February 24, 2020
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25 Nov 2019
  • Agency establishes online form to report scams
    10:38 PM
  • Former Pickens County Sheriff going to prison for defrauding his church's food bank
    9:09 PM
  • London looks to ban Uber company says security fixes in place
    7:54 PM
  • Alamance County arrests, Nov. 25
    7:53 PM
  • Police: Thieves preying on transients in check fraud schemes
    7:19 PM
  • 4 health company executives accused in $1B fraud scheme
    6:32 PM
  • Lori Loughlin's husband Mossimo Giannulli enjoys round of golf
    4:54 PM
  • Former Alabama sheriff sentenced to 18 months for food fraud
    4:38 PM
  • The search for Nelms: new allegations against the man who stole millions in Indiana cemetery fraud
    4:35 PM
  • FBI: Scammers stole cash, jewelry from elderly Hispanic women across SoCal using worthless lottery tickets
    4:18 PM
  • Ex-head of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America arrested
    3:29 PM
  • Former sheriff sentenced to 18 months for food fraud
    2:59 PM
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces challenge within his own party
    1:05 PM
  • Kokua Line: Improving tools block robocalls, so dont treat them as inevitable annoyances
    8:38 AM
  • 'The Perfect Fraud': A highflying thriller
    7:24 AM
  • Summit County Sheriffs Office reminds residents to beware of phone scams
    2:23 AM
  • Tijuana Scammers Using Paradise Hills Tragedy for Monetary Gain, Family Says
    1:26 AM
  • Phelps County authorities looking into scam calls
    12:52 AM
  • 22 Nov 2019
  • Pataskala couple admit fraud in student loans, other programs
    10:40 PM
  • Florida investigating attorney charged with lawsuit fraud
    6:43 PM
  • Contractor scam costs woman $16,000
    4:48 PM
  • Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges
    4:07 PM
  • 27 arrested in welfare fraud sweet in metro Detroit totaling $210K
    3:50 PM
  • Netanyahu says fraud allegations are an attempted coup
    2:01 PM
  • Ex-UAW VP expected to plead guilty in ongoing federal corruption probe
    11:12 AM
  • Judge orders Chicago Title to release $11M in Gina Champion-Cain funds to the receiver with conditions
    10:53 AM
  • Lakeland woman found guilty of Hurricane Irma relief fraud
    9:31 AM
  • Military housing company falsified records as families lived in terrible conditions: Former employee
    7:03 AM
  • Isolated Iceland newly vulnerable to computer scams
    6:54 AM
  • Florida Woman found guilty of Hurricane Irma relief fraud
    6:45 AM
  • Ex-Baltimore mayor admits to fraud
    6:06 AM
  • Prescott Daily Courier: How to protect yourself from a fake Census worker
    6:00 AM
  • Premier of Israel indicted in fraud
    5:59 AM
  • Crime log 11-22
    5:44 AM
  • Feds sentence Vallejo man in mortgage fraud case
    4:09 AM
  • Healthcare fraud trial reset again
    4:04 AM
  • Wake Forest investment adviser charged with fraud
    3:03 AM
  • 21 Nov 2019
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged with fraud and breach of trust
    11:06 PM
  • Benjamin Netanyahu: Indictment an 'attempted coup'
    10:09 PM
  • Mayor of St. Louis suburb charged with felony voter fraud
    9:32 PM
  • Israel's Netanyahu Is Indicted on Bribery, Fraud Charges
    9:28 PM
  • Pataskala couple admit student financial aid, other program fraud
    8:40 PM
  • Mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer distances himself from booster once accused of visa fraud
    8:29 PM
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges
    8:21 PM
  • Ex-Baltimore mayor pleads guilty to fraud and tax evasion
    6:48 PM
  • New York man sentenced for role in bank fraud conspiracy
    6:32 PM
  • Ex-San Francisco Sheriff's Deputy Gets Prison For Insurance Fraud
    5:40 PM
  • Avoid talking politics at family holidays by talking about this instead
    5:15 PM
  • Mayor of St. Louis suburb charged in election fraud case
    4:59 PM
  • Now-defunct Globe University files for Chapter 11, citing many millions owed
    4:30 PM
  • Former Baltimore mayor enters guilty pleas in fraud case
    4:11 PM
  • Police: Man with history of fraud wanted for theft of services at Willow Valley Communities
    2:33 PM
  • Newtown police seek credit card fraud suspects
    1:44 PM
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on fraud, breach of trust and bribery in three separate corruption cases
    1:37 PM
  • Former Georgia title pawn employee convicted of loan fraud
    1:31 PM
  • Georgia county commissioners insurance fraud trial begins
    1:20 PM
  • Israeli Justice Ministry: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on fraud, breach of trust and b
    1:14 PM
  • The Latest: Signs of a plea deal for ex-Baltimore mayor
    1:06 PM
  • A look at the corruption scandals facing Israel's Netanyahu
    1:03 PM
  • Israels Netanyahu charged in corruption cases
