July 15, 2020
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21 Aug 2019
  • McKeesport man convicted in Westmoreland heroin ring wants new trial
    11:40 PM
  • Rantoul man charged with having heroin for sale in his home
    11:16 PM
  • Day care operator indicted for drug distribution
    10:24 PM
  • New Kensington man, freed in February after murder sentence, to serve 2 years for heroin
    10:11 PM
  • New Castle-area doctor pleads guilty to dealing fentanyl in Western Pa., Ohio
    10:09 PM
  • Fentanyl at an 'all-time high' for overdose deaths, experts say
    9:56 PM
  • Feds Charge 19 In OKC-Area Heroin, Meth Distribution Ring
    8:50 PM
  • Reduction In Opioid Prescriptions Credited For Lowering Number Of Marin County Overdoses
    7:30 PM
  • Construction workers more prone to fatal opioid overdoses
    6:36 PM
  • Fallout from the Philadelphia Standoff; 6 Officers Shot
    5:32 PM
  • Fentanyl presence growing as opioid deaths decline slightly
    4:40 PM
  • 19 indicted in Oklahoma drug trafficking investigation
    4:36 PM
  • Rockford man charged with drug violations after speeding stop
    4:10 PM
  • Scientists Warned in 2006 That Opioid Crisis Was Unfolding
    4:05 PM
  • Verdict to be announced Monday in state's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers
    2:27 PM
  • Former Elizabeth police chief pleads guilty to stealing heroin from evidence room
    2:24 PM
  • Fentanyl at an 'all time high' as opioid-related overdose deaths drop
    2:12 PM
  • Former Elizabeth Borough Police Chief Pleads Guilty To Stealing Heroin From Evidence Room
    1:13 PM
  • Oklahoma judge expected to rule Monday in opioid case
    12:42 PM
  • Cleveland County judge to read decision in Oklahoma's historic opioid trial next week
    11:56 AM
  • Baltimore man allegedly built $4 million drug empire -- and its not first time hes been accused in drug ring
    9:29 AM
  • Arkansas drug program releases data on opioids
    9:05 AM
  • Teen 'almost dies' after taking valium tablet laced with drug 50 times more potent than heroin
    6:14 AM
  • The fourth wave of the opioid crisis: Feds warn of a rise in meth use
    1:42 AM
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