June 2, 2020
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26 Nov 2019
  • Minnesota study links chemical in marijuana vaping liquid to lung injuries
    11:18 PM
  • Rancho Cordova PD cracks down on illegal pot grows
    8:08 PM
  • Dealer facing 20 years for fatal Saratoga Springs overdose
    7:24 PM
  • Court: Doctors can be charged in overdose death cases
    7:21 PM
  • Biden rolls back stance on marijuana being a gateway drug
    7:10 PM
  • Hartford man suspected in recent shooting arrested with fentanyl, handgun
    5:52 PM
  • Legalizing recreational marijuana in Maryland not likely in 2020: We are still in the investigative mode
    5:50 PM
  • Cannabis Career Fair to be held Tuesday at Carver Center
    3:54 PM
  • Driver smoking K2 crashes truck through state representative's office in Polk County, deputies say
    2:54 PM
  • Heroin ring leader sentenced to federal prison
    12:01 PM
  • Police: Student had BB gun, marijuana in backpack
    10:02 AM
  • Businesses, including cannabis shop, catch fire in northwest OKC
    8:49 AM
  • California officials side with marijuana company in new fight over home deliveries
    8:10 AM
  • 2 men charged in record fentanyl bust in Duluth
    3:12 AM
  • Minnesota man arrested in connection to fatal overdose
    2:23 AM
  • 5 juveniles hospitalized after overdose call at Manchester youth treatment facility
    1:40 AM
  • Tulsa Police Searching For 5 Suspects In Dispensary Robbery
    1:07 AM
  • Man accused of hitting and killing bicyclist in 2006 DUI crash extradited from Mexico
    1:01 AM
  • Science Still Far Behind CBD Craze in North Texas
    12:51 AM
  • Legalization of Cannabis Could Mean Big Bucks for Companies
    12:06 AM
  • 22 Nov 2019
  • Guest Commentary Safe Injection Sites: A Sign of Hope in the Opioid Crisis
    11:20 PM
  • Proposed tough sentencing for opioid crimes comes under criticism
    10:53 PM
  • Michigan halts sale of marijuana e-cigs unless re-tested
    10:06 PM
  • Man convicted in LA marijuana warehouse robbery
    9:37 PM
  • Maryland medical cannabis dispensaries can resume selling vaping products
    8:42 PM
  • Ex-SDSO Capt. Tipped Off Cousin Prior to Pot Shop Raid: Indictment
    8:37 PM
  • Group ready to fight recreational pot efforts
    7:44 PM
  • Medical implant takes aim at opioid addiction
    7:11 PM
  • New Jersey man pleads guilty after being caught in marijuana grow house in Bloomfield
    6:50 PM
  • Sheriff: Eastern Alamance student brought rifle, knife, drugs to school
    4:51 PM
  • California boosts pot taxes, shocking unsteady industry
    4:13 PM
  • From Seed to Sale: Behind the Scenes of a Marijuana Shop
    2:57 PM
  • Get Paid To Stay Off Opioids With New App
    11:51 AM
  • Medical Examiner finds San Diego jail inmate, 28, died from meth overdose
    10:56 AM
  • Glens Falls woman pleads guilty in heroin case
    10:07 AM
  • Customs officers in Otay Mesa find 10 tons of cannabis in cargo shipment
    10:05 AM
  • Washington County man charged after drug-sniffing dog ingests suspected heroin
    9:40 AM
  • Mark your calendar: Next federal opioid trial set for October 2020
    8:47 AM
  • Two charged in Carver County drug overdose death
    7:41 AM
  • Smoke and mirrors: Of course the federal government should downgrade marijuana from its current narcotic status
    7:22 AM
  • The Crown Series Four filming continues with anti-Thatcher protests
    7:18 AM
  • Maine K9 treated after ingesting drugs during arrest
    6:49 AM
  • Vaping epidemic forcing Mass. apartments to change anti-smoking policies
    6:42 AM
  • Did you see that marijuana banner flying over Scranton
    6:06 AM
  • Action News Investigation: Are you getting what's advertised in CBD products
    5:24 AM
  • Cellphone data and a tattoo account for dramatic turn in 2017 murder prelim
    4:17 AM
  • Fayetteville Police body camera shows dramatic drug overdose rescue
    3:33 AM
  • Man Charged For Watching 'South Park' While Driving High On Marijuana
    2:04 AM
  • U.S. House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level
    1:50 AM
  • Michigan man sentenced in fatal stabbing at Sonoma County marijuana grow
