February 17, 2020
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31 Jul 2019
  • In Minnesota, praise and concern for Trump's new drug plan
    11:21 PM
  • Trump admin opens door to allow drug importation from Canada
    11:17 PM
  • Trump sends envoy for hostage affairs to Sweden on a mission to bring back A$AP Rocky
    10:55 PM
  • U.S. says new round of talks with China were constructive
    10:46 PM
  • Trump Administration To Allow Americans To Access Lower-Cost Prescription Drugs From Canada
    9:12 PM
  • 10-year-old girl crashes car while attempting to drive to McDonalds
    8:15 PM
  • National Cathedral condemns Trumps racialized rhetoric
    5:27 PM
  • Fed cuts key rate in its first reduction in more than decade
    4:01 PM
  • Federal Reserve cuts key interest rate, first reduction in more than decade
    3:14 PM
  • Federal Reserve is poised to cut rates for first time in a decade
    2:41 PM
  • Elijah Cummings: Heres the background on the congressman Trump attacked
    12:03 PM
  • Indiana man accused of posting Trump threats pleads guilty
    11:11 AM
  • Trump's pick for Joint Chiefs vice chair faces questions over assault allegations
    10:39 AM
  • Trump administration to allow Americans to access lower-cost drugs from Canada
    10:32 AM
  • John Legend Cusses Out Trump, Calls Him a Racist 'Piece of S'
    10:14 AM
  • Death and justice in America: Dont let Trumps death-penalty gambit drag vital reform efforts off course
    6:58 AM
  • Trump blast Baltimore AGAIN saying it's 'worse than Honduras' for violent crime
    4:49 AM
  • 'We Are Coming For You Trump': Florida Man Accused Of Threatening President Trump
    4:25 AM
  • Fed is poised to cut rates for first time in a decade
    3:04 AM
  • 30 Jul 2019
  • California governor signs bill on presidential tax returns
    11:13 PM
  • A$AP Rocky pleads not guilty in Stockholm street fight trial, as Trump sends U.S. hostage negotiator to Sweden
    8:25 PM
  • Judge tosses DNCs lawsuit against Russia and Trump campaign over hacked emails
    8:19 PM
  • Judge rejects Democrats case against Trump 2016 campaign
    5:19 PM
  • McDonald County investigating homicide after woman's body found
    3:42 PM
  • HUD administrator Lynne Patton defends Trump again over racism charges
    2:10 PM
  • Our endless cycles of anti-Trump outrage: We need to find a way to channel them into something constructive
    1:55 PM
  • Trump on Baltimore: Those people are living in hell
    12:03 PM
  • A$AP Rocky pleads not guilty to assault as Stockholm trial begins
    10:20 AM
  • Trump urges America to 'get smart' over Somali refugees arrested for ISIS plot
    9:52 AM
  • Kathy Griffin complains that she was left 'unemployable' after Trump photo row
    9:51 AM
  • A$AP Rocky trial to get underway in Sweden
    8:58 AM
  • Suburban women recoil as Trump dives into racial politics
    8:51 AM
  • Trump endorses GOP attorney general candidate in Kentucky
    8:33 AM
  • Officials at safety walk discuss Trump tweets, city violence
    7:53 AM
  • A$AP Rocky trial underway in Sweden
    5:04 AM
  • Officer 'forgot' he took bite of sandwich he accused McDonald's workers of eating
    4:44 AM
  • Trump Signs 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Extension
    3:46 AM
  • As Trump dives into racial politics, suburban women recoil
    3:11 AM
  • 29 Jul 2019
  • Trump takes clemency actions in several cases
    10:44 PM
  • What Trump's Environmental Chief Said at a Delco Refinery
    9:35 PM
  • Help for the heroes: President Trump finishes the job for 9/11 heroes and victims
    8:37 PM
  • Indiana cop apologizes after falsely accusing a McDonalds worker of taking a bite of his sandwich
    8:32 PM
  • Doubts emerge about Trump pick for US intelligence chief
    6:54 PM
  • Accused of racism, Trump blasts black congressman as racist
    5:52 PM
  • Gunman kills 2 kids, 1 other at Gilroy, California, festival
    5:48 PM
  • Trump signs 9/11 first responders bill
    4:45 PM
  • President Trump signs $10.2B 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund into law
    2:19 PM
  • Trump signs 9/11 victims' compensation fund extension
    2:04 PM
  • Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting: Trump Offers Condolences, Calls Shooter 'Wicked'
    1:32 PM
  • Trump signs Sept. 11 victims' compensation fund extension
    12:46 PM
  • Donald Trump rips Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi over poorly kept districts
    11:50 AM
  • Bernard Young, Baltimore mayor, returns fire against Donald Trump: 'Stop tweeting!'
    11:49 AM
  • President Trump signs 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
    10:54 AM
  • The Latest: Trump condemns festival shooter as 'wicked'
    10:39 AM
  • Director of national intelligence who often clashed with Trump to resign
    10:18 AM
  • President Trump Expected To Sign 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Extension Today
    10:04 AM
  • Trump says Coats is out as national intelligence director
    9:52 AM
  • Dave Price Watched a Convicted Murderer Get Executed in an Electric Chair Nicknamed 'Yellow Mama'
    4:01 AM
  • Trump, Politicians React to Shooting at Gilroy Garlic Fest.
