February 24, 2020
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29 Jun 2019
  • North Memorial Identifies Brainerd Helicopter Crash Victims
    10:21 PM
  • Trump administration agrees to delay health care rule
    9:19 PM
  • Trump thinks Putin was talking about California Democrats when he trashed Western liberalism draws blank on busing
    7:27 PM
  • Trump wraps up G20, says he'd be willing to meet with Kim Jong Un
    7:26 PM
  • Trump talks trade agreement with China at G20 summit
    7:22 PM
  • Readers from political left and right express views on Trumps reelection rally, Fox News and the U.S. Supreme Court
    6:37 PM
  • Analysis: Trump's diplomacy puts relationships over results
    5:26 PM
  • The Latest: Trump arrives in South Korea, plans DMZ visit
    11:22 AM
  • Trump appears to joke with Putin: Don't meddle in the election
    11:00 AM
  • Eye Opener: Trump holds a marathon news conference
    10:56 AM
  • Justices: Will look at DACA next term
    10:40 AM
  • Trump grins, tells Russian: Don't meddle
    10:38 AM
  • Trump jokes about election interference with Vladimir Putin
    8:20 AM
  • Ex-CIA Analyst: Trump sending Putin the wrong message
    8:18 AM
  • Trump appears to mock Russian election interference
    8:15 AM
  • Lawmaker: Trump fundamentally disrespected the free press
    8:14 AM
  • Trump: 'I'm extremely angry' about Khashoggi killing
    8:13 AM
  • Trump questioned about his 'meddling' joke to Putin
    8:12 AM
  • Trump Praises Saudi Crown Prince for Doing 'a Spectacular Job'
    7:50 AM
  • Supreme Court to rule on Trump bid to end 'dreamers' program
    7:19 AM
  • Trump jokingly asks Putin not to meddle in the election at G20
    7:16 AM
  • Trump says 'I know NOTHING about Wikileaks' after Julian Assange's arrest
    5:38 AM
  • The Latest: Putin says election issue was raised with Trump
    5:35 AM
  • Judge bars Trump from using $2.5B to build border wall
    4:01 AM
  • Fed Judge in Oakland Bars Trump From Using $2.5 Billion to Build Border Wall
    3:23 AM
  • Ethics panel reviews GOP lawmaker's tweet at ex-Trump lawyer
    2:55 AM
  • Trump calls for US census delay after Supreme Court defeat
    2:46 AM
  • You dont have this problem: Trump vents to Putin about frustration with reporters
    2:44 AM
  • 28 Jun 2019
  • Trump calls Saudi crown prince a 'friend of mine' as he dodges question about Khashoggi murder
    10:34 PM
  • G-20 leaders clash over values, face calls to protect growth
    9:38 PM
  • Jimmy Carter suggests Trump is an illegitimate president
    9:27 PM
  • Like old pals, Trump, Putin make light of election meddling
    9:17 PM
  • Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll reveals she sexually harassed Roger Ailes and praises the CEO
    7:52 PM
  • Trump, Putin joke about media, election meddling at G20
    7:12 PM
  • Jimmy Carter on Russia meddling: Trump didnt actually win the election'
    5:15 PM
  • Ethics panel examining if lawmaker threatened Trump lawyer
    4:27 PM
  • The Latest: Trump jokes with Putin over election meddling
    3:59 PM
  • Jimmy Carter claims Russia won Trump the White House
    2:46 PM
  • Supreme Court to rule on Trump push to end Dreamers protection
    2:12 PM
  • Trump jokes about election meddling with Putin
    1:52 PM
  • Letter: Call Trump what he is: A rapist
    1:18 PM
  • Trump appears to make light of Russian interference in 2016 election at G20 summit
    12:54 PM
  • Eye Opener at 8: Trump meets with Putin at G20
    12:52 PM
  • Supreme Court to decide on Trump bid to end DACA
    11:23 AM
  • Trump shares chuckle with Putin: Dont meddle in the election, please at G20 Summit
    10:45 AM
  • Trump jokes to Putin: Dont meddle in the election
    10:15 AM
  • Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please'
    9:17 AM
  • The Latest: Trump tells Bolsonaro he'll visit Brazil
