February 17, 2020
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30 Jan 2019
  • Panetta: Job of intel community is to speak truth to power
    10:03 PM
  • Venezuela crisis may open rift between Trump, Putin
    8:39 PM
  • Corsi: Stone hoped DNC emails would be distraction
    7:38 PM
  • Trump clashes with intel chiefs over North Korea, ISIS and Iran
    7:05 PM
  • Report: Pres. Trump had yet another private meeting with Putin
    6:21 PM
  • Graham asks FBI director for briefing on Roger Stone raid
    5:59 PM
  • Undocumented former Trump workers lobby Congress
    5:39 PM
  • Where the investigations related to President Trump stand
    5:14 PM
  • Trump blasts U.S. intelligence officials, disputes assessments on Iran and other global threats
    4:08 PM
  • White House dangles threat of another shutdown over wall
    1:18 PM
  • State Sen. DeWitte hoping to reverse Illinois debt, improve infrastructure
    1:15 PM
  • U.S. intel chiefs contradict Trump on North Korea, ISIS group threats
    1:11 PM
  • Trump friend Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Russia probe
    1:06 PM
  • GOP leaders signal no taste for renewing shutdown over wall
    1:05 PM
  • U.S. intel heads list North Korea, not border, as threat
    1:03 PM
  • Intel chiefs contradict Trump on national security threats
    12:48 PM
  • Suspect in Tampa serial killings says jail making him sick
    12:03 PM
  • Watch top intel chiefs contradict Trump on ISIS, Russia
    11:45 AM
  • Trump Publicly Breaks With His Top Intelligence Officials
    11:09 AM
  • Analyst: Trump treats Putin as a shadow adviser
    9:11 AM
  • Gulf between Trump and intelligence chiefs
    7:56 AM
  • Gulf between Trump and intel community ought to be 'real frustration' for Cabinet, Townsend says
    7:54 AM
  • 29 Jan 2019
  • Anderson Cooper takes on Sarah Sanders' Trump defense
    8:50 PM
  • Intel chiefs contradict Trump on ISIS
    7:53 PM
  • Intel chiefs contradict Trump's stance on ISIS, Iran and North Korea
    7:14 PM
  • Intel chiefs contradict Trump on ISIS, North Korea
    7:12 PM
  • Ex-FBI official: Trump associates' crimes are serious, not process
    5:58 PM
  • Panelist: Trump doesn't know how to defend U.S. from Russia
    5:56 PM
  • Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller probe charges
    4:57 PM
  • House GOP leader says border deal doesnt need word wall
    3:25 PM
  • The Latest: Stone leaves court without speaking publicly
    3:01 PM
  • US intel chiefs contradict Trump on NKorea, IS group threats
    2:59 PM
  • Trump adviser Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Russia probe as he takes on a new role: defendant
    2:15 PM
  • Spy agencies doubt North Korea will give up nuclear weapons
    2:02 PM
  • Senate committee delays vote on Trump's attorney general pick
    1:53 PM
  • Trump friend Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Russia probe case
    12:21 PM
  • To 'Lock Him Up!' Jeers, Roger Stone Shows Up to Enter Plea
    12:02 PM
  • Trump adviser Roger Stone pleads not guilty to obstruction, witness tampering in Russia probe
    11:40 AM
  • Trump friend Stone pleads not guilty in Russia probe case
    11:39 AM
  • Florida McDonald's workers help little girls whose dad was accused of DUI
    11:37 AM
  • Trump said he beat ISIS, intel chief says otherwise
    11:19 AM
  • The Latest: Roger Stone arrives at court for his arraignment
    11:03 AM
  • Undocumented workers reportedly fired from Trump golf club after years of service
    10:43 AM
  • John Avlon fact checks Trump's voter fraud claims
    8:53 AM
  • Why have so many Trump advisers lied to investigators
    4:33 AM
  • 25 Jan 2019
  • Trump associate Roger Stone indicted in Russia investigation
    11:34 PM
  • Lemon: Has there ever been a worse day for Trump
    11:32 PM
  • Stone: When you don't have evidence, you use theatrics
    9:47 PM
  • Trump signs bill to temporarily reopen government, ending longest US shutdown but leaving border wall fight unresolved
    9:30 PM
  • Trump donates $100,000 from salary to alcoholism research
    8:48 PM
  • Roger Stone loves dogs. His indictment says he threatened to steal one.