    3:57 AM
  • Trump steps up attack on black lawmaker, calls him 'racist'
    2:56 AM
  • Trump, Politicians React to Shooting at Calif. Garlic Fest.
    12:47 AM
  • 25 Jul 2019
  • Lewiston teen could be tried as adult in fatal park brawl
    11:44 PM
  • House passes bipartisan budget bill with Trump support
    10:48 PM
  • Trump, de Blasio exchange barbs over cops being doused with water
    8:25 PM
  • How Trump ended up in front of a doctored presidential seal
    6:00 PM
  • Man accused of trying to kill witness pleads guilty
    5:35 PM
  • Taxpayers in Aspen may have to foot $24k security bill for VP Mike Pence's appearance at private fundraiser for Trump campaign
    5:04 PM
  • Bob Mueller, Donald Trump and America
    3:03 PM
  • Trump Administration Sued Over Border Surveillance Program
    2:21 PM
  • Trump Appears in Front of Altered Seal With Russia Symbol
    2:16 PM
  • Trump vetoes bill blocking arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
    9:10 AM
  • Trump mocks Mueller, calls testimony a 'disaster'
    9:08 AM
  • Trump on Afghanistan: 'If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just don't want to kill 10 million people.'
    9:04 AM
  • Muellers Day, Trumps Doomsday
    8:54 AM
  • Mueller testifies before Congress
    4:55 AM
  • Robert Mueller Testifies About Russia Probe On Capitol Hill As President Trump Calls It 'Devastating Day' For Democrats
    4:30 AM
  • Watch: Mueller dismisses Trump's claims of Russia probe exoneration
    3:45 AM
  • Mueller rejects Trump's claims of exoneration, 'witch hunt'
    2:54 AM
  • Trump declares Mueller testimony a win for the White House
    2:48 AM
  • After watching Mueller hearings, Trump calls it a 'great day for me'
    12:51 AM
  • 24 Jul 2019
  • Analysis: Mueller report still looms over Trump's White House
    11:08 PM
  • President Trump speaks out about Mueller hearings: 'He had no material to work with; he did a horrible job'
    10:18 PM
  • Recap: A Look at Robert Mueller's Testimony
    10:01 PM
  • Mueller Says Trump Not Exonerated and Other Top Moments
    9:55 PM
  • Mueller: No Russia exoneration for Trump, despite his claims
    7:26 PM
  • Robert Mueller testimony: Special counsel questioned about Trump, Russia investigation
    7:22 PM
  • Bernie Madoff asks Trump for clemency
    7:09 PM
  • Quigley, Mueller draw answers out of Mueller about Trump praising WikiLeaks, his Russia ties
    6:51 PM
  • 7 key takeaways from Robert Muellers testimony before Congress on the Trump-Russia investigation
    6:41 PM
  • Fact check: President Trump falsely claims former special counsel Robert Mueller exonerated him
    6:40 PM
  • President Trump declares Robert Muellers testimony before Congress a win for the White House
    6:38 PM
  • As Mueller speaks, Trump attacks, lobs baseless claims
    6:31 PM
  • Trump associate proved invaluable FBI source, records show
    6:04 PM
  • Mueller was asked if Trump's written responses were adequate. Here's what he said
    5:43 PM
  • Robert Mueller condemns Trump's 'problematic' praise of WikiLeaks
    5:34 PM
  • Asked whether Trump could potentially be indicted after leaving office, Mueller responds, True
    5:28 PM
  • WATCH LIVE: Former special counsel Robert Mueller dismisses Trump's claims of Russia probe exoneration
    5:14 PM
  • WATCH LIVE: Robert Mueller testifies he did not clear Trump of obstruction of justice
    5:11 PM
  • Robert Mueller testifies on Trump and Russia investigation
    5:07 PM
  • Robert Mueller dismisses Trump's claims of Russia probe exoneration
    5:05 PM
  • Mueller dismisses Trump's claims of Russia probe exoneration
    4:52 PM
  • Video and updates from Robert Mueller's congressional testimony on the Trump-Russia report
    1:48 PM
  • News Update: State of emergency declared in Coconino County, McDonald's worker arrested for exposing himself, police say
    1:09 PM
  • Mueller: Trump 'was not exculpated' for alleged acts
    12:51 PM
  • Robert Mueller calls out Trumps claim that he interviewed for the job of FBI director
    12:44 PM
  • President Trump is pleased by Fox News coverage of Robert Muellers testimony
    12:42 PM
  • Special Council Robert Mueller Takes Center Stage Congressional Hearings
    11:51 AM
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Senator Who Predicted My Death is Dead
    11:46 AM
  • In testimony before House committee, Mueller says Trump 'was not exculpated' for alleged acts
    11:35 AM
  • Mueller dismisses claims that investigation exonerated President Trump
    11:07 AM
  • Black voters say they won't forget Trump's racist tweets
    10:42 AM
  • Trump opponents see Mueller hearing as a final opportunity
    10:09 AM
  • Watch Live: Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress
    9:58 AM
  • Watch live Robert Mueller testimony: Special counsel to be questioned about Trump, Russia investigation
    9:44 AM
  • Mueller: I did not clear Trump of obstruction of justice
    9:41 AM
  • LIVE: Former special counsel Robert Mueller is testifying before Congress
    8:37 AM
  • WATCH LIVE: Robert Mueller delivers testimony on Trump and Russia investigation
    8:06 AM
  • Robert Mueller faces Congress for pair of blockbuster public hearings
    7:32 AM
  • What to look for when Mueller testifies on the Russia probe