    9:03 AM
  • President Trump wags finger at Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election'
    8:47 AM
  • Kansas praise follows court ruling to block citizenship question on census
    8:43 AM
  • Trump: What I say to Putin is none of your business
    5:51 AM
  • Supreme Court blocks Trump administration's census citizenship question
    5:22 AM
  • The Latest: 'Don't meddle' in election, Trump jokes to Putin
    5:15 AM
  • Morganton woman said teacher pointed gun at her in McDonald's drive-thru
    4:33 AM
  • AP Explains: The law criminalizing improper border crossings
    3:54 AM
  • Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election'
    3:18 AM
  • Trump to Putin: Don't meddle in the election
    3:08 AM
  • Trump, With a Smile, Tells Putin 'Don't Meddle in the Election'
    3:00 AM
  • Trump meets with Putin at G20 summit in Japan
    2:54 AM
  • 'Don't meddle' in election, Trump jokes to Putin
    1:57 AM
  • Trump tweets that census should be delayed
    1:34 AM
  • McDonald's in Akron's Merriman Valley robbed by two gunmen with T-shirts wrapped around their faces
    1:16 AM
  • Tillerson: Kushner Cut Me, Other Top Diplomats Out of Talks With Saudis
    12:36 AM
  • 27 Jun 2019
  • Putin sees common aims, pushing Trump on arms pact at G-20
    10:50 PM
  • In Japan, Trump pushes allies on trade before meeting Putin
    10:49 PM
  • Paul Manafort pleads not guilty in New York mortgage fraud case
    8:32 PM
  • Trump accuser told us of attack in the 90s, womans friends say
    8:31 PM
  • Friends: Trump accuser told us of attack in the '90s
    8:15 PM
  • Judge says Simpson County sheriff must remain on disability leave
    6:46 PM
  • Trump blames Democrats for migrants' deaths
    5:34 PM
  • Supreme Court keeps citizenship question on hold in census case; Trump seeks delay for 2020 Census
    5:01 PM
  • Manafort pleads not guilty in New York mortgage fraud case
    5:00 PM
  • Friends: Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll told us of sexual assault in the '90s
    4:59 PM
  • Double jeopardy fight looms after Manafort pleads not guilty
    4:23 PM
  • Trump wants to delay census after Supreme Court ruling
    4:02 PM
  • Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to mortgage fraud charges
    3:53 PM
  • Supreme Court Decisions: Trump asks for 2020 census delay after SCOTUS blocks citizenship question for now
    3:52 PM
  • U.S. Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question
    3:37 PM
  • AG faces hearing as NH Supreme Court chief justice nominee
    3:30 PM
  • Trump touches down in Japan for a crush of intense diplomatic talks with Putin andChina
    3:08 PM
  • Supreme Court blocks citizenship question from 2020 census for now
    2:27 PM
  • Supreme Court allows partisan districts, blocks census query
    11:50 AM
  • The Latest: Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question
    11:27 AM
  • State officials, FEMA opening disaster relief office in Jefferson County
    10:54 AM
  • John Kass: A.G. Bill Barr must find true reasons for Trump/Russia probe
    10:50 AM
  • Man, girlfriend charged in beating death of Neosho man
    10:28 AM
  • Anderson Cooper debunks Trump's new smear about Mueller
    8:30 AM
  • Miami Debates: What candidates said at Wednesday's face-off, plus Trump tweets
    4:59 AM
  • Boeing wont rename Max 737s, CEO tells Aspen crowd
    4:15 AM
  • Trump tells reporters it's 'none of your business' what he tells Putin
    2:16 AM
  • Manafort set to be arraigned on mortgage fraud charges
    1:50 AM
  • 26 Jun 2019
  • Eric Trump Spit on by Employee of Chicago Bar, Sources Say
    9:34 PM
  • Bar Whose Employee Spit on Eric Trump Releases Statement
    9:31 PM
  • Trump tells reporters it's none of your business what he tells Putin
    8:55 PM