    1:16 AM
  • 21 Nov 2019
  • Suspected drug dealer indicted on charges in connection with 2014 overdose death
    11:22 PM
  • 12 arrested in Mexican marijuana trafficking bust in Butte County
    11:10 PM
  • Dozens indicted in undercover drug operation spanning three counties
    8:54 PM
  • 12 People From Mexico Arrested In Marijuana Operation Bust In Butte County
    7:27 PM
  • Grand Opening of Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Scranton
    7:13 PM
  • Hemp Vs. Pot: The Difference Can Send You To Prison
    6:10 PM
  • Man Gets 15 Years For Fatal Stabbing In Sonoma Marijuana Grow
    5:48 PM
  • Tiny Nation Has World's Worst Heroin Problem
    5:34 PM
  • Police seize 976 pounds of marijuana in North Texas
    4:55 PM
  • High interest: consumers buying pot at $1M per day pace in MA
    4:36 PM
  • Lottery will determine states 6 new medical pot licenses
    4:28 PM
  • Petition seeks medical marijuana for ailing household pets
    4:08 PM
  • Marijuana business still booming in Mass. one year after first pot shop opened
    2:40 PM
  • Man Charged With Watching 'South Park' While Driving High On Marijuana
    1:54 PM
  • Ex-police chief who stole heroin sentenced to probation
    1:22 PM
  • Lawyer: Vegas man to appeal sentence in Oregon-Iowa pot case
    11:46 AM
  • Police: Brockton man illegally possessed 62 THC vape cartridges
    11:29 AM
  • SHERIFF'S REPORT: Tomah man referred for road rage incident
    11:17 AM
  • Charges Expected To Be Dropped After NYPD Mistakes 106 Pounds Of Hemp For Illegal Marijuana
    10:46 AM
  • Legal hemp, CBD stir more farmers to grow unfamiliar crop
    9:40 AM
  • Marietta tobacco/vape shops shut down, owner arrested
    9:04 AM
  • Police: 2 Westmoreland inmates hid drugs in jar of peanut butter
    8:25 AM
  • Sheriff's investigators seize over 600 marijuana plants in Adelanto
    8:10 AM
  • Divided U.S. House committee backs pot decriminalization
    7:41 AM
  • St. Joseph County Drug Unit being shut down amid uptick of violence
    7:36 AM
  • Investigators note witness descriptions of two suspects in 2017 murder in Suisun City
    5:15 AM
  • Florida marijuana ballot measures draw attention from wary lawmakers
    4:23 AM
  • NH Primary Source: Shaheen, Hassan appear in Stop Opioid Silence public service ads
    4:01 AM
  • 3 busted after CT raid finds fentanyl-laced heroin
    2:53 AM
  • Crystal Lake man given 9-year prison sentence in disabled girlfriends overdose death
    1:05 AM
  • 20 Nov 2019
  • Former Elizabeth Borough Police Chief To Serve No Time In Prison For Stealing Heroin From Evidence Room
    10:47 PM
  • Former Elizabeth police chief gets no jail time after pleading guilty to stealing heroin from department evidence room
    10:22 PM
  • No jail time for Elizabeth Boro ex-police chief who stole heroin from evidence room
    10:12 PM
  • Criminal charges in accidental overdose deaths criticized
    9:50 PM
  • Police find pills at Redskins safety Montae Nicholson's home after woman's 'overdose' death
    9:21 PM
  • Payette County sees fatalities related to huffing
    8:32 PM
  • Drug prevention experts educate parents about medical marijuana
    6:33 PM
  • Michigan man faces murder trial for allegedly poisoning wife's cereal
    4:54 PM
  • Growing pains for legal weed in California
    4:50 PM
  • Divided US House committee backs pot decriminalization
    3:52 PM
  • Police agencies face task of pot offense expungements
    3:24 PM
  • Legalizing marijuana in U.S. takes first step as House advances bill to remove pot from Controlled Substances Act
    2:55 PM
  • police arrest woman who fled carrying suspected drugs
    2:20 PM
  • Former police chief who stole heroin avoids jail time
    12:51 PM
  • Michigan man accused of killing wife by spiking her cereal with heroin will stand trial
    12:04 PM
  • Woman charged in death of elderly mother who overdosed
    11:33 AM
  • Michigan takes applications for adult-use marijuana licenses
    11:03 AM
  • Community members learn about All4Knox
    9:35 AM
  • Police: Unity man sexually assaulted teen girl, bought her heroin