    6:49 AM
  • LAPD chief promises public report on use of informant against anti-Trump protesters
    3:20 AM
  • Trump Hits Back in Fight Over Tax Returns
    2:23 AM
  • Here's What Stewart Has to Say Now That 9/11 Victims Fund Bill Has Finally Passed
    2:21 AM
  • Mueller to take center stage at Russia probe hearings
    12:40 AM
  • 23 Jul 2019
  • The Mueller testimony: 10 things to watch for at Wednesday's hearings on the Trump-Russia report
    11:09 PM
  • Senate approves bill to extend 9/11 victims fund
    9:53 PM
  • Trump sues House panel, NY to protect state tax returns
    7:37 PM
  • Esper is sworn in as defense secretary to succeed Mattis
    7:04 PM
  • Georgia woman gets cold fries at McDonald's, barges into kitchen and fires gun
    6:56 PM
  • MAGA Bombers Lawyers Blame Trump, Sean Hannity for His Radicalization
    6:55 PM
  • Robert Mueller testimony: How to watch, what to expect as special counsel questioned about Trump, Russia investigation
    4:35 PM
  • Senate approves bill to extend 9/11 victims fund ensuring it never runs out of money
    4:24 PM
  • What to look for when Mueller testifies about Russia probe
    2:05 PM
  • Man who killed mob boss allegedly thought he was helping Trump
    11:02 AM
  • Trump on Afghanistan: If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just don't want to kill 10 million people.
    10:51 AM
  • Trump and California at it again
    4:41 AM
  • Trump expands fast-track deportation authority across US
    2:52 AM
  • American woman begs for Trump's help amid Syrian rubble
    1:48 AM
  • Trump denies claim Iran arrested 17 spies
    1:13 AM
  • Ready to fight, Trump says he'll watch 'a little' of Mueller
    1:02 AM
  • 21 Jul 2019
  • Trump defends racist tweet, slams 'The Squad'
    9:57 PM
  • 'Weak,' 'Insecure,' Incapable of 'Loving Our Country': Trump Blasts 'Squad' After Slamming News Report
    9:50 PM
  • Trump defends racist tweet, slams The Squad
    9:17 PM
  • Jerry Nadler: Mueller hearing to air evidence of Trump wrongdoing
    6:03 PM
  • Nadler: Mueller hearing to air evidence of Trump wrongdoing
    3:55 PM
  • Nadler: Mueller hearing focus on Trump wrongdoing evidence
    2:01 PM
  • Second City goes first: As New York still dithers over cops involved in Garner case, Chicago gets police accountability right
    11:59 AM
  • Here's How Trump's Rhetoric Keeps Inspiring Death-Threats in South Florida
    11:44 AM
  • Justin Bieber's backhanded thank you to President Trump
    11:00 AM
  • Trump administration delays ban on abortion referrals at family planning centers
    10:51 AM
  • Justin Bieber: I appreciate Trump helping A$AP Rocky, but 'can you also let those kids out of cages'
    10:25 AM
  • West Midlands Police investigate boy 15 shot outside McDonalds Coventry
    10:09 AM
  • Thiessen: If they won't pass his trade deal, Trump should make Democrats own NAFTA
    8:12 AM
  • Swedens prime minister says he cannot and will not influence legal system after Trump tweets about detained rapper A$AP Rocky
    5:20 AM
  • ESPN reasserts political talk policy after attack on Trump
    4:51 AM
  • Judge ordered to rethink ruling in Trump emoluments case
    4:50 AM
  • U.S. troops train under radar in case of Russia war
    4:44 AM
  • Justin Bieber has a question for President Trump
    3:54 AM
  • What racism, CT supporters say about Trumps tweets
    3:24 AM
  • National View Column: Democrats should be going gaga for Trump's NAFTA replacement
    3:17 AM
  • 20 Jul 2019
  • Trump's bail offer for jailed rapper rings hollow in Sweden
    10:16 PM
  • ESPN reasserts policy on political talk after attack
    9:27 PM
  • Trump weighs in on A$AP Rocky's jail treatment; Swedish prime minister won't intervene
    7:24 PM
  • Iran's poking at West heightens risks of military missteps
    7:00 PM
  • Trumps bail offer for jailed rapper rings hollow in Sweden
    6:40 PM
  • Mueller's testimony poses risk for Trump, but also Democrats
    2:45 PM
  • Virginia Democrats threaten to boycott Jamestown commemorations if Donald Trump attends
    2:24 PM
  • President Trump's strange response to Yazidi woman whose family was killed by ISIS
    1:53 PM
  • Trump offers to vouch for A$AP Rocky's bail in Sweden
    1:31 PM
  • Donald Trump Will Guarantee Bail for A$AP Rocky
    11:29 AM
  • Trump offers to guarantee A$AP Rocky's bail in Sweden
    11:28 AM
  • Swedish PM to Trump: A$AP Rocky won't get special treatment
    11:06 AM
  • 3,100 inmates being released as Trump administration implements criminal justice reform
    10:03 AM
  • ESPN personality goes on politically charged Trump rant
    9:03 AM
  • Trump says his black friends asked him to help A$AP Rocky
    6:32 AM
  • Why no hush-money charges against Trump Feds are silent
    6:07 AM
  • Why Trump's pick to head Labor Dept scares worker advocates
    5:02 AM
  • Fox News Host to Geraldo Rivera: I Can Tell You to Go Back to Where You Came From
    4:10 AM
  • Man arrested after allegedly raping 4-year-old girl in McDonald's play area bathroom
    4:08 AM
  • As Iran-U.S. Tensions Rise, Hezbollah Readies for War With Israel
    4:02 AM
  • Police overseers fire 4 officers in Laquan McDonald-related case
    3:12 AM
  • Oklahoma man arrested for allegedly raping 4-year-old in McDonald's bathroom
