February 17, 2020
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25 Mar 2019
  • Inland Northwest delegation calls for public release of Mueller report, divided on whether it should end Trump investigations
    10:22 PM
  • Trump raises money off Mueller report
    10:16 PM
  • Trump softens stance on Mueller, says he acted honorably
    8:21 PM
  • Trump campaign raising money off Mueller report summary
    8:15 PM
  • What the 25th Amendment actually does
    8:10 PM
  • If no conspiracy, why all the lies about Russia from Trump & associates
    8:09 PM
  • Pelosi stands by comment that Trump may be compromised by Russia
    8:08 PM
  • Schiff: Committed to oversight until we get answers
    8:06 PM
  • As Democrats call for release of full Mueller report, Trump says it 'wouldn't bother me at all'
    6:10 PM
  • Michael Avenatti, lawyer who challenged President Trump, charged with extorting Nike, embezzlement and fraud
    4:13 PM
  • Trump on Russia probe: 'We can never let this happen to another president again'
    1:13 PM
  • The Latest: Graham says Trump felt a 'sense of relief'
    12:20 PM
  • Mueller finds no Trump collusion, leaves obstruction open
    12:03 PM
  • Mueller report: Trump attorney slams probes
    11:12 AM
  • Mueller report reprieve becomes Trump's re-election weapon
    10:23 AM
  • Russia joins President Trump in post-Mueller report victory lap
    9:37 AM
  • Mueller report finds no Trump collusion, leaves obstruction of justice issue open
    9:36 AM
  • Trump's attorney slams Congress' ongoing Russia probes
    9:25 AM
  • Legal analyst says no prosecutor would bring Trump obstruction case to court
    8:14 AM
  • The Latest: Sanders says up to Barr to release report
    7:59 AM
  • Eye Opener: Trump declares complete exoneration
    7:35 AM
  • Eye Opener: Trump declares complete and total exoneration
    7:34 AM
  • Mueller report: No collusion found between Trump campaign and Russia
    7:33 AM
  • Barr: Mueller finds no Trump-Russia conspiracy
    5:49 AM
  • Trump responds to AG summary of Mueller report
    5:48 AM
  • Campaign Asks for Donations to 'Fully Vindicated' Trump
    4:47 AM
  • Mueller report summary: No collusion between Trump, Russia
    2:26 AM
  • Mueller report saves Trump, says he didn't collude with Russia
    2:13 AM
  • Fight to see Robert Mueller's full Trump-Russia report begins
    2:09 AM
  • Trump didn't coordinate with Russia in 2016, report declares
    1:35 AM
  • Trump declares victory now but legal perils far from over
    1:33 AM
  • 24 Mar 2019
  • The Latest: Trump claims vindication, goes on attack
    11:53 PM
  • Idahos U.S. senator Risch: Evidence did not come close to collusion by Trump
    9:50 PM
  • Media quick to declare Trump as Mueller's winner
    9:35 PM
  • Trump reacts to Mueller report
    8:19 PM
  • Trump calls Mueller report an 'illegal takedown that failed'
    7:48 PM
  • Republicans cheer, Democrats scoff as Mueller details emerge
    7:35 PM
  • Trump Issues Defiant Tweet Over Mueller Report
    6:24 PM
  • Trump touts summary of Mueller findings, bashes investigators before leaving South Florida
    5:55 PM
  • Who's who in the Trump-Russia investigation
    5:41 PM
  • Trump on Mueller report: This was an illegal takedown that failed
    5:35 PM
  • Mueller report: Investigation found no evidence Trump conspired with Russia, leaves obstruction question open
    5:25 PM
  • Trump touts Justice Department summary of Mueller findings, says 'it was a shame' nation had to go through investigation
    5:21 PM
  • DOJ: Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia in 2016
    5:06 PM
  • Mueller did not find Trump campaign 'conspired' with Russia
    4:59 PM
  • WH says Mueller report is 'complete exoneration' of Trump
