cop took $12k while responding to overdose call
    12:10 PM
  • Cops: Motorists help Murrysville police locate suspected intoxicated driver
    12:02 PM
  • Seattle metro area is one of just three in America where marijuana use tops nicotine, data shows
    12:01 PM
  • PCSO arrests 7, seizes 137 pounds of meth and 5 kilos of heroin
    10:35 AM
  • Report: Knife-wielding man arrested in Thanksgiving standoff
    9:42 AM
  • Deputies seize 1/2-pound of weed, THC vapes from Illinois driver
    4:21 AM
  • Detective Mitchell in 'Dolemite' 'Memba Him!
    4:15 AM
  • Ruthless Mexican cartel infiltrates U.S.
    3:39 AM
  • Regional Hospital, Police - December 2
    1:55 AM
  • Michigan man under influence of marijuana crashes into police cruiser
    1:26 AM
  • NYC Catholic schools hold fast on boys braid bans despite laws banning hair discrimination
    12:41 AM
  • Normal Police Officer arrested for allegedly stealing $12K during a 911 call
    12:37 AM
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