    3:07 AM
  • 19 Jul 2019
  • 3,100 inmates being released as Trump administration implements criminal justice reform; 19 are in Connecticut
    10:51 PM
  • Iran denies Trumps claim that U.S. warship shot down an Iranian drone
    8:43 PM
  • Former Upstate deputy arrested for domestic violence, SLED says
    7:33 PM
  • Donald Trump's accusers say they feel forgotten
    6:48 PM
  • Mueller Report might figure in suit against Trump campaign
    6:47 PM
  • Panel orders federal judge to reconsider Trump appeal
    6:44 PM
  • Mackerman was a top gun
    6:39 PM
  • NH police investigate suspicious deaths in Concord
    4:55 PM
  • Trump says he's trying to bring rapper A$AP Rocky home
    4:34 PM
  • Man accused of raping 4-year-old in McDonald's bathroom
    3:36 PM
  • Iran denies Trump claim that US destroyed Iranian drone
    3:23 PM
  • Trump administration trying to bring A$AP Rocky home
    3:21 PM
  • Watch how Trump reacts to woman's harrowing survival story
    3:15 PM
  • Letter: Halt ICE raids, inhumane treatment of refugees
    2:49 PM
  • Trump vows to win freedom for rapper ASAP Rocky as Sweden uses KGB-type tactics to keep him imprisoned for street fight
    2:11 PM
  • LAPD informant infiltrated left-wing activists during Trump protests, records show
    12:43 PM
  • Sheriff: Flagler man pulls gun on roommate's dog
    12:42 PM
  • Sicko rapes 4-year-old inside McDonalds bathroom in Oklahoma: police
    11:57 AM
  • Dan Le Batard defies ESPNs no politics policy by slamming Trumps racism
    11:56 AM
  • Timeline of Trump-Cohen phone calls before 2016 election
    11:11 AM
  • Iran denies Trump claim that US shot down Iranian drone
    10:56 AM
  • Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia as labor secretary
    10:36 AM
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar Stands Strong After Donald Trump Attack
    10:02 AM
  • Trump accuses crazed media of concocting Send her back firestorm resumes war of words with Ilhan Omar
    9:55 AM
  • Trump picks son of late Justice Scalia for labor secretary
    8:48 AM
  • Killing the opioid pain: A hope-filled decline in fatal overdoses is endangered by Trump administration folly
    8:24 AM
  • Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia, son of the late Supreme Court justice, to be labor secretary
    8:05 AM
  • Oklahoma man accused of raping child in McDonald's bathroom
    7:47 AM
  • Noon Fix: Former Progreso cop faces more accusations; Former police chief gets 20 years; Trump declares Valley disasters
    7:25 AM
  • Missing boater found dead in Rock River
    7:00 AM
  • Chicago Police Board fires 4 officers in McDonald-related case
    6:59 AM
  • Sheriff: Flagler manpulls gun on roommate's dog
    2:03 AM
  • FBI warrants show Trump's close involvement in hush money effort
    1:34 AM
  • 4 Chicago cops fired over alleged cover-up of Laquan McDonald shooting
    12:46 AM
  • 18 Jul 2019
  • Police Board Votes to Fire 4 Officers in McDonald Case
    11:02 PM
  • Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia, son of former Supreme Court justice, for labor secretary
    10:30 PM
  • Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia for labor secretary
    10:18 PM
  • Police overseers fire 4 officers in McDonald-related case
    10:17 PM
  • Records detail frenetic effort to bury stories about Trump
    8:36 PM
  • American warship destroys Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz
    7:54 PM
  • Florida GOP disinvites Scaramucci from fundraiser and he says black chairman 'condones' racism
    7:22 PM
  • Trump boasts 19 out of 22 MS-13 gangsters arrested in Los Angeles this week were 'illegal aliens'
    6:58 PM
  • Honduran girl, 13, grew restless with Trump's anti-immigration policies and hanged herself
    6:54 PM
  • FBI warrant: Trump joined in four-minute party line crisis call with Hope Hicks and Michael Cohen
    6:51 PM
  • Trump says U.S. Navy shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz
    6:39 PM
  • Trump says American warship shot down Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz
    5:45 PM
  • East Hartford police arrest New London woman on drug charges
    4:06 PM
  • Trump spoke repeatedly with Cohen, aides amid scramble to pay Stormy Daniels, court documents show
    3:06 PM
  • Trump slams Puerto Rico leaders: 'Under siege,' 'despicable'
    1:57 PM
  • Records: Trump discussed quashing stories about affairs
    1:42 PM
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger 'disgusted' with chants of 'send her back'
    1:30 PM
  • Records: Trump discussed quashing stories about affairs leading up to the 2016 election
    1:28 PM
  • Former Texas judge leaves GOP, denouncing Trump for racism
    1:27 PM
  • The Latest: No additional charges in Trump hush money probe
    12:58 PM
  • Lemon: Trump trying to convince you attack isn't racist
    6:51 AM
  • GOP won't turn on Trump, but wishes he would turn down the volume
    5:41 AM
  • Palm Beach man tased after police say he kicked, punched officers
    5:06 AM
  • NJ sues Trump administration over state, local tax deduction rules
    4:33 AM
  • Trump seen surrounded by cheerleaders at a 1992 party with Jeffrey Epstein
    4:05 AM
  • Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!'