    4:56 PM
  • Summary of Mueller Probe 'Does Not Exonerate' Trump
    4:55 PM
  • Mueller Did not Find Trump or his Campaign Conspired with Russia
    4:37 PM
  • Mueller report finds no Trump-Russia Conspiracy, read the full DOJ report here
    4:35 PM
  • DOJ: Mueller report found Trump did not conspire with Russia, insufficient evidence of obstruction
    4:34 PM
  • Department of Justice: Mueller report doesn't clear Trump or find crime
    4:31 PM
  • Mueller probe did not find Trump campaign 'conspired or coordinated' with Russia
    4:14 PM
  • DOJ: Mueller report doesn't clear Trump or find crime in Russia investigation
    4:02 PM
  • Mueller report brings moment of reckoning to US politics
    2:12 PM
  • Cruz: Democrats want to impeach Trump for being Trump
    1:21 PM
  • Kathy Griffin on receiving death threats
    12:14 PM
  • The Latest: Schiff affirms trust in Mueller's judgment
    11:27 AM
  • Kathy Griffin on death threats, investigations, and the Trump severed-head photo
    10:37 AM
  • The Mueller Report: Ball now in Attorney General's court
    9:32 AM
  • Barr weighs how much of Trump-Russia report to release
    8:04 AM
  • 22 Mar 2019
  • Bethpage man imprisoned in Egypt appeals again to Trump
    11:41 PM
  • Allies in Syria fighting as Trump declares victory over ISIS
    11:32 PM
  • Your guide on Robert Muellers final report on Trump, Russia and what happens next
    9:16 PM
  • Mueller ends Russia-Trump investigation; no new indictments
    8:09 PM
  • Beyond Mueller report, Trump faces flurry of legal perils
    7:43 PM
  • Mueller concludes Russia-Trump probe, delivers report
    7:26 PM
  • Your guide on what to expect from Robert Muellers final report on Trump, Russia investigations
    6:47 PM
  • Robert Mueller has turned in his Russia report. What happens next
    6:44 PM
  • Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is done: Long-awaited report delivered to Trump's attorney general
    5:53 PM
  • Robert Mueller's Russia probe is done: Long-awaited report delivered to Trump appointee
    5:18 PM
  • Your guide to what you can and cant expect from Robert Muellers final report on Trump, Russia investigations
    5:15 PM
  • Special counsel Robert Mueller delivers report marking end of investigation into Trumps campaign, Russia
    5:13 PM
  • Preview: Kathy Griffin on the anti-Trump stunt that nearly ended her career
    2:25 PM
  • Preview: Kathy Griffin on receiving death threats
    2:24 PM
  • After Orange County K-9 'Trump' becomes meme, sheriff's office may tell deputies not to name dogs after people
    9:16 AM
  • Trump intensifies effort to discredit Mueller report
    8:49 AM
  • Sheriff's Office may tell deputies not to name dogs after real people, after Orange County's K-9 'Trump' becomes a meme
    6:09 AM
  • 21 Mar 2019
  • Alaska bistro marked by racist graffiti, reference to Trump
    9:56 PM
  • Jury finds man guilty of 2017 unincorporated McHenry murder, burglary
    7:57 PM
  • Trump orders colleges to back free speech or lose funding
    7:39 PM
  • Comey says he doesn't care whether Mueller implicates Trump
    7:31 PM
  • Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to sending pipe bombs to Trump critics
    7:30 PM
  • Breaking: Jury finds man guilty of 2017 unincorporated McHenry murder, burglary
    5:58 PM
  • Florida man pleads guilty in pipe bomb mailings that targeted CNN, Trump critics
    5:22 PM
  • Man pleads guilty to sending pipe bombs to Trump critics and CNN
    5:13 PM
  • Florida man pleads guilty in pipe bomb mailings that targeted CNN and Trump critics before midterm elections
    4:59 PM
  • The Latest: Man pleads guilty to mailing bombs to Trump foes
    4:56 PM
  • Cummings: Ivanka Trump not preserving all official email