    8:47 PM
  • Trump's changing denials about collusion
    8:42 PM
  • Analysis: Blockbuster day in Washington deals blows to Trump
    7:39 PM
  • Analysis: Blockbuster day in Washington deals two blows to President Trump
    7:07 PM
  • Who 'directed' a Trump campaign official to reach out to Stone about wikileaks
    5:49 PM
  • Six Trump associates now charged in Mueller's investigation
    5:48 PM
  • Roger Stone charges shed new light on Trump campaign's link to WikiLeaks
    2:55 PM
  • Key takeaways from Roger Stone's indictment in Russia probe
    2:23 PM
  • Trump ally Roger Stone has long history in Broward County
    12:50 PM
  • Roger Stone, longtime Trump aide, says he is falsely accused after obstruction arrest
    12:48 PM
  • Trump to make shutdown announcement at White House - live updates
    12:34 PM
  • Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate, arrested and charged with obstruction, witness tampering
    12:14 PM
  • Trump ally Roger Stone appears in shackles in court after early-morning arrest
    12:08 PM
  • Bond set at $250,000 for Trump ally Roger Stone
    11:57 AM
  • Trump responds to Roger Stone indictment
    11:56 AM
  • Trump ally Roger Stone appears in court in shackles after 7-count indictment
    11:41 AM
  • Trump associate Roger Stone appearing in federal court
    10:53 AM
  • Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate and self-avowed trickster, arrested and charged with obstruction, witness tampering
    10:35 AM
  • Trump associate Roger Stone arrested, faces obstruction charge
    10:27 AM
  • Roger Stone, a longtime Trump associate, arrested and charged with obstruction, witness tampering
    9:39 AM
  • Trump ally Roger Stone, arrested in Fort Lauderdale, has long history in Broward County
    9:38 AM
  • Roger Stone, Trump associate, faces obstruction charge
    9:09 AM
  • Month into shutdown, Trump signals flexibility in funding negotiations
    8:01 AM
  • Roger Stone Indicted on Charges Brought by Special Counsel
    7:37 AM
  • Roger Stone arrested; the Trump confidant faces obstruction charge
    7:35 AM
  • Roger Stone, a longtime Donald Trump associate, arrested and charged with obstruction, witness tampering
    7:33 AM
  • Roger Stone, former Trump campaign adviser, charged in Russia investigation
    7:23 AM
  • Mueller indicts Trump associate Roger Stone
    6:54 AM
  • FBI arrests Roger Stone
    6:53 AM
  • Trump associate Roger Stone arrested, charged in Mueller investigation
    6:43 AM
  • Former suburban Chicago mayor accused of embezzlement
    6:13 AM
  • Backed by military, Venezuelas Maduro hits back at rival
    2:06 AM
  • Trump aides struggle to show some shutdown empathy
    12:37 AM
  • 24 Jan 2019
    23 Jan 2019
  • Lara Trump: Shutdown 'a bit of pain' for federal workers
    9:16 PM
  • Michael Cohen postpones testimony, citing 'threats' by Trump
    7:38 PM
  • Analyst: Round 1 goes to Trump unless Cohen testifies
    7:02 PM
  • Speier on Trump and Cohen: Feels like 'The Godfather'
    6:26 PM
  • Cohen delays public testimony citing threats from Trump, Giuliani
    5:52 PM
  • Violating norms, Trump says Cohen father-in-law should be investigated
    5:51 PM
  • Ex-NYPD official: Trump got star treatment from gun bureau
    5:34 PM
  • Manafort denies lying to investigators after plea agreement
    5:33 PM
  • The Latest: Cohen may be brought from prison to testify
    4:56 PM
  • Ex-Trump fixer Michael Cohen will not testify before Congress next month, lawyer says
    4:43 PM
  • Michael Cohen delays testimony to Congress, citing threats to his family by Trump, Giuliani
    4:14 PM
  • Until the shutdown ends, Pelosi denies Trump access to House for State of the Union
    4:12 PM
  • Michael Cohen postpones congressional testimony, claims threats from President Trump and Rudy Giuliani
    4:11 PM
  • Trump pushes immigration proposal as shutdown fight intensifies
    3:58 PM
  • Trump: Cohen has only been 'threatened by the truth'
    3:56 PM
  • Citing Threats From Trump, Cohen Postpones Testimony
    3:55 PM
  • Trump meets on drug pricing as shutdown drags on
    3:22 PM
  • Cohen postpones testimony in front of Congress
    3:20 PM
  • House Democrats Probing White House Security Clearances
    2:37 PM