    4:04 AM
  • Trump vs. Democrats: lines drawn for 2020
    3:54 AM
  • Second federal judge blocks Trump admin from adding citizenship question to census
    12:41 AM
  • 17 Jul 2019
  • Trump Fuels Rally Crowd Chant of 'Send Her Back!'
    10:18 PM
  • 3 states sue Trump administration over tax workaround
    8:21 PM
  • E.J. Dionne: A time for choosing: Trump or John Paul Stevens
    8:17 PM
  • Trump says he has no regrets about attacking Dem lawmakers
    8:09 PM
  • House holds 2 Trump officials in contempt in census dispute
    7:44 PM
  • Prosecutors say theyve closed investigation into campaign finance case involving Trumps former lawyer, Michael Cohen
    7:22 PM
  • Tape Shows Trump, Epstein Discussing Women at 1992 Party
    3:08 PM
  • Feds end probe into hush money payments to Trumps alleged paramours, records of national importance to be released
    2:43 PM
  • The way to beat Trump is to punch as hard as he does
    2:37 PM
  • Former Texas statewide judge leaves GOP, citing Trump's racism
    2:28 PM
  • Pakistan re-arrests terror group founder before leader's Trump meeting
    12:54 PM
  • Judge cuts off Roger Stone from his political lifeblood: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    11:47 AM
  • Child sex trafficking prosecutions in decline under Trump administration
    9:19 AM
  • Judge mulls whether Trump friend Roger Stone broke gag order
    8:56 AM
  • U.S. to Withhold F-35 Fighters From Turkey, Trump Says
    6:26 AM
  • Opponents sue to block Trumps new asylum rules
    5:14 AM
  • Steve King Calls Out Joni Ernst for Criticism of President Trump's Tweets
    4:55 AM
  • Trumps new asylum rules go into effect, and opponents sue
    4:13 AM
  • House vote condemns Trump's tweets, draws some GOP support
    3:58 AM
  • Trump on Mueller testimony: How many bites at the apple do you need
    2:23 AM
  • House Passes Resolution Formally Denouncing Trump Tweets As Racist
    2:14 AM
  • House condemns Trump 'racist' tweets in extraordinary rebuke
    1:37 AM
  • Trump Administration Won't Be Granting Venezuelans Temporary Protection for Now
    1:28 AM
  • Trump-loving pipe bomber Cesar Sayocs explosives were duds: FBI analysis
    12:39 AM
  • 16 Jul 2019
  • Kamala Harris: Trump needs to go back where he came from
    10:51 PM
  • Letter to the Editor Trump out of line with recent tweet
    10:45 PM
  • Trump on Mueller testimony: 'How many bites at the apple do you need'
    10:08 PM
  • Trump rape accuser gave dress she claims she was wearing to New York Times for DNA analysis
    8:23 PM
  • Trump 'will take a look' after Peter Thiel says Google 'should be investigated for treason'
    8:09 PM
  • FBI report: Mailed pipe bomb devices wouldn't have worked
    6:50 PM
  • Trump's new asylum rules go into effect, and opponents sue
    6:44 PM
  • Kellyanne Conway asks Whats your ethnicity at reporter asking about Trumps racist tweets
    6:40 PM
  • Trump appointee Barr made final call on prosecuting NYPD officer in 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner
    6:26 PM
  • Judge formally bans citizenship question from 2020 census
    5:59 PM
  • Federal judge permanently blocks Trump admin from adding citizenship question to 2020 census
    5:07 PM
  • Trump says US won't sell fighter jets to Turkey
    3:10 PM
  • The Latest: Trump urges look at Thiel allegations on Google
    2:59 PM
  • Judge restricts social media use of Trump friend Roger Stone
    2:01 PM
  • This is the agenda of white nationalists: Democratic congresswomen targeted by Trump in racist tweets fire back as president digs in
    12:57 PM
  • Read Full Text of House Resolution Condemning Trump's 'Racist Comments'
    11:30 AM
  • Trump says Congress should rebuke Ocasio-Cortezs squad for the most vile, hateful, and disgusting things
    9:33 AM