    12:40 PM
  • Former Baltimore mayor Catherine E. Pugh has reached an agreement to plead guilty, two people familiar with the deal say
    12:33 PM
  • Brexit scam: Bitcoin conmen impersonate Queen Elizabeth in an attempted hack
    11:16 AM
  • MyPayrollHR looking to settle fraud lawsuit with Pioneer Bank
    4:59 AM
  • Grand jury indicts Hesperia man in visa fraud scheme
    4:48 AM
  • The one item of clothing in every genius' closet
    1:38 AM
  • Law enforcement address elder scams in Aleppo Township
    1:15 AM
  • Ex-operator of Pima County assisted living homes is indicted
    12:32 AM
  • Ex-mayors indictment adds to Baltimores corruption woes
    12:26 AM
  • 20 Nov 2019
  • Ex-Baltimore mayor charged in Healthy Holly book scandal
    8:23 PM
  • Former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh charged with fraud and tax evasion
    7:55 PM
  • Foreign ski-area investors sue US over residency petitions
    5:59 PM
  • Catherine Pugh, ex-Baltimore mayor, faces fraud, tax charges
    5:42 PM
  • Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh charged: Read the full indictment
    5:21 PM
  • Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has been indicted. What happens next in court
    5:18 PM
  • Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pughs Healthy Holly scandal: a timeline
    5:16 PM
  • Florida woman arrested in Westmoreland County, charged with vehicle break-ins, fraud
    4:15 PM
  • Nigerian scammer 'pulls off $1million heist' from maximum security prison with internet access
    3:11 PM
  • Inmate accused of running $1 million internet scam from maximum security prison in Nigeria
    2:48 PM
  • Ex-Baltimore mayor charged in 'Healthy Holly' book scandal
    2:02 PM
  • Trial in healthcare fraud case set for Monday
    1:18 PM
  • More charges for Round Lake brothers accused of stealing from Home Depot stores across the suburbs
    12:55 PM
  • FBI: Cybercrimes on the rise because of sophisticated scams
    11:09 AM
  • Nessel warns against payroll fraud
    11:00 AM
  • Local residents lose tens of thousands in separate scams
    10:32 AM
  • Johnston lawmaker's husband admits to credit card fraud, identity theft in Connecticut
    9:07 AM
  • Ex-Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh charged with fraud and tax evasion involving sales of self-published childrens books
    8:48 AM
  • Ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh faces fraud, tax charges
    8:45 AM
  • Former Baltimore Mayor Pugh charged with 11 counts of fraud, tax evasion in Healthy Holly book scandal
    8:14 AM
  • Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh warns of Mega Millions lottery scam
    4:16 AM
  • Dont Let Online Scams Dampen Your Holiday Spirits
    2:56 AM
  • 19 Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Medicare Fraud in Miami
    1:58 AM
  • Local woman scammed out of more than $600K
    12:39 AM
  • 19 Nov 2019
  • A man drove his girlfriend across the US, killed her and then impersonated her on social media, police say
    8:59 PM
  • Feds: Pittsburgh area brothers tried to evade immigration laws with fake marriage
    8:30 PM
  • Nevada County police blotter: Caller reports man in red cowboy hat riding pink girls bike
    7:48 PM
  • Man charged in $300M Ponzi scheme with veterans, investors
    6:56 PM
  • Recent Phone Scammers Disguise Themselves As PSO
    5:10 PM
  • Police: Man drove his girlfriend across the US, killed her and then impersonated her on social media
    4:40 PM
  • Man accused of labor trafficking pleads guilty
    3:24 PM
  • Police: 'Friend' wrote $45,000 in checks to herself on older woman's account
    2:35 PM
  • Authorities searching for scammer
    2:27 PM
  • Bolivia suffers lack of food and fuel Amazon deforestation rate hits record high
    1:55 PM
  • Insurance fraud costs customers hundreds of dollars a year
    9:56 AM
  • U.S. Attorney's Office Charges Make Arrests, Charges In Romance Scams
    9:43 AM
  • FBI arrests central Indiana mayor amid city investigation
    8:37 AM
  • Dallas' Mina Chang Resigns from the State Department
    7:16 AM
  • German authorities conduct money laundering raids
    6:45 AM
  • German authorities search homes, offices in tax fraud probe
    6:34 AM
  • Romance scam victim thought she was being courted by a wealthy engineer
    4:08 AM
  • SCOTUS says no to Pharma Bro, turning down Shkreli appeal of securities fraud conviction
    3:33 AM
  • Neighbor wants to report disability fraud
    2:59 AM
  • Food, gasoline shortages reported in Bolivian cities
    1:10 AM
  • Online shoppers expected to lose millions to holiday shopping scams this year
    1:08 AM
  • South Dakota man linked to Butina pleads in fraud case
    12:43 AM
  • State blocks $2 million in payments to Medicaid scammers
    12:05 AM
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