  • Trump intends to deliver State of Union next week as planned
    2:18 PM
  • Amid wall debate, pope says fear of migration makes us crazy
    1:18 PM
  • House Democrats investigate White House security clearances
    11:28 AM
  • Ocasio-Cortez Tasked With Investigating Trump
    9:32 AM
  • Motive unclear in Nevada slayings Trump thrust in spotlight
    1:27 AM
  • Fact-checking Trump's Russia investigation claims
    12:45 AM
  • Washington state electors challenge fine for anti-Trump bid
    12:00 AM
  • 22 Jan 2019
  • Porn stars hush money suit against Trump could be tossed
    9:26 PM
  • The Latest: Porn star's suit vs. Trump could be tossed out
    8:06 PM
  • U.S. Rep. Casten decries Trump, McConnell during town hall in Algonquin
    6:41 PM
  • Trump's history of promises to the LGBTQ community
    6:26 PM
  • What we know so far about proposal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow
    6:06 PM
  • How do Trump's 2016 LGBTQ allies explain his actions
    5:42 PM
  • Trump aiming to end lawsuit over porn star hush money deal
    4:47 PM
  • Despite Pelosi request to delay, Trump moves ahead with SOTU
    4:27 PM
  • Supreme Court allows Trumps partial ban on transgender troops in military to take effect
    2:00 PM
  • Supreme Court hands Trump win on transgender ban, defeat on DACA
    1:46 PM
  • Supreme Court allows Trumps partial military ban on transgender troops in military to take effect
    1:29 PM
  • DeSantis picks Trump administration official for high court
    12:30 PM
  • Supreme Court Gives Trump Victory on Transgender Ban
    11:07 AM
  • SCOTUS allows transgender military ban to go into effect
    10:35 AM
  • Supreme Court allows Trumps partial military ban on transgender people in military to take effect
    10:20 AM
  • Supreme Court allows Trump's transgender troop ban for now
    10:07 AM
  • Annual gun show gathers amid 'Trump slump' in sales
    9:11 AM
  • Congress to probe whether Trump told lawyer Cohen to lie
    4:58 AM
  • 18 Jan 2019
  • Mueller disputes accuracy of BuzzFeed report on Trump, Cohen
    11:12 PM
  • Feds: Death penalty possible in Bronx murder-for-hire case
    8:54 PM
  • Former Chicago officer sentenced to 81 months for fatally shooting teenager
    8:48 PM
  • Ex-Chicago officer sentenced in shooting death of Laquan McDonald
    8:18 PM
  • Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, according to report
    7:47 PM
  • Officer sentenced to 81 months in Laquan McDonald murder
    7:44 PM
  • Officer who killed teen used racial slurs, excessive force
    6:36 PM
  • Former FBI officials react to report Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress
    5:48 PM
  • Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke to be sentenced for teen's death
    3:58 PM
  • The Latest: Giuliani denies report Trump told Cohen to lie
    1:07 PM
  • Democrats vow investigation after report Trump ordered Cohen to lie to Congress about Russia
    1:02 PM
  • Graham in Turkey after criticizing Trump's Syria withdrawal plans
    11:51 AM
  • The Latest: Officer who shot Laquan McDonald to be sentenced
    11:06 AM
  • Congress to probe Buzzfeed report that Trump directed lawyer to lie
    10:35 AM
  • BuzzFeed News: Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about business in Moscow
    10:25 AM
  • BuzzFeed reporter talks about explosive Trump story
    9:19 AM
  • What we know about the Trump-Putin G20 meetings
    8:48 AM
  • Democrats: This New Report on Trump One of the Worst Yet
    7:47 AM
  • Trump ordered lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about Moscow hotel project: report
    6:49 AM
  • Hot takes! Readers have them on guns, Trump, bikes and my slobbering puke Commentary
    6:48 AM
  • Was there collusion Trump lawyer walks back earlier remarks
    1:29 AM
  • Judge acquits 3 officers of Laquan McDonald shooting cover-up
    1:26 AM
  • After cover-up trial, officer who shot teen to be sentenced
    1:06 AM
  • Chicago Officers Found Not Guilty of Conspiracy in Laquan McDonald Shooting
    12:30 AM
  • Buzzfeed: Sources say Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress
    12:02 AM
  • 17 Jan 2019
  • Judge acquits 3 Chicago officers of Laquan McDonald cover-up
    11:18 PM
  • Cuomo: Trump doesn't have to commit a crime to be wrong