    1:12 PM
  • Police ID man whose body was found in burning car
    12:12 PM
  • Trump says public should see ridiculous Mueller report
    11:00 AM
  • Man who sent pipe bombs to media, Trump critics set to plead guilty
    10:36 AM
  • Florida man who sent pipe bombs to media, Trump critics set to plead guilty
    7:39 AM
  • Trump: ISIS Will Be 'Gone by Tonight'
    4:55 AM
  • Florida man poised for guilty plea proceeding in New York
    1:29 AM
  • 13 Mar 2019
  • Lemon: If you want Trump out, vote him out
    11:37 PM
  • Trump on Manafort pardon: 'I have not even given it a thought'
    10:42 PM
  • Trump grounds 737 Max 8 jets
    7:17 PM
  • Trump grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 jets after deadly crash
    7:14 PM
  • Trump's campaign chair sentenced to even more prison time
    6:34 PM
  • Fears of pardon for Manafort spark push to change NY law
    4:53 PM
  • US, Canada ground Boeing 737 Max 8s after Ethiopia crash
    4:19 PM
  • Trump: US grounding Boeing 737 Max 8, 9 after Ethiopia crash
    3:26 PM
  • Trump: U.S. grounding Boeing 737 Max 8, 9 after Ethiopia crash
    3:05 PM
  • Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort indicted in NYC mortgage fraud, conspiracy
    2:59 PM
  • The Latest: Manafort indicted in New York on state charges
    1:23 PM
  • Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort sentenced to more than 3 1/2 additional years in prison
    1:07 PM
  • Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort sentenced to another 3 1/2 years in prison
    12:36 PM
  • Paul Manafort sentenced to a total of 7.5 years in prison. It is hard to overstate the number of lies.
    12:33 PM
  • Trump blasts 'fake news' over Melania body double theory
    11:55 AM
  • Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort at sentencing: Charges have 'taken everything from me already'
    11:49 AM
  • Trump targets New York, Letitia James' investigation in tweets
    10:58 AM
  • Trump not 'thrilled' with California plan to halt executions
    8:18 AM
  • From political operative to 'humiliated' inmate, Ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort to be sentenced again
    7:08 AM
  • Don Lemon: Trump was right. The system is rigged
    1:18 AM
  • Ex-Trump campaign head faces 2nd sentencing in as many weeks
    12:12 AM
  • 05 Mar 2019
  • Trump and Democrats battle over tax returns, investigations
    11:12 PM
  • Deputies searching for inmate who escaped work crew in Spokane Valley
    8:45 PM
  • VERIFY: Was a convicted child killer given early release thanks to Trump's criminal justice reform law
    7:10 PM
  • Toobin: Roger Stone is 'playing with fire'
    6:33 PM
  • CNN reporter to GOP: Why aren't you investigating Trump
    6:32 PM
  • Trump calls new probe 'presidential harrassment'
    5:10 PM
  • Trump names 2 nominees to federal court in Western Pennsylvania
    4:19 PM
  • Schiff hires staff with intelligence ties for Trump probes
    2:43 PM
  • Missing Air Force wife feared husband would kill her, affidavit says
    2:20 PM
  • Trump says Democrats investigating him have gone stone cold CRAZY
    11:28 AM
  • Pompeo asks Iowa farmers to stand firm with Trump on trade
    11:11 AM
  • White House slams Trump investigations after House requests documents
    10:50 AM
  • 81 Trump associates targeted in document grab
    8:14 AM
  • House committee demands documents from 81 Trump associates
    7:38 AM
  • House Panel Requests Documents From Associates of Trump
    12:51 AM
  • House panel seeks documents on 81 people linked to Trump
    12:37 AM
  • Alabama tornadoes are another opportunity for Trump to reward supporters and punish opponents
    12:02 AM
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