  • Rape allegation against Trump splits GOP women of the Senate
    8:40 PM
  • Latest sex accusation against Trump lands with a thud
    8:24 PM
  • Trump claims without evidence that Mueller committed crime after House locks in special counsel for testimony
    5:00 PM
  • Trump claims Mueller illegally 'terminated' messages between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page
    4:27 PM
  • 2 panels prevail; Mueller to testify
    3:37 PM
  • Kremlin confirms Trump-Putin meeting at G-20
    2:43 PM
  • Monroe statue theft suspect previously took ax to Trump star
    2:22 PM
  • Paul Manafort to appear in New York court on Trump pardon-busting state fraud charges
    1:32 PM
  • Eric Trump Says He Was Spit on by Chicago Bar Employee
    10:33 AM
  • Trump says sexual assault accuser is not his type
    7:34 AM
  • If you believed Bill Clinton was a sexual predator, how can you possibly defend Trump
    4:31 AM
  • Trump issues stark warning to Iran
    3:19 AM
  • Trump says sexual assault accuser is not his 'type'
    3:16 AM
  • Columbia man sentenced for exposing himself in McDonald's playland
    3:06 AM
  • 25 Jun 2019
  • Judge allows Democrats' lawsuit against Trump to proceed
    11:30 PM
  • Trump Russia Probe
    11:29 PM
  • Mueller to testify to Congress in open session about his investigation
    10:46 PM
  • Iran vows to ditch more nuclear curbs in war of words with US
    9:53 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says Iran still takes threats seriously
    9:45 PM
  • Texas man who threatened Trump from prison gets 37 months
    4:53 PM
  • Pence launches Latinos for Trump coalition
    4:31 PM
  • LI financial adviser convicted of fraud in SEC case
    3:45 PM
  • Iran threatens to shoot down more US aircraft
    2:31 PM
  • Trump: Woman who accused him of sexual assault not his 'type'
    2:22 PM
  • Trump threatens obliteration if Iran attacks anything American
    1:52 PM
  • The Latest: Trump warns Iran against attacking US interests
    11:32 AM
  • Trump says columnist who accused him of sexual assault is not my type
    10:18 AM
  • Top Austrian court says Ukrainian oligarch can be sent to US
    7:58 AM
  • President Trump says journalist who accused him of rape is not my type
    7:08 AM
  • Trump star vandal formally charged with theft of Marilyn Monroe statue
    7:07 AM
  • New York Post deletes story about rape allegation against Trump at behest of Trump-loving editor: report
    7:05 AM
  • Trump says he'd fill Supreme Court vacancy before 2020 election
    12:56 AM
  • Democrats still working to get Trump-Putin translator notes
    12:05 AM
  • 23 Jun 2019
  • Trump: 'Surprise' question about Pence led him to hesitate
    10:21 PM
  • Analyst: This is the only reason Trump won't confront Putin
    8:43 PM
  • Something not right about latest accusation against Trump
    8:07 PM
  • Trump compares himself to Kavanaugh in latest allegation of sexual assault
    5:41 PM
  • Stamford PD to undocumented: Do not fear local police
    3:21 PM
  • Trump puts Saudi arms sales above Khashoggi inquiry
    3:06 PM
  • Trump shrugs off killing of Khashoggi by Saudi agents
    3:03 PM
  • Trump calls naming Jeff Sessions his attorney general his 'biggest mistake'
    2:15 PM
  • Trump cites Saudi Arabias spending habits when asked about accountability for Jamal Khashoggis murder
    1:49 PM
  • President Trump says Iran violated the nuclear deal, threatens obliteration like youve never seen before
    1:48 PM
  • US judge lets case against Manafort-linked oligarch stand
    12:40 PM
  • Trump won't say if he'll ask FBI to probe Khashoggi killing
    11:42 AM
  • Trump complains aides he hired are trying to push him into war with Iran, says report: 'It's so disgusting'
    11:41 AM
  • Bolton warns Iran not to mistake US 'prudence' for weakness
    9:13 AM