    11:13 PM
  • Trump says wall will stop drugs, facts differ
    9:05 PM
  • Belarusian model who claimed Trump information arrested in Moscow
    8:57 PM
  • Chicago cops found not guilty
    8:49 PM
  • Giuliani changes his defense of Trump (again)
    8:46 PM
  • Prank edition of Washington Post was 'not a joke,' creator says
    8:31 PM
  • Judge Acquits Officers in Laquan McDonald Cover-up
    6:24 PM
  • Man accused of throwing coffee on worker arrested
    5:28 PM
  • Rudy Giuliani denies saying Trump campaign didn't collude with Russia
    4:38 PM
  • 3 Chicago cops acquitted of trying to cover up Laquan McDonald shooting
    4:37 PM
  • AP Explains: Trump says wall will stop drugs, facts differ
    4:23 PM
  • Judge rules cops not guilty in Laquan McDonald cover-up
    4:02 PM
  • The Latest: Judge: Cops had other view of McDonald shooting
    3:47 PM
  • Trump reacts to ISIS attack that killed 4 Americans in Syria
    3:31 PM
  • I never said there was no collusion, Trump lawyer says
    3:05 PM
  • Trump addresses deaths of Americans killed in Syria
    12:39 PM
  • The Latest: Giuliani aims to clarify collusion comments
    12:18 PM
  • NYT reporter: Trump sided with Russia on 2016 DNC hacks
    11:50 AM
  • Giuliani: 'I never said there was no collusion' between Trump campaign and Russia
    11:14 AM
  • The many nice things Trump has said about Putin
    10:37 AM
  • Rudy Giuliani just contradicted nearly all the Trump team's past collusion denials
    10:15 AM
  • Democrats and activists punish Trump with a new strategy: Ignoring him
    10:14 AM
  • 'I never said there was no collusion,' Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says
    10:13 AM
  • 'I never said there was no collusion,' Trump lawyer says
    9:13 AM
  • Police arrest and charge Virginia man with illegal dumping of 1,000 tires
    8:17 AM
  • Trump appears unchanged on Syria policy after ISIS attack that kills U.S. troops
    7:52 AM
  • Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani: I never said there was no collusion between the campaign and Russia
    7:29 AM
  • Chicago awaits 2 historic hearings in fatal police shooting
    2:44 AM
  • Government shutdown may upend State of the Union speech
    2:42 AM
  • Judge set to issue verdict in Chicago police cover-up case
    1:24 AM
  • 2020 Democrats face a choice: Fight Trump or ignore him
    12:44 AM
  • Zakaria: I wouldn't want Rudy Giuliani as my lawyer
    12:27 AM
  • 15 Jan 2019
  • Acting AG Whitaker to testify as Democrats ramp up oversight
    11:45 PM
  • Trump's AG Nominee: Mueller Probe Not a Witch Hunt
    8:02 PM
  • Trumps attorney general nominee: I will not be bullied
    7:40 PM
  • Some Republicans break with Trump on Russia sanctions resolution
    7:28 PM
  • Fmr CIA Russia Chief: Trump withdrawal from NATO would be gift to Putin
    6:23 PM
  • William Barr, Trump's attorney general nominee, vows he will 'not be bullied'
    6:09 PM
  • What if Mueller proves Trump collusion and no one cares
    4:57 PM
  • Trump's AG nominee asserts independence, says he wouldn't fire Mueller without cause
    2:28 PM
  • Trump, Putin and a test of presidential power
    2:23 PM
  • Democrats rebuff Trump invite, thwarting effort to bypass Pelosi on shutdown
    2:19 PM
  • EPA criminal action against polluters hits 30-year low
    2:18 PM
  • The Latest: Barr says he declined to join Trump defense team
    1:29 PM
  • Mueller not ready for Trump aide's sentencing, filing says
    1:27 PM
  • Eye Opener: Trump refuses to budge on border wall funding
    11:59 AM
  • The Latest: Barr says intervention would be 'abuse of power'
    11:09 AM
  • AG nominee Barr says he doesn't believe Mueller would be involved in 'witch hunt,' as Trump has labeled Russia probe
    10:32 AM
  • Kurds fear their fate as Turkey says Trump reaffirmed U.S. Syria withdrawal
    10:15 AM
  • New Report Won't Help Trump on the Russia Narrative
    9:43 AM
  • Kurds fear fate as Turkey says Trump reaffirmed U.S. Syria withdrawal
    7:21 AM
  • Trump rejects short-term fix, declares he'll 'never back down' in shutdown fight
    6:40 AM
  • Trump declares he'll 'never back down' in shutdown fight
    3:50 AM
  • Trump's AG nominee: Mueller should be allowed to finish work
