February 17, 2020
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26 Nov 2019
  • Luzerne County Council approves new prison inmate health care contract
    11:42 PM
  • Possible overdoses at NH youth center halts admissions
    11:21 PM
  • Minnesota study links chemical in marijuana vaping liquid to lung injuries
    11:18 PM
  • Durham murder-suicide victim had protective order that failed but experts say most work
    10:44 PM
  • Minnesota health officials solidify possible link to culprit in vaping-related lung injuries
    8:46 PM
  • Woman had protective order against man in apparent murder-suicide at Durham medical center
    5:35 PM
  • Vermont to submit in-process drug importation plan to feds
    5:08 PM
  • Man charged with making threat sent to mental health center
    1:06 PM
  • Man pleads guilty to cheating medical insurance companies
    12:55 PM
  • More than 60 doctors warn Julian Assange could die in prison in open letter to British government
    10:32 AM
  • Feds file criminal charges against four former Outcome Health executives, alleging massive $1 billion fraud
    9:09 AM
  • Gun reform highlights ideas to fight violent crime in Missouri
    5:44 AM
  • Ebola responders on 'lockdown' after Congo city's unrest
    4:15 AM
  • Ebola responders on lockdown after Congo citys unrest
    3:26 AM
  • Estate of late Martz chairman sue, saying doctors should have prevented suicide
    2:01 AM
  • 25 Nov 2019
  • Durham medical center shooting appears to be murder-suicide man, woman killed had dated
    11:13 PM
  • Adult abuse and neglect hotline adds online reporting system
    10:39 PM
  • City leaders look to pass ordinance banning large illegal camps
    10:32 PM
  • Lawyer: OSHA looking into arrest of worker in hotel collapse
    10:06 PM
  • Man who threatened to kill everyone at Canton daycare center released from jail, taken to mental health facility
    9:41 PM
  • 4 health company executives accused in $1B fraud scheme
    6:32 PM
  • Alleged Nazi Sympathizer From Concord Accused Of Lying On Army Background Check
    5:32 PM
  • Four people nearly killed in crash involving IU Health Ambulance
    5:11 PM
  • Several people injured in crash involving IU Health Ambulance
    2:20 PM
  • Drop bail for Boca bank robbery defendant, public defender asks court
    1:10 PM
  • State reopens probe into suicide at celebrity rehab hospital following Courant investigation
    12:55 PM
  • Coral Springs Woman Accused Of Killing 21-Year-Old Gym Mate Faces Murder Charge
    9:55 AM
  • Mother accused of trying to kill self, baby gets probation
    9:45 AM
  • More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus
    8:06 AM
  • Accused rapist, 62, who allegedly attacked two teens wants bail as 'jail is bad for mental health'
    6:04 AM
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