  • U.S. cyberattacks struck Iran systems, sources say
    8:22 AM
  • JOHN F. FLOYD: Democrats spoil chances for US-Russia reconciliation
    7:26 AM
  • WRAPUP 5-Trump says new sanctions on Iran to start Monday, dials back rhetoric
    5:26 AM
  • Trump tweets bizarre parody video suggesting he'll be president 4EVA
    4:03 AM
  • Melania appears at the annual Congressional picnic with Trump
    3:58 AM
  • Trump postpones nationwide immigration enforcement sweep
    2:41 AM
  • Lightfoot Fires Back at Trump Over Immigration Policies
    1:30 AM
  • Trump delays immigration sweeps. Heres why California police say they wont take part
    1:09 AM
  • Suspect arrested in Indiana after fatal Springdale shooting
    12:44 AM
  • Marla Maples performs yoga amid Trump rape scandal
    12:09 AM
  • 22 Jun 2019
  • Immigrant rights activists step up know-your-rights training amid Trump mass deportation threats
    9:10 PM
  • President Trump to delay immigration raid for two weeks
    8:38 PM
  • Trump delays ICE raids 2 weeks; Blumenthal reacts
    8:30 PM
  • AP sources: US struck Iranian military computers this week
    8:19 PM
  • Man Sentenced In Murder Of New Jersey Mother Of 3
    6:41 PM
  • Trump gives reason Iran strike scrubbed; he says likelihood of 150 dead behind call
    5:37 PM
  • Donald Trump plays down Iran attack on US drone as a big mistake by someone stupid
    5:33 PM
  • Man arrested in Marilyn Monroe Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo theft allegedly axed Trumps Walk of Fame star last year
    5:17 PM
  • Writer accusing Trump of sexual assault speaks out
    5:07 PM
  • Trump denies knowing E. Jean Carroll, woman accusing him of sexual assault in department store
    3:44 PM
  • Talk show host E. Jean Carroll says Trump raped her in the 1990s
    3:42 PM
  • Trump denies knowing NY woman accusing him of sexual assault
    2:37 PM
  • Activists step up trainings amid Trump deportation threats
    1:57 PM
  • Trump: Military action against Iran still 'on the table'
    1:33 PM
  • Missouri Rep. Clay co-sponsors resolution to impeach Trump
    1:07 PM
  • Port Of Oakland Leader Warns That Tariffs On China Threaten U.S. Economy
    11:44 AM
  • After calling off strikes against Iran, Trump suggests patience
    9:30 AM
  • Point of View: Opposition research: It's not Trump's fault that politics is a dirty game
    9:25 AM
  • Trump Suggests Iran Mistakenly Shot Down a U.S. Drone. Iran Says It Was Very Much on Purpose
    9:13 AM
  • Talk show host says Trump raped her at Manhattan department store in 1990s
    8:53 AM
  • President Trump faces new sexual assault allegation; he issues denial
    6:53 AM
  • Threats of deportation raids spark fear in Utah immigrant community
    6:26 AM
  • Writer claims Trump sexually assaulted her in New York City dressing room in the 1990s
    5:58 AM
  • Nationwide ICE Raids Won't Happen in San Diego: DHS Source
    5:22 AM
  • Donald Trump
    4:41 AM
  • Writer Claims In New Book She Was Sexually Assaulted By President Trump 23 Years Ago
    2:32 AM
  • Trump responds to accusation of '90s sexual assault
    1:56 AM
  • 21 Jun 2019
  • Trump says he stopped Iran strike with just 10 minutes to spare
    11:16 PM
  • A perilous time to have temps running the Pentagon
    11:08 PM
  • Trump says he called off strike on Iran after learning 150 would likely die
    11:06 PM
  • Writer makes sexual assault claims against Trump and Moonves
    11:03 PM
  • Columnist claims Trump sexually assaulted her in 1990s
    11:02 PM
  • Trump nominates Mark Esper to be next Defense Secretary
    11:01 PM
  • Writer accuses Trump of '90s sexual assault
    10:31 PM
  • The Latest: Trump says he's in 'no hurry' to strike Iran
    10:09 PM
  • ICE to Begin Raids in US Cities on Sunday: Report
    9:23 PM
  • ICE to Begin Raids in Miami, Other US Cities Sunday: Reports
    9:20 PM