    3:49 AM
  • The Latest: Barr prepares for Senate confirmation hearing
    3:48 AM
  • Trump Says He 'Never Worked for Russia'
    12:55 AM
  • Lemon questions why Trump defers to Putin
    12:51 AM
  • Trump's AG pick to steer through Dem, GOP queries at hearing
    12:12 AM
  • 14 Jan 2019
  • Trump declares hell never back down in shutdown fight
    8:42 PM
  • Blumenthal: Revelations about Trump are stomach-turning
    8:03 PM
  • Questions grow over what Trump discussed with Putin
    8:02 PM
  • Burnett: Trump 'tough on Russia' Since when
    8:01 PM
  • Trump denies report on Russia
    7:30 PM
  • Police shooting case lawyers make last sentencing arguments
    7:18 PM
  • AG nominee sent memo on Mueller probe to Trump's lawyers
    7:17 PM
  • Trump says shutdown will continue until Democrats cave
    7:00 PM
  • Trump pushes back on Russia reports ahead of attorney general confirmation hearing
    6:59 PM
  • Trump has a record of deference to Russia
    6:56 PM
  • Trump slams FBI for investigating US-Russia ties
    6:19 PM
  • Hillary Clinton Has Fighting Words for Trump
    6:17 PM
  • Trump confiscated notes of Putin meeting right before NYT bombshell
    5:56 PM
  • Trump allies point to FBI inquiry as evidence of bias
    5:56 PM
  • The Latest: Barr says Mueller must be allowed to wrap probe
    4:45 PM
  • William Barr vows to let special counsel investigation finish
    3:26 PM
  • Trump Answers 'Most Insulting' Question
    2:40 PM
  • The Latest: In New Orleans, Trump vows to fight for wall
    2:27 PM
  • Trump says, 'I never worked for Russia'
    2:11 PM
  • Trump's AG Nominee: It's Vital Mueller Finishes His Report
    12:34 PM
  • Trump denies ever working for Russia, blasts investigators
    11:38 AM
  • Camerota on Trump: This news is mind blowing
    11:19 AM
  • Trump denies he's compromised by Russia
    10:47 AM
  • Trump: I never worked for Russia
    10:45 AM
  • Trump's AG nominee: 'Vitally important' Mueller finish work
    10:32 AM
  • Trump says he never worked for Russia live updates
    10:13 AM
  • Trump says he never worked for Russia as he leaves for New Orleans live updates
    9:44 AM
  • Trump's behavior on Russia made the FBI suspicious. Can you blame them
    8:46 AM
  • Avlon on Trump's Russia claim: Not true
    8:35 AM
  • President Trump went to extraordinary lengths to hide details of Putin meetings, report says
    7:53 AM
  • Trump Threatens Ally With 'Economic Devastation'
    7:39 AM
  • Trump invokes Bighorn and Wounded Knee in latest Pocahontas slur against Sen. Warren
    6:59 AM
  • FBI debated whether Trump followed Russia's direction
    6:46 AM
  • Trump Didn't Deploy Note Takers at Putin Meeting
    12:36 AM
  • 13 Jan 2019
  • CNN analyst: Trump is hamstringing his team
    11:17 PM
  • Trump says US will hurt Turkey economically if it hits Kurds
    9:10 PM
  • FBI Investigated How Trumps Actions Seemed to Benefit Russia
    9:07 PM
  • Report: Trump concealed details of Putin talks
    7:14 PM
  • Elijah Cummings' new power for investigating Trump
    7:12 PM
  • Trump under fire for reportedly concealing details of Putin talks
    6:48 PM
  • Trump lashes out over dual reports on relationship with Russia
    3:54 PM
  • Bernstein's latest on Trump-Putin relationship
    2:40 PM
  • Trump's relationship with Putin under scrutiny after new reports
    2:13 PM
  • Bernstein: Trump helped Putin destabilize US
    1:49 PM
  • Warner: Trump almost 'parroted' Putin's policies
    12:04 PM
  • Johnson: Up to Trump to shield Putin meeting details
    11:33 AM
  • The Latest: Senator disputes Trump's claim on Russia policy
    10:57 AM
  • Warner: We don't know what Trump and Putin discussed
    10:39 AM
  • NYT: FBI feared Trump was working on behalf of Russia
    10:12 AM
  • Trump dodges question on whether he has worked for Russia
    9:37 AM
  • Trump calls report on FBI probe of him 'most insulting'
    9:03 AM
  • Trump: That's 'Most Insulting Thing' I've Ever Been Asked
    8:27 AM
  • Trump on Putin: I'm not keeping anything under wraps
    1:11 AM
  • McHenry County breweries feel effect of government shutdown
    12:56 AM
  • Democrats Promise Probe of Trump Meetings With Putin
    12:42 AM
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