    9:11 AM
  • Judge to decide case of Warwick man accused of killing 23-year-old while driving under the influence of pot
    9:10 AM
  • Former Jeannette doctor sentenced to house arrest for patient overdose deaths
    8:35 AM
  • Drugs seized during search
    7:21 AM
  • Akron man accused of using Snapchat scheme to commit armed robbery
    5:19 AM
  • Tyrone James Nelson Of Mille Lacs Receives 77 Month Prison Sentence For Heroin Trafficking Conspiracy
    5:06 AM
  • Police: 1,000 bags of heroin found at Pittsfield traffic stop
    2:01 AM
  • Heroin falls from driver's shorts in Tarentum traffic stop
    1:41 AM
  • Vandergrift man jailed on drug possession charges
    1:25 AM
  • Illegal pot sales outpace legal cannabis in California
    1:12 AM
  • Sen. King: Banking laws must protect cannabis businesses
    12:51 AM
  • 19 Nov 2019
  • Drug dealer gets 24 years in prison for selling oxycodone to friend with instructions for overdose
    8:22 PM
  • Court records detail manslaughter charges related to fatal overdose in Manchester
    7:34 PM
  • Illinois Approves 8 More Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries
    7:18 PM
  • Opioid trial against pharmacy chains scheduled for next year
    7:13 PM
  • Pills, foil with residue found in home of Redskins Montae Nicholson after womans apparent overdose, search warrant says
    6:33 PM
  • Police: Boy describes heroin as 'mommy's medicine' that she makes sometimes
    6:02 PM
  • U.S. Coast Guard Confiscates Nearly $370 Million In Cocaine, Marijuana
    6:00 PM
  • Colorado Supreme Court Lessens Restrictions for MMJ on Probation
    5:44 PM
  • Colorado Supreme Court approves medical marijuana during probation
    5:41 PM
  • 2 University Of Tulsa Football Players Removed From Team After Arrest
    5:40 PM
  • U.S. Marshals Most Wanted Fugitive May Be In Tulsa Area
    4:59 PM
  • Minneapolis considers studying role of police response to drug overdose calls
    3:21 PM
  • Using cannabis every day can help people manage chronic pain and reduce illicit opioid use
    3:01 PM
  • Police: 3 arrested after Pittsfield traffic stop uncovers 1,000 bags of heroin
    2:31 PM
  • 'I Was Screaming': Mom Charged After Her Baby Overdoses On Heroin-Fentanyl Mixture
    12:05 PM
  • Feds Warn Of Heroin-Laced Vape Solution After Two High Schoolers Hospitalized
    12:01 PM
  • School nurses cannot administer medical cannabis, school board says
    11:21 AM
  • Colorado justices approve medical marijuana during probation
    11:01 AM
  • Police: Amount of carfentanil seized could kill between 850,000 to 1.2 million people
    8:42 AM
  • Two sentenced to prison for Monroe County drug conspiracy
    8:09 AM
  • State police find 15 pounds of marijuana in Wayne County
    7:58 AM
  • Police: Beach Lake man arrested with 80 bags of heroin
    7:43 AM
  • Bailing on responsibility: As previously detained serious offenders are granted pre-trial release, elected leaders must take another look at recent criminal justice reforms
    7:36 AM
  • Neither side awarded damages in lawsuit between Grupo Flor, Moss Landing Commercial Park
    5:22 AM
  • NTSB: Cocaine, marijuana in system of flight instructor involved in fatal Marineland plane crash
    5:14 AM
  • Firing Medical Marijuana Patients for Drug Use Would Be Banned Under New Florida Bill
    5:02 AM
  • New London High School Student Brought Pellet Gun to School: Police
    4:31 AM
  • Heroin dealer called in fake bomb threat to Manhattan federal courthouse to avoid urine drug test: prosecutors
    3:30 AM
  • How to treat drug addicts and stop overdose deaths
    3:26 AM
  • 20 people charged with drug distribution in Springfield area
    3:01 AM
  • Deal averts federal trial on opioid crisis
    2:44 AM
  • 3 Waterbury gang members arrested on gun, drug charges after year-long investigation
    1:25 AM
  • Black entrepreneur, once affected by 'drug war,' seeks to open Brockton pot shop
    1:25 AM
  • 2 arrested after fatal overdose in Manchester, including victims younger brother
    1:22 AM
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