  • Trump denies sexual assault allegation by New York columnist
    8:45 PM
  • Trump says U.S. was 'cocked and loaded' but calls off Iranian strikes, citing likely deaths
    8:14 PM
  • ICE raids targeting migrant families slated to start Sunday in major U.S. cities
    8:13 PM
  • Farmers loyal to Trump struggle with impact of trade war
    8:12 PM
  • After calling off strikes on Iran, Trump suggests patience
    7:22 PM
  • Trump faces new sexual assault allegation; he issues denial
    6:54 PM
  • Fox & Friends Calls Donald Trump Weak, Tries to Goad Him Into War With Iran
    5:09 PM
  • Trump administration says it plans to arrest 2K family members in deportation raids
    4:34 PM
  • Three reasons Trump-Russia hasnt turned into Watergate
    4:21 PM
  • Trump calls off Iranian strikes, citing likely deaths
    3:29 PM
  • US adds 5 Chinese organizations to tech blacklist
    2:49 PM
  • Trump calls off Iranian strikes after being told 150 people could die
    2:38 PM
  • The Latest: Trumpsaysstrike would've been disproportionate
    1:35 PM
  • Trump turns away from his Iran battle plans to attack the 'Crooked' New York Times
    1:28 PM
  • Democratic candidates rally Latinos vs. Trump in Miami forum
    1:04 PM
  • Roy Moore running for Senate despite discouragement from GOP
    12:05 PM
  • Trump ordered attack on Iran for downing drone, then called it off
    11:28 AM
  • House Intelligence to subpoena Trump associate Felix Sater
    11:11 AM
  • Trump called off Iranian strikes, citing potential deaths
    10:35 AM
  • Trump says he called off Iran strike with 10 minutes to spare after general said attack would kill 150 civilians
    10:16 AM
  • Trump calls off military strikes against Iran after approving them
    9:37 AM
  • Trump abruptly cancels military strike against Iran
    8:53 AM
  • What's behind Trump's decision to not strike Iran
    8:48 AM
  • Appeals court deals blow to Planned Parenthood
    4:17 AM
  • Trump OK'd, then halted Iran strikes
    4:13 AM
  • Russia-born executive to testify about Trump Moscow project
    3:10 AM
  • Trump considering response after Iran shoots down U.S. drone
    2:51 AM
  • Casten supports impeachment inquiry
    2:45 AM
  • Trump approves strikes on Iran for downing drone, but then reverses decision
    2:44 AM
  • Trump says Iran made 'big mistake' in downing US drone
    2:40 AM
  • Trump downplaying Iranian drone shoot-down is good move, experts say
    2:07 AM
  • UFOs are one conspiracy theory that Trump doesn't buy
    12:49 AM
  • 19 Jun 2019
  • CNN reporter: We don't know where Trump got this number
    8:59 PM
  • Noon Fix: Affidavit brings new info on local attorney's arrest; Air ambulances have returned to Hidalgo County; LUPE, ICE share their thoughts on Trump's immigration threats
    6:54 PM
  • Trumps 2020 Campaign Kickoff Attracted Extremists To A City That Hates Trump
    5:27 PM
  • Hicks rebuffs questions on Trump White House in interview
    5:19 PM
  • Shanahan drops bid to lead Pentagon, citing painful past
    3:24 PM
  • Man arrested for slapping reporter's hand at Trump's rally
    2:54 PM
  • Hope Hicks won't talk about Trump White House in interview
    2:31 PM
  • Trump, in 2020 campaign mode, calls Democrats 'radical'
    10:11 AM
  • Trump to Florida Rally Crowd: Democrats Want to Destroy You
    9:40 AM
  • Trump fans, foes joust politically as president declares candidacy in Orlando
    8:56 AM
  • Son charged in mob father's slaying, failed attack on brother
    8:21 AM
  • Trump has two strategies to counter nuclear threats. Neither is working
    6:46 AM
  • Undocumented Immigrants Concerned by Trump Deportation Plan
    5:26 AM
  • Trump launches reelection bid amid turbulent time for the White House
    5:21 AM
  • Federal disaster aid now available for victims of Memorial Day tornadoes
    3:23 AM