  • Trump doesn't care who calls him racist; he likes the cards he's playing
    6:34 AM
  • Renewing racist criticism, Trump says many agree with him
    5:57 AM
  • Trump adviser Conway ignores Congressional subpoena
    4:35 AM
  • Immigrant Rights Groups Decry New Trump Asylum Restrictions
    1:35 AM
  • 15 Jul 2019
  • Trump steps up attack on minority congresswomen, saying they 'hate our country'
    10:38 PM
  • Trump moves to effectively end asylum at southern border
    10:19 PM
  • Congresswomen call Trump's 'blatantly racist attack' a distraction
    8:15 PM
  • Trump's history of inflaming racial tensions
    8:09 PM
  • Pressley on Trump's attacks: Don't take the bait
    7:52 PM
  • Trump escalates 'go back' where you came from racist attack on congresswomen
    7:51 PM
  • Booker: Trump is literally fanning the flames of racial violence
    7:47 PM
  • E Jean Carroll is exploring legal action against Trump over rape claims
    7:14 PM
  • Twitter comes under fire for not banning Trump over 'racist' remarks
    7:00 PM
  • Mnuchin insists he's 'not concerned' about his Twitter attack on freshmen congresswomen
    6:56 PM
  • Editorial: President Trump's 'racist' tweets confirm a 'racist' presidency
    6:05 PM
  • UK leadership contenders criticize Trump's lawmaker tweets
    5:49 PM
  • Ohio chief justice: Trump attacks on judiciary 'dangerous'
    4:58 PM
  • Many people agree with me: Trump digs in on racist tweets
    4:36 PM
  • Boris Johnson: Trumps go home attack was totally inappropriate
    4:31 PM
  • Trump defends tweets and says if lawmakers have problem with U.S., they should leave
    4:10 PM
  • By attacking congresswomen, Trump may have unified a divided Democratic party
    4:09 PM
  • GOP governor: Trump's tweets 'shameful, racist'
    3:54 PM
  • 'Many people agree with me': Trump digs in on racist tweets
    2:47 PM
  • Is Trump Racist Xenophobic Local Congress Members React
    2:46 PM
  • Trump's tweets against 4 liberal congresswomen of color called racist
    2:07 PM
  • Lightfoot Writes Open Letter to Trump on ICE Raids
    2:00 PM
  • The Latest: Unbowed by furor over tweets, Trump says 'leave'
    1:43 PM
  • Trumps threatened ICE raids could hearten his base, and terrify immigrants
    10:48 AM
  • Eye Opener at 8: Trump under fire for tweets denounced as racist
    10:29 AM
  • Trump digs in amid censure of racist tweets about lawmakers
    10:11 AM
  • Critics describe President Trump's tweets against congresswoman as racist
    9:27 AM
  • President Trump renews attacks on congresswomen
    8:31 AM
  • Trump's tweets at Democratic women of color denounced as racist
    8:08 AM
  • Trump's tweets against 4 liberal congresswomen called racist
    7:35 AM
  • Trump Weighs Ousting Commerce Chief After Census Defeat
    6:00 AM
  • Maryland police chief apologizes after a white officer was caught on camera using the N-word
    4:03 AM
  • Leave the U.S., Trump tells liberal congresswomen of color
    3:56 AM
  • Leave the U.S., Trump tells Democratic congresswomen of color
    2:13 AM
  • Trump's tweets against liberal congresswomen called racist
    12:52 AM
  • 14 Jul 2019
  • Trump meeting with Guatemalan president rescheduled
    11:51 PM
  • Ayanna Pressley slams 'racism' of President Trump's tweets
    10:38 PM
  • Trump, evangelical supporters unfairly attacked for efforts to stop abortion
    7:31 PM
  • Leave the U.S., Trump tells liberal Democratic congresswomen
    7:13 PM
  • Trump tells Democratic congresswomen of color to go back to countries they came from in tweets denounced as racist
    7:00 PM
  • Maryland police department releases bodycam footage where arresting officer used racial slur (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)
    6:44 PM
  • Independence police investigate double shooting near McDonald's on 40 Hwy.
    6:39 PM
  • Leave the US, Trump tells liberal congresswomen of color
    5:44 PM
  • Stelter: Trump's tweet is 'straight up racist'
    4:26 PM
  • Will Republicans condemn Trump's racist attacks
    4:25 PM
  • Trump assails group of Democratic congresswomen, provoking leaders to call comments racist
    3:54 PM
  • Trump tweets racist attacks at progressive Democratic congresswomen
    3:46 PM
  • Leave the US, Trump tells Democratic congresswomen of color
    3:32 PM
  • Leave the U.S., Trump tells Democratic congresswomen of color in tweets denounced as racist
    3:20 PM
  • Trump: Progressive Democratic congresswomen should 'go back' to 'places from which they came'
    2:47 PM
  • Leave the US, Trump tells liberal Democratic congresswomen
    2:38 PM
  • Trump's racially charged tweets target Dem congresswomen
    9:50 AM
  • William Barr ordered an investigation into how the CIA concluded Russia wanted to help Trump in 2016 but that investigation was already done 2 years ago
    7:42 AM
  • 'I Am Blunt': Klobuchar Slams Trump On Putin, Climate Change In Iowa Stump
    1:58 AM
  • 12 Jul 2019
  • Trump's lawyers fight congressional subpoena for financial docs
    10:25 PM
  • Trump to discuss migrant crisis with Guatemalan president
    9:13 PM
  • Acosta exits; Trump's big Cabinet turnover keeps growing
    7:44 PM
  • Trump asks Supreme Court to unfreeze border wall money
    6:58 PM
  • Trump Slams Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency
    3:30 PM
  • Militza Garcia
    12:59 PM
  • Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigns after criticism over Epstein plea deal
    12:58 PM
  • Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns amid Jeffrey Epstein deal scrutiny
    11:23 AM
  • Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigns amid Epstein deal scrutiny
    11:16 AM
  • Spokane-area politicians take different approaches to uncivil online critics after court rules Trump cant block Twitter followers
    10:54 AM
  • Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns amid furor over Epstein plea deal
    10:46 AM
  • Labor Secretary Acosta resigns amid Epstein deal scrutiny
    10:11 AM
  • Cops: Former employee robbed McDonalds
    9:26 AM
  • President Trump's July Fourth event and weekend protests drains Washington security fund, mayor says
    8:45 AM
  • Assorted subpoenas target Trump aides
    8:00 AM
  • Trump gives up census fight; citizenship data search is new plan
    7:56 AM
  • 2020 Democrats paint contrast with Trump on immigration
    3:16 AM
  • Cooper: Trump does this when he's blocked on something
    1:41 AM
  • Council rejects attorney general as chief justice
    1:39 AM
  • House Panel OKs Subpoenas for Big Names in Trump Probe
    1:34 AM
  • 11 Jul 2019
  • Trump abandons effort to include citizenship question on census
    10:55 PM
  • Alexander Acosta: Trump official who helped paedophile Epstein evade prosecution wants to slash funding for fighting child sex trafficking
    10:51 PM
  • Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Twitter Is Limiting His Reach
    10:40 PM
  • Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger go toe-to-toe... again
    10:19 PM
  • McDonald's staff beat man 'who tried to rob their restaurant' with sticks and fire extinguisher
    8:36 PM
  • Trump directs agencies to hand over citizenship data without census question
    7:07 PM
  • 2020 census: Trump expected to pursue new avenues on citizenship question
    5:30 PM
  • Trump turning to non-census avenue on citizenship question
    5:12 PM
  • Trump accuses China of foot-dragging on farm purchases
    4:51 PM
  • Council rejects NH AG Gordon MacDonald as chief justice
    4:20 PM
  • How realistic are Trump's mass deportation threats
    4:07 PM
  • Sexual assault allegations complicate confirmation of Trumps nominee for militarys No. 2 officer
    4:03 PM
  • House panel authorizes 12 subpoenas tied to Mueller report; list includes Kushner and Sessions
    3:20 PM
  • Trump plans new move to force citizenship question on census
    3:17 PM
  • House panel authorizes subpoenas tied to Mueller report
    3:15 PM
  • 'Enough already, go back to work!' Trump gripes about Democratic probes into his administration
    1:37 PM
  • Rosie O'Donnell says there is a 'creepy incest feel' between Donald and Ivanka Trump
    12:13 PM
  • Trump defends his use of Deutsche Bank as troubled giant faces DOJ investigation
    12:08 PM
  • Trump defends internet giants and launches investigation into France's proposed tax on Google
    11:00 AM
  • Trump will promote executive order to force citizenship question into Census at presser
    10:45 AM
  • Trump told Acosta to defend himself publicly
    10:31 AM
  • Boris Johnson says he's not to blame for ambassador's ouster
    10:05 AM
  • Trump's July Fourth event bankrupts DC security fund
    8:27 AM
  • ICE Raids on 2,000 Undocumented Immigrant Families to Begin Sunday: Sources
    8:22 AM
  • Trump to hold news conference on census citizenship question
    7:44 AM
  • Trump scores victory as court dismisses emoluments lawsuit over his D.C. hotel
    7:36 AM
  • Epstein, Trump & Eyes Wide Shut
    2:41 AM
  • Governor's next steps unclear after MacDonald's confirmation rejected
    12:52 AM
  • 10 Jul 2019
    09 Jul 2019
  • The Latest: 2 Epstein victims ask for secret deal dismissal
    11:06 PM
  • Glendale man who vandalized Trump star sentenced in theft of Marilyn Monroe statue
    11:02 PM
  • Alex Acosta Tries to Duck Blame for Going Easy on Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