  • As Trumps defense pick withdraws, he addresses violent domestic incidents
    2:39 AM
  • 14 Jun 2019
  • Trump changes tune on accepting info from foreign countries
    9:07 PM
  • DOJ says Congress can't force IRS to provide Trump's tax returns
    7:52 PM
  • Showtime to air documentary '16 Shots' that examines Laquan McDonald shooting
    7:00 PM
  • Trump says he wont fire Kellyanne Conway over Hatch Act violations
    6:50 PM
  • Fact check: Trump's misleading Mueller report claim
    4:38 PM
  • Trump assailed for foreign dirt talk
    3:28 PM
  • Court rules against Trump on immigrant teen abortion policy
    3:01 PM
  • Trump says he'd 'of course' tell FBI if he gets foreign dirt
    1:29 PM
  • The Latest: Hawaii Rep. Gabbard lashes out at Trump
    12:40 PM
  • NYC mayor: Trump's openness to foreign help 'treasonous'
    12:36 PM
  • Trump claims he only wants to hear foreign dirt so he can tell if its wrong
    10:30 AM
  • Trump says he may tell FBI if he gets dirt on opponent
    10:01 AM
  • Trump says he won't fire Conway over Hatch Act violations
    8:50 AM
  • The Latest: Trump on tanker attacks: 'Iran did do it'
    8:37 AM
  • Sarah Sanders Leaving White House Job; Governor Run Ahead
    7:25 AM
  • Sarah Sanders leaving White House post after fraught tenure
    2:59 AM
  • Cooper reviews FBI's site detailing when to contact them
    2:56 AM
  • Trump Jr grilled by US senators, says unconcerned about perjury
    2:52 AM
  • Trump campaign to handle foreign dirt on case by case basis
    1:38 AM
  • Election Cop: Trump Taking Foreign 'Oppo' Would Be Illegal
    12:44 AM
  • 13 Jun 2019
  • Losing our census: By asserting executive privilege, President Trump is now covering up the roots of the administrations cynical citizenship games
    9:07 PM
  • Two families in Bronx fire tragedy bond, weep, demand answers at wake for 3-year-old victim of blaze
    9:03 PM
  • Ex-Posen mayor pleads guilty to embezzling village funds
    8:29 PM
  • Federal agency recommends firing White House aide Kellyanne Conway
    8:19 PM
  • E.J. Dionne: Trump sides with Kim, against the CIA
    7:58 PM
  • Kim Kardashian talks prisoner re-entry at White House
    7:37 PM
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Leaving White House
    4:59 PM
  • Polish court: Ex-aide negligent in presidential plane crash
    4:44 PM
  • Trump says he'd be open to getting dirt on opponents from foreigners
    4:32 PM
  • The Latest: GOP House leaders avoid comment on Trump remark
    2:39 PM
  • Flynn's new lawyer is a Mueller critic, praised by Trump
    2:36 PM
  • Trump says he can't call the FBI about being offered dirt on opponents, cites 'Prince of WHALES'
    1:45 PM
  • Trump wishes Mike Flynn good luck, praises new lawyer who has attacked Mueller
    1:41 PM
  • Trump says he'd 'want to hear' foreign dirt on his rivals
    1:30 PM
  • Trump says hed consider accepting dirt from foreign governments on his opponents
    11:44 AM
  • The Latest: Panel subpoenas ex-Trump aides Flynn, Gates
    10:18 AM
  • Trump to ABC: I'd take dirt on a 2020 opponent
    9:05 AM
  • Trump: 'Nothing Wrong' With Foreign Country Providing Dirt On Election Opponent
    8:30 AM
  • Trump to Kim: I'm with you, not the CIA
    6:07 AM
  • Trump: I think Id take dirt on political opponents from foreign governments in 2020 election
    5:46 AM
  • Former Trump adviser Flynn hires Mueller critic as lawyer
    5:13 AM
  • Trump promises Kim Jong Un protection from CIA spying
    5:12 AM
  • Former Trump aide Hope Hicks to testify behind closed doors before House Judiciary Committee
    5:08 AM
  • President Trump says he would accept dirt on political rivals from foreign governments
    5:06 AM
  • Hicks agrees to Judiciary interviewFormer Trump aide scheduled to appear before panel next week
    4:49 AM