    9:46 PM
  • Federal court: Trump can't ban critics from Twitter account
    8:50 PM
  • Trump says he feels 'very badly' for Acosta after critics attack role in 2008 plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein
    7:57 PM
  • House Judiciary Committee will vote on subpoenas for Kushner, Sessions
    7:43 PM
  • Court to Trump: Blocking Twitter critics is unconstitutional
    6:59 PM
  • Correction: Trump Fundraiser Probe story
    6:06 PM
  • Trump cant ban critics from viewing his Twitter posts, appeals court rules
    4:46 PM
  • Trump praises Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta amid calls for him to resign
    4:26 PM
  • Trump defends Acosta but will look into Epstein plea deal
    3:38 PM
  • House Judiciary will vote on subpoenas for Kushner, Sessions
    3:37 PM
  • Judge rules Trump administration can't require drug prices in TV ads
    2:43 PM
  • Judge nixes Trump administration rule to require drug prices in TV ads
    2:40 PM
  • Trump defends Acosta over handling of Epstein case
    1:51 PM
  • Court rules that Trump can't block critics on Twitter
    1:45 PM
  • Federal appeals court upholds ruling that Trump can't ban critics from his Twitter account
    12:35 PM
  • House intelligence panel interviewing Russia-born executive
    11:55 AM
  • DOJ files to stop Trump suit demanding financial documents
    9:37 AM
  • Trump's threats of ICE raids keep immigrants on edge
    7:42 AM
  • Judge blocks Trump rule requiring drug ads to reveal prices
    7:36 AM
  • Barr backs Trump on census citizenship question
    6:04 AM
  • President Trump issues emergency declaration after quakes and aftershocks rattle Kern, San Bernardino counties
    3:23 AM
  • Trump adviser: Next 72 hours 'crucial' for Alexander Acosta as Sen Tim Kaine calls for his departure
    3:05 AM
  • Tommy Robinson begs Donald Trump to give him asylum in the US as he faces jail for contempt of court
    2:57 AM
  • DOJ files to halt Trump suit demanding financial documents
    2:00 AM
  • Columbus man pleads guilty to possessing gun after felony conviction
    1:55 AM
  • Richard McDonald identified as latest Bridgeport homicide victim
    1:44 AM
  • Congressional Democrats subpoena Trump's financial, business records
    1:28 AM
  • 08 Jul 2019
  • Trump touts his energy 'leadership' in speech, bashes Green New Deal as a job-killer
    10:46 PM
  • Foreign Office investigate if leaked Sir Kim Darroch Trump memos were cyber hack from Russia
    10:42 PM
  • What did Epstein's famous friends know and see
    9:04 PM
  • William Barr vows to find legal workaround to get Trumps citizenship question on census
    6:54 PM
  • The art of the Iran deal: Trumps bluster makes the world less safe
    6:46 PM
  • House panel releases written answers from ex-Trump official
    6:26 PM
  • Trump's labor secretary Alex Acosta at center of Epstein scandal after agreeing to sweetheart deal
    5:35 PM
  • DOJ files to halt suit demanding Trump financial documents
    5:22 PM
  • GOP hush money man Elliott Broidy probed for peddling access to Trump inauguration
    2:23 PM
  • UK hunts leaker of ambassador's blunt Trump criticism
    12:57 PM
  • Sex-trafficking charges against Epstein could rock Trump's cabinet
    11:36 AM
  • Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy
    9:21 AM
  • UK's Top Diplomat in US Blasts Trump in Leaked Memos
    7:14 AM
  • Mt Druitt police officer is bitten on arm while trying to arrest man at Sydney McDonald's
    6:03 AM
  • AP: Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy
    2:11 AM
  • Melania Trump 'didn't believe Christine Blasey Ford's allegation against Brett Kavanaugh'
    12:39 AM
  • 02 Jul 2019
  • Judge blocks Trump policy keeping asylum-seekers locked up
    9:06 PM
  • LA mayor to Trump: Let's fix homeless crisis
    9:03 PM
  • Trump says he will tap economists for 2 key Fed vacancies
    9:02 PM
  • Trump administration moving ahead with printing 2020 census without citizenship question
    7:58 PM
  • U.S. House Democrats File Lawsuit To Obtain Trump's Tax Return
    6:58 PM
  • House committee files lawsuit for Trump tax returns
    6:33 PM
  • Lawyer: Trump administration moving ahead with printing 2020 census without citizenship question
    5:33 PM
  • House Democrats file lawsuit to obtain President Trump's tax returns
    4:08 PM
  • House committee sues IRS, Treasury for Trump tax returns
    3:42 PM
  • House committee files federal lawsuit seeking Trump tax returns
    3:06 PM
  • Report: Man pelts woman with sauce packets at Central Florida McDonald's; she rips out chunk of his beard
    11:11 AM
  • How Trump is tackling dual nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea
    10:59 AM
  • Trump says tanks will be part of his July Fourth celebration
    7:46 AM
  • Investigate Trump for rape Dont stop there, mayor: Get the NYPDs Special Victims Division in shape
    7:24 AM
  • Analysis: Trump has smiles for North Korea, threats for Iran
    5:45 AM
  • Trump isn't taking 'no tanks' for an answer for July Fourth
    3:43 AM
  • Trump lashes out at Cuomo
    3:12 AM
  • McDonald's manager says woman attacked him with stun gun over drive-thru wait
    2:14 AM
  • Trump warns he's not afraid to take action against Iran after canceling retaliatory military strike
    1:29 AM
  • Border patrol agents shared Photoshopped images of AOC performing oral sex on Trump
    1:17 AM
  • NASA faces key test of Orion spacecraft as it scrambles to meet Trump moon mandate
    12:47 AM
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