  • Trump says hed want to hear foreign dirt on 2020 rivals: Theres nothing wrong with listening
    4:21 AM
  • Judiciary panel to interview ex-Trump aide Hope Hicks
    1:11 AM
  • Trump says he would want to hear foreign dirt on 2020 presidential opponents
    1:10 AM
  • Former Trump aide Hicks agrees to Judiciary interview in Russia meddling investigation
    12:05 AM
  • 12 Jun 2019
  • Donald Trump Jr. glad Senate testimony on Russia is finally over
    8:46 PM
  • Trump: US sending 1,000 more troops to ally Poland
    7:28 PM
  • Trump says he'd 'want to hear' foreign dirt on 2020 rivals
    7:27 PM
  • Ex-Trump Aide Hicks to Appear Before House Committee
    6:39 PM
  • The Latest: Judiciary panel to interview ex-Trump aide Hicks
    6:00 PM
  • Man hit by car, killed on Saltsburg Road in Penn Hills
    5:06 PM
  • Trump says he's sending 1,000 more US troops to ally Poland
    4:35 PM
  • Trump claims executive privilege to thwart Congress probe on census citizenship question
    1:34 PM
  • 6/12: CBSN AM
    11:42 AM
  • Trump's son, 2 former FBI leaders to testify to committees
    10:33 AM
  • 2 former FBI leaders, Trump's son to testify to committees
    10:23 AM
  • Man danced naked in McDonald's and tried to have sex with a railing
    5:22 AM
  • House approves legal action to enforce subpoenas against top Trump officials
    3:48 AM
  • Trump dumps on U.S. use of Kim's kin as an intel 'asset'
    3:12 AM
  • Kim Jong Uns assassinated half brother was CIA source, report says
    2:54 AM
  • Ex-FBI leaders to testify on Mueller report, Russian threat
    1:06 AM
  • AP sources: Trump Jr. to speak with Senate panel Wednesday
    12:56 AM
  • Gun seller United Sporting goes bust, partly blaming Trump's election
    12:03 AM
  • 05 Jun 2019
  • UPDATE: Texas teacher fired after asking Trump to round up x2018;illegal students from Mexico'
    9:22 PM
  • Man who triggered SWAT standoff waving BB gun in McDonald's found incompetent
    8:18 PM
  • Police interview with Daneka McDonald thrown out in slaying of 7-year-old Taylor Hayes
    8:10 PM
  • Trump says transgender people banned from military over drug use
    5:35 PM
  • US officials warn of climate risk as Trump dismisses it
    4:55 PM
  • Trump honors D-Day vets, discusses Vietnam deferment
    4:49 PM
  • Scrutinized donation to Trump's inaugural has Alabama ties
    2:27 PM
  • Lawyer: Chinese woman in Mar-a-Lago case is mentally sound
    1:28 PM
  • Donald Trump visits McLean Bible Church to pray for Virginia Beach shooting victims
    1:19 PM
  • Poor Americans likely to be hit hardest by new U.S. tariffs
    9:57 AM
  • Sununu to tap attorney general as NH Supreme Court chief
    8:30 AM
  • Board votes to fire teacher who tried to report undocumented students to Trump on Twitter
    8:14 AM
  • Republicans rebel against Trump's Mexico tariff threats
    7:56 AM
  • Trump says ban on trans people in the military is due to the medication and cost drugs
    7:26 AM
  • Trump says British hospitals are a 'sea of blood' and 'everyone's being stabbed'
    7:24 AM
  • White House orders Hope Hicks and other former aide to defy congressional subpoena
    7:05 AM
  • US tariffs looming, many in Mexico back president's approach
    5:35 AM
  • Queen, world leaders honor veterans on D-Day anniversary
    5:33 AM
  • FWISD to Recommend Termination for Teacher Who Tweeted Trump
    4:29 AM
  • Woman slapped pregnant McDonalds manager because her food was made wrong: police
    2:56 AM
  • Baby Donald Trump blimp deflated by Tommy Robinson supporter in central London
    1:59 AM
  • Trump supporter is doused in milkshake during UK state visit protest
    1:53 AM
  • Trump says Mexico tariffs 'likely,' Mexico predicts a deal
    1:14 AM
  • Poor Americans likely to be hit hardest by new US tariffs
    12